Angela Yee Net Worth

Angela Yee Net Worth. Angela Yee, the host of The Morning Club, announced her departure from the program on Wednesday, August 10th, to pursue a solo hosting career. The star’s net worth is shown below.

When Angela tweeted on August 9 that the program “as you know it is actually finished,” she took the Breakfast Club viewers by surprise.

During the programme’s most recent episode, when she declared that she would be quitting, she explained what she meant by the tweet.

About Angela Yee

Yee rose to prominence via her appearances on the morning program “The Breakfast Club,” alongside Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.

She has become an official figure and spokesman for organizations like the “American” and “We Are Family” foundations, as well as the “New York Public Library,” since her mainstream success.

After beginning her career with Eminem and Paul Rosenberg’s fashion labels, the radio personality became well-known.

In Brooklyn, New York, she was born on January 3, 1976. Her mother is from Afro-Montserrat, while her father is from China.

She went on to pursue her collegiate career after attending Poly Prep. She received a bachelor’s degree in English from Wesleyan University, where she graduated in 1997.

She worked in several professions, including marketing and music, before and after completing her studies.

Angela Yee Daughter

One of the reasons I decided to write this piece was because of this perception.

Even though she has been involved in a series of romantic relationships, it is widely known that Angela Yee is single and has never married- this helps to cool down the speculations.

She was also a claimed daughter, and she was. To put it another way, as of the time of writing, Angela Yee had no daughter.

Angela Yee is not married, therefore there is no daughter. Her daughter’s age is as follows:


Angela Yee Boyfriends

According to Who’s dated who, Angela Yee, 46 years old, is rumored to have dated men including:

She was said to be dating the 35-year-old rapper Gucci Mane in 2016, which was her most recent relationship.

Joyner Lucas: In 2015, she had a short romance with 26-year-old rapper that lasted just a few months.

Piles: In the same year she had a relationship with “Joyner Lucas,” she had a relationship with 38-year-old rapper.

She is more into American rappers, as shown by the list above, but we believe she will have her next partner be a rapper.

Angela Yee Instagram

Angela Yee, who has over 1.3 million followers and is very active on the platform, is a popular and influential figure among celebrities.

Angela Yee’s parents are from two different countries, with the father being from China and the mother being from America, as mentioned previously.

Celestina Farage-Yee is the father’s name, and Mary Yee is the mother’s.

Angela Yee Parents Marriage Status

When Angele Yee was in college, her parents were divorced, but she had no idea because they still lived together, according to her.

Her parents prefer to live a quiet life away from the media and aren’t well-known like Angela, so there isn’t any more information about them available outside of this public knowledge.

Early Life

On January 3, 1976, Angela Yee was born in Brooklyn, New York. She went to Poly Prep School in Flatbush, where she was raised.

In 1997, Yee earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Wesleyan University.


Angela is going to start her own radio program after leaving The Morning Club. When speaking with her co-hosts, Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy, she revealed the news.

In Wednesday’s episode, she says, “This is really exciting.”

Way before the pandemic, this was something I’ve been waiting to do for years. ‘I really want to create my own program,’ I told our big boss when I sat down with her.

You know, I have a podcast called Lip Service and was thinking I might be able to find something similar during the weekend.

A national daily program will be added to Angela’s iHeart radio show. During the month of her departure, she will co-host The Morning Show with Charlamagne.



In 2010, WWPR-FM’s Urban Contemporary station began presenting the radio program.

It was designed to service the New York City area at first, but it quickly grew in popularity.

The Breakfast Club started simulcasting on the Revolt television network in 2014, almost three years after it first began.


To help Divine, Yee obtained an internship with Wu-Tang Management. In the Wu-Tang Clan’s music video “Reunited,” Yee was lip-syncing the opening. In GZA’s third studio album, Beneath the Surface, she also penned all of the skits.

After that, she saw an opportunity in Sirius Satellite Radio’s marketing department while working for Paul Rosenberg and Eminem’s clothing company Shady Limited.

Since he had connections through Shade 45, she requested Rosenberg if he could arrange for her an interview.

Well, you know what, they’re looking for a female on the morning show, Rosenberg said to her after that. “Why don’t you try it out and see if it works for you?”


On Eminem’s radio station, Shade 45, at Sirius Satellite Radio, she co-hosted Lip Service and The Morning After with Angela Yee.

She began her radio career as The Cipha Sounds Effect’s co-host on Sirius in 2005.

The Shade 45 Morning Show Starring Angela Yee was renamed The Morning After with Angela Yee when Cipha Sounds left Sirius in July 2008, and finally the name was changed to The Morning After with Angela Yee.

Yee joined DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in December 2010, after leaving Shade 45. The program is renowned for its honesty and ability to interview artists.

Weekend mornings with the Breakfast Club was syndicated in over 50 cities across the country when it debuted in March 2013.

From August 2013, the Breakfast Club’s morning program began national syndication and was carried in key American metropolises such as New York City, Miami, Seattle, New Orleans, Houston and Detroit until August 2022.

For her work on The Breakfast Club, Yee received the Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media in 2019.

Yee and her co-hosts, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in August 2020.



For MTV2’s Sucker Free, Yee served as a reporter. The Gossip Game, a VH1 reality program, featured her as a main cast member in 2013.

Seven New York ladies in the radio and blogging fields were featured on the program. On March 31, 2014, Revolt premiered The Breakfast Club.

Yee’s episode “Being: Angela Yee,” which aired on BET on March 21, 2020, featured her in the Being series.

