Angela Kinsey Net Worth

Angela Kinsey Net Worth. Among the most popular and entertaining comedies of the period, “The Office” is a perennial classic. All-Stars, Hot Bot, Slash, and Tripping Forward are just a few of the credits on her resume.

In the United States, Angela Kinsey’s acting career, podcasting career, and television paneling are all well-known.

Her marriage to Warren Lieberstein, on the other hand, got a lot of attention. He is a well-known individual as a writer, TV producer, and sometimes performer. Joshua Snyder, on the other hand, is her current spouse.

About Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey is an American actress, producer, and writer. Her full name is Angela Faye Kinsey.

During the late 1990s, she began acting as a teenager. She debuted on the comedy The Office a decade later, when she joined the cast.

She was also a member of several television series, such as License to Wed, Furry Vengeance, and Struck by Lightning, at the same time as playing Angela Martin on NBC’s sitcom.

She was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, on June 25, 1971. The Kinsey family relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia, when she was two years old, due primarily to her father’s job as a drilling engineer.

She stayed in Indonesia for twelve years before returning to the United States with her family. She studied Indonesian as a language while she was in Indonesia, and she still speaks it on occasion. She also went to the Jakarta Intercultural School at the time.

Personal Life

On June 18, 2000, Angela married Warren Lieberstein, a writer and producer who would later work with her on “The Office,” and they welcomed Isabel in May 3, 2008.

Kinsey became Greg Daniels’ sister-in-law as a result of the marriage. “The Office” is a spin-off that was adapted.

Angela divorced Warren in 2010, and on November 13, 2016, she married actor/baker Joshua Snyder. She worked as a writer and producer on “The Office.”

Angela is a Presbyterian who likes the nonprofit organization Alley Cat Allies and has a website and YouTube channel called “Baking with Josh & Ange.”


Angela Kinsey’s Childhood

On June 25, 1971, Kinsey was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. Kinsey and her family relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia, when she was two years old, because of her father’s employment as a drilling engineer.

Kinsley studied Indonesian while living in Indonesia and is still able to communicate in it. The family relocated to Archer City, Texas, when they returned to the United States.

During her time at Baylor University, the actress studied English and attended theater classes. She has since claimed that her time at university influenced who she is today.


Kinsey took improvisation classes with The Groundlings and iO West (previously known as “Improv Olympic West”) while living in Los Angeles. She was an operator for 1-800-Dentist and had brief one-episode appearances in a number of comedies after performing a two-woman show at iO.

On two episodes of King of the Hill, she played the role “Angela.” She auditioned for the American adaptation of The Office in early 2005, playing receptionist Pam Beesly.

She was summoned back to audition for the part of Angela Martin after producers told her she was “a bit too fiery for Pam.”

In “Mr. Boras,” she played a murderer named Arlene Boras on Monk. “Mr. Monk and the Naked Man” (2007) “100th Case,” by Monk (2008)

Kinsey in 2009

For her work on The Office: Accountants, a webisode series, Kinsey shared an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Broadband Program – Comedy” in June 2007.

License to Wed, a film directed by Ken Kwapis, who often directed episodes of The Office, features Kinsey as one of several cast members from The Office.

Behind-the-scenes stories from forthcoming episodes of the show were posted on Kinsey’s MySpace blog.

I remember watching Friends and thinking, ‘They really like each other,’ so I started organizing The Office cast trips, she added.

She debuted in television commercials for Clairol Nice ‘n Easy in the summer of 2011 as the new spokesperson for Clairol hair products. She appeared in the sitcom New Girl in 2013. Kinsey has been a cast member on the Hulu comedy series The Hotwives since 2014, and season two premiered on August 18, 2015.

She co-starred with Lance Kinsey (no relation) in the film All-Stars the following year.

As Bethany, the mother of the main character Miranda Sings, Kinsey appears in the Netflix Original Series Haters Back Off.

Miranda is played by Colleen Ballinger, and Miranda’s uncle Jim is played by Steve Little.

Kinsey garnered critical acclaim for her performance during the first season, which was met with somewhat mixed reviews. Kinsey portrays the mother of Ava Michelle’s primary character Jodi in the Netflix film Tall Girl, which will be released in 2019.