Other endeavors

Yee’s management abilities have elevated her to the spotlight, with clients GZA, Jay Electronica, and 360 in particular.

She aided Jay Electronica’s signing with Roc Nation by Jay Z. Juices for Life, Yee’s juice bar franchise’s fourth location, opened in Bedford-Stuyvesant in 2016, just around the corner from her house.

DJ Envy, one of her two co-hosts on The Morning Club, and Styles P. are two of her business partners. Kickin’ It From the Stoop, a book club created by Yee in 2017 to encourage reading and literature, was launched in partnership with Simon and Schuster/Atria Books.

Yee was appointed as the New York Public Library’s first ambassador in 2018. Yee presented the Giving Gracefully Awards, which celebrate philanthropy among Olympic athletes and other public figures, in January 2020.

Yee’s Total Net Worth

Between her radio work and business activities, Angela Yee is believed to have earned a total of $14 million.

Yee’s professional earnings would have been taxed at a rate of around 44% in New York, where she resides.

Her professional earnings are thought to be roughly $7.84 million after taxes, with $6.16 million in taxes paid, according to estimates.

She earned $850,000 from her investments and spent $1-2 million in her personal life on career earnings. With her friend and broker, Sara Golan, she purchased a $1.9 million property in the Catskills, New York, in 2022.

Angela Yee’s net worth is expected to be roughly $6.5 million dollars, based on her obligation to pay roughly $650,000 in business related expenses.


Angela Yee House

Given the quantity of real estate she owns, Angela Yee is recognized to be someone who invests a great deal in real estate, and she claims that as the business progresses at a rapid pace, more ladies should buy on their own.

Angela lee presently lives in just one of her three residences, which she intends to sell and move into the freshly purchased residence.

1st House

Due to her frequent travels, she only occupies one of the two units in her Bed-Stuy brownstone, which has two floors and is owned by her. She plans to sell after leaving “The Breakfast Club.”

2nd House

She also owns a property in Williamsburg, but she hasn’t lived there in over twenty years, since she rents it out for $800 per month. She bought the property at a cost of $800,000 and it is located at the Austin Nichols House.

3rd House

Ultimately, she has a property in Brooklyn that cost $2.8 million during the Covid-19 virus, which is her most recent acquisition.

I am constantly working and traveling, but during the pandemic, I finally had time to look for a new house, Angela Yee said in an interview with the daily post.

She initially wanted $3.2 million for the mansion, which is landmarked in Brooklyn, but she agreed to pay less after talks-she intends to move in soon after her program premieres.

Angela Yee Business

She owns several enterprises and is quietly constructing a business empire outside the media business, apart from being the on-air host of “The Breakfast Club.” The following are the companies she owns:


Coffee Shop and Hair Care Company

She owns a juice shop called “Drink Fresh Juice” and co-owns a hair-care firm called “Private Label” with Tony Forte. She also co-owns a coffee shop named “Coffee Uplifts people.”
People may believe that since she is a well-known celebrity, the companies she controls will not have issues, but this isn’t the case. In fact, she detailed some of the difficulties she has faced as a Black American female entrepreneur:

What Angela Said about the struggles of her Coffee Business

I’ve struggled since I still have imposter syndrome. I often feel that I am not bright enough or don’t belong in a certain location.

I was considered a sidekick when I started on the radio, and I fought against that idea because I knew there was so much for me to accomplish.

I was the only woman in the majority of the positions I worked. I am still the only woman in the room when we are live on “The Breakfast Club.”

Because I have to establish myself, I put in the most effort. I don’t believe I’d be the same way if I were a man. I feel that I need to be more prepared than anybody else, but I still do not receive the same level of respect.

Just to be considered equal, I go through all of this effort. People believe you’re there to fulfill a quota, so they may not regard you as trustworthy.

Charity Work

Dress for Success has been a part of Yee’s life since 2013. This group aims to teach job skills and assist ladies who are poverty-stricken in obtaining business attire.

In 2013, Yee participated in a breast cancer awareness campaign by posing for Hairless 4 Her Awarness. Since 2013, Yee has been a supporter of Coats for Kids, a charity that provides winter coats to impoverished youngsters.

In 2015, Yee hosted the 33rd Annual Coats for Kids Fundraiser. Yee hosted the second annual Children Making Strides Against Childhood Cancer fundraiser in the same year.


She worked with the National Black Justice Coalition in promoting World AIDS Day awareness in 2018.

She began hosting Run With Yee later that year. In an effort to promote and support a healthy lifestyle, we’re doing a month 5k run in Prospect Park.

In January 2020, Yee presented the Giving Gracefully Awards. The top philanthropists among politicians and Olympic competitors are recognized with this honor during.

Angela Yee Net Worth – FAQ

1. What is Angela Yee’s identity? Angela Yee is recognized for her work on the radio. Angela Yee is 46 years old, and she was born on January 3, 1976.

2. Angela Yee’s net worth is $3 million. Angela Yee, with a net worth of $7 million, is a radio personality. On the 3rd of January 1976, Angela Yee was born.


Angela Yee, a radio broadcaster, has worked hard to achieve her goals in the entertainment business.

She’s also worked as a songwriter and manager of numerous artists in addition to her radio career.

She’s also tried a variety of vocations, including philanthropy. Angela Yee’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $7 million.

Angela has won two Gracie Awards, one WEEN Mission, and one MIW Airblazer Award in the last few years as a result of her efforts.

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