Kinsey will host Disney+’s Be Our Chef in 2020 and serve as a panelist on MTV’s Deliciousness.

Kinsey and Jenna Fischer revealed that they would be co-hosting the Office Ladies podcast on Twitter on September 11, 2019.

Fischer and Kinsey “watch an episode of The Office and give you all the stories and behind-the-scenes gossip…as well as a few BFF talk about our daily lives,” according to Fischer’s announcement.

On October 16, 2019, the first episode of Office Ladies premiered. As of October 2022, the podcast is still going, with cast and crew members from The Office. At the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards in 2021, the podcast won Podcast of the Year.

Kinsey revealed in 2021 that she will publish a book called Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends who were there with Jenna Fischer, which was published in 2022.

Awards and nominations

For her work on “The Office,” Kinsey earned two Daytime Emmy Awards.

The cast of “The Office” received two Screen Actors Guild Awards for their performance in a comedy series.

The Gold Derby Ensemble of the Year Award and the Future Classic Award were both given to “The Office” in 2007 and 2008.

In 2010, Angela received the L.A. New Establishment Award. The Femme International Film Festival is taking place in Atlanta this year. Her performance in “The Office” earned her a 2008 OFTA Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Kinsey and Jenna Fischer were nominated for a Discover Pods Award for Best Television and Movie Podcast (2019) and an iHeartRadio Podcast Award for Pod of the Year (2021) for “Office Ladies,” respectively, at the 2015 Streamy Awards.


Kinsey’s Total Net Worth

Angela Kinsey’s net worth is mostly derived from her work as Angela Martin on The Office.

By the conclusion of the third season, she had received a reported $100,000 per episode from which she received a $35,000 salary per episode. The program, including her many spinoff appearances, may have brought her $8-10 million.

Angela found new acting possibilities more readily after The Office, with her strong resume.

She began appearing on Hollywood Game Night and New Girl on a regular basis in 2013. Following that, she participated in Celebrity Name Games, Haters Back Off, and The Real O’Neals on several occasions.

She has also made cameo appearances in TV shows, such as Monk.

In 2017, she became a director and writer after nearly two decades in the film business. Blacked Out, a short comedy she wrote and directed, was the first production she created.

She debuted on television in 2020 with Be Our Guest, Black AF, and Never Have I Ever. Kinsey penned 10 episodes for the Office Ladies Animated Series, which premiered in 2021.

Her producing, as well as all of her acting and personal appearances, have been documented throughout this website.

Angela Kinsey has a net worth of roughly $16 million at present. Business-related expenses are expected to account for $1 million of the total.

Since Kinsey had been living in California and generating large sums of money in a short period of time, the remaining $14.5 million will be taxed at 49%.

Her career earnings are estimated to be around $7.39 million after taxes, with her tax bill being $7.11 million dollars.

From the years 2000 and 2010, Angela Kinsey was married to Warren Lieberstein. She was earning at least $20,000 per episode from The Office even though they were not her most lucrative years.

Lieberstein was also working as a film producer, so it’s unknown who was making more money.

While it’s likely that some alimony was paid, the fact that nothing has been made public suggests that it wasn’t much.

Lieberstein would have had to pay child support for their daughter, Isabel Ruby Lieberstein, whether she was his biological kid or not. The two remain good friends, according to a spokesperson.

Kinsey has since remarried, and this time he married Joshua Snyder, a struggling actor with a modest net worth.

They have two kids together and their household seems to be secure. Alley Cat Allies is a charity that promotes cats, and Kinsey is a supporter of it. Angela does not seem to be a spendthrift or a squander of money, as evidenced by the fact that she has made money on some of her earnings.

Kinsey is presumed to have squandered about $1 million of her professional earnings in her personal life, although she is also presumed to own assets worth about $750,000.

She may have received $850,000 in investment returns from her investments. As a result, Angela Kinsey’s net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 million.

Office Ladies Podcast

Office Ladies, a podcast hosted by Angela and Jenna Fischer, debuted in October 2019 with over 100 episodes and a 4.8 rating on iTunes after nearly 80,000 ratings.

Angela, Jenna, and guests deconstruct each episode of “The Office” throughout the course of each episode. In 2021, the show received an iHeartRadio Podcast of the Year award.

The Highest Net Worth of The Office’s Casts

Although the show’s ninth and final season ended in 2013, fans continued to watch it on Netflix, making it one of the most-watched shows on the streaming service.

It was eventually renamed NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock. Everyone can relate to the show, and the performers and actresses on it have only made their Hollywood careers that much more successful thanks to it.


How much money does each actor in the show really make? There is no question that The Office has made the cast members millionaires. Who has the most money invested in this cast? See who from the renowned sitcom earns the most money by taking a look at the salaries below.

1. Steve Carell – $80 Million Net Worth.

When it comes to his net worth, Steve Carell, who is most recognized for his job as Dunder Mifflin regional manager Michael Scott on The Office, leads the cast.

The actor reportedly has a net worth of $80 million and earned $175,000 per episode during the third season of the program, according to Men’s Health.

Carell was a writer, producer, and director on the program, so he made considerably more than the other performers. Bruce Almighty, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Netflix’s Space Force are just a few of the films and TV series in which Carell has starred.

2. John Krasinski – $80 Million Net Worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John Krasinski and the rest of the The Office cast members have a combined net worth of $80 million. Krasinski went on to star in a number of films and continue to land major roles, in addition to his portrayal as paper salesman Jim Halpert.

During season four of The Office, Krasinski is said to have earned $100,000 per episode.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and A Quiet Place were both box office successes for him, as was Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan. He’s also a well-known filmmaker.

3. Mindy Kaling – $35 Million Net Worth.

On The Office, Mindy Kaling played Kelly Kapoor, a chatty customer service rep with a writing and executive producing background.

Her wealth is $35 million, according to her. Kaling appeared in and developed The Mindy Project, as well as playing supporting roles in both A Wrinkle In Time and Ocean’s Eight.

4. Ed Helms – $25 Million Net Worth.

During his tenure on The Office as Andy Bernard, Ed Helms established himself as a really good comedic actor. He debuted as a primary character in season six.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Helms’ net worth is approximately $25 million. His work in the blockbuster The Hangover and Tag exposed him to a wider range of roles.

5. Jenna Fischer – $16 Million Net Worth.

Jenna Fischer has a net worth of $16 million, and she played Pam Beesly, the cheery secretary on The Office. Fischer had earned $150,000 per episode by the end of the show.

Fischer also starred in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Blades of Glory, and Hall Pass, among other comedies.

Key Facts:

Angela Kinsey’s family relocated to Indonesia when she was two years old, and she was born on June 25, 1971 in Lafayette, LA. They went back to Archer City, Texas, to resume their family’s roots.


She goes to Bel-Air Presbyterian Church, which is her religion. She worked as an intern on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 1994, under Max Weinberg. While attending Baylor University, she was a member of the Chi Omega sorority.

Clairol’s hair beauty product spokesperson was Angela Kinsey. She is a taco lover who enjoys spending time outdoors and is an autonomous thinker.

Angela Kinsey, a well-known actress, has an estimated net worth of around $16 million. Her yearly income has yet to be disclosed.

Her acting earnings and other brand sponsorships contributed significantly to her wealth.

Questions are most often asked

Is Angela Kinsey rich?

Angela Kinsey’s current net worth is $13 million, according to the website Wealthy Genius. Her acting career in films and television has earned her a fortune.

Can Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey Be Friends?

For nearly two decades, they have maintained an unbreakable bond.

How Did Angela Kinsey Meet Joshua Snyder?

Angela Kinsey and Joshua Snyder met at a local grocery store.

What was Angela’s salary at the office?

She, too, started her career at a low salary of $20,000 per episode before being promoted to $100,000 per episode, according to Entertainment Weekly. Fischer’s salary after Season 4 is unknown.

In 2020, she launched the Office Ladies podcast with her co-star Angela Kinsley.


Angela Kinsey is a cinema actress who has appeared in numerous series and films.

She started acting in the 1990s, after graduating from Baylor University in Waco, Texas (with a Bachelor’s degree in English).

Angela Martin, one of NBC’s most popular comedies of all time, was her breakthrough part in 2005.

Angela has won two Screen Actors Guild and one TV Land Award in addition to earning millions of dollars as a result of her exceptional performances.

She is currently making a name for herself by acting in a range of films and television series, with an estimated net worth of $16 million.

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