Colton Underwood Net Worth

Colton Underwood Net Worth. That’s a lot of money! Colton Underwood, who starred on Bachelor Nation and more, has a vast net worth as a result of his time spent playing football. Keep reading to learn how he generates income!

Who is Colton Underwood?

Colton Underwood’s success in the world of sports cannot be denied, given that he was born to athletic parents.

Colton Scott Underwood was born on January 26, 1992, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He goes by the full name Colton Scott Underwood.

His mother played volleyball, and his father played football for the Illinois State Redbirds, both of whom were athletes. When Colton was at university, it’s no surprise that he joined the same squad as his father.

He is a reality television celebrity and former NFL player who played on the practice squad for the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles. He is 29 years old.

Before becoming the Bachelor for the franchise’s 23rd season, he made his television debut on the 14th season of The Bachelorette.

Colton on Instagram

You may learn more about Colton on Instagram if you’ve binge-watched Coming Out Colton on Netflix.

Colton Underwood’s handle is @coltonunderwood, so you can follow him there.

Personal Life

Underwood was cast as the lead of the 23rd season of American dating and relationship TV series “The Bachelor” after participating in the 14th season of The Bachelorette as a contestant. He is the series’ first homosexual lead.

Jordan, 39, is expected to marry the 30-year-old TV personality, according to reports. For less than a year, the pair has been together.

Colton Underwood announces engagement to Jordan C. Brown

Colton expressed his delight by noting that 2021 has been the most transformational year of his life while speaking to People Magazine on Monday.

Starting off in 2022 with my closest friend, teammate, and eventually fiancée is something I never imagined was going to be real, he continued.

Did Colton Underwood come out as gay?

On Good Morning America and in his new program, Coming Out Colton, Colton revealed his sexuality and discussed his journey of embracing life as an LGBTQ person.

For me, I’ve been running from myself for a long time, and I’ve despised myself for a long time, he told Robin Roberts. I’m homosexual. “And earlier this year, I came to terms with that.”

He says that he felt bad for not coming out sooner and almost marrying Cassie Randolph on the Bachelor.


He’s a dog lover

Colton Underwood is a big dog lover, which adds to his good guy image. He used to post photos of himself with his beloved dog, Sniper, on Instagram on a regular basis. Yes, it was that adorable.

We should also point out that Sniper has his own Instagram account. For the sake of argument, let’s say that it’s real. Sniper had died in 2020, according to Colton’s People article, which was sad.

Although he adored his dog, the former Bachelorette contender had other things going for him. He’ll snuggle any dog that’s willing, according to other photographs. It’s impossible for me to do so. It’s a handle, folks. The following is an example of how it’s done: This is a term used to describe cuteness. Colton shared a photo of himself with two adorable tiny pups in August 2018 for a good cause.

He said in part, “My buddies at @puppiesmakemehappy are seeking for the next rescue to help, and I am allowing them pick it.” “This is not an AD,” he clarified, “just my love for puppies,” so he asked readers for suggestions on dog rescues to support throughout September.

Bunny’s Buddies, an organization that rescues dogs from slaughterhouses, shelters, and streets in China and South Korea, was the final choice for Underwood.

He once dated this famous Olympic gymnast

When Colton Underwood entered The Bachelor, he may have been single, but he had previous relationships. Before becoming a reality TV star, he said on The Bachelorette that he’d only had one meaningful relationship.

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman revealed to People in December 2016 that she and Colton had been dating for five months, despite the fact that he didn’t refer to her by name on the program.

Colton approached Raisman via social media and proposed to her. After the Video Music Awards, they began dating and attended the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Award Presentation in 2016, making things “official.”

The then-free agent, Raisman, and month six called it quits. “We’re taking a break right now,” Colton told The Journal Star, quoting Ross Geller of Friends. He explained that distance and travel contributed to the breakup, saying, “It ended fine.” “We’re in a decent spot right now.”

What really happened with Becca Kufrin?

Despite the fact that Colton Underwood advanced far enough in The Bachelorette to earn a hometown date with Becca Kufrin, they would not finish it.

Becca admitted that she didn’t believe Colton was the one when she finally opted to breakup with him. “I know that it feels right, but even knowing that doesn’t make watching him walk away any easier,” she said after releasing him.

Becca may have known in her heart that Colton wasn’t the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but did Becca break up with him because he was the wrong match?

Nonetheless, once you add in Tia Booth, a former Bachelor contestant, the tale of Colton and Becca gets more complicated and convoluted. Why is that so? Keep reading if you want to learn more.



The San Diego Chargers signed Underwood as an undrafted free agent on May 10, 2014. He was released on August 30, 2014. Underwood was assigned to the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice squad on September 3, 2014. He was freed from the practice squad on September 9, 2014.

Underwood was signed to the Chargers’ practice squad on September 23, 2014, after returning to the team. He signed a potential deal on December 29, 2014. He was released on September 5, 2015.

He was put on injured reserve on September 6, 2015. He was released from injured reserve on September 10, 2015.

Underwood joined the Oakland Raiders’ practice squad on December 1, 2015. The Raiders cut him on August 29, 2016.

Reality television

The Bachelorette, starring Becca Kufrin, featured Underwood as a competitor in its 14th season.

Underwood was cast in season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise after being eliminated in week 8 following hometown dates. Underwood broke up with her in the fourth week after being linked to fellow competitor Tia Booth, and they both departed Paradise separately.

Underwood will star in the 23rd season of The Bachelor, which debuted on ABC on September 4, 2018. On social media, the news was met with mixed feelings.

Colton had started shooting The Bachelor on September 21, 2018, and on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, ABC revealed that he had already met three of his girls.

Underwood was in production on his own unscripted series for Netflix, according to Variety, on April 14, 2021.

On December 3, 2021, Netflix debuted the six-episode series Coming Out Colton. Gus Kenworthy, Michael Sam, and CMT host Cody Alan are among the openly homosexual public personalities he encounters in the series.


In order to raise funds for cystic fibrosis research and medical equipment, Underwood created the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation in 2016. Once his cousin Harper was diagnosed with the condition, Underwood established the organization’s foundation stone.

The Foundation established the Legacy Program in 2018 with the aim of delivering AffloVests to children in 50 different US states through the encouragement of chest wall oscillation machines.

Colton Underwood Net Worth

Colton Underwood’s net worth is $1 million, according to his Wikipedia page. He is an American professional football player.

On January 26, 1992, Colton Underwood was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He played college football for Illinois State and was a tight end for Washington Community High School.

In 2014, Underwood was released by the San Diego Chargers after signing as a free agent.

After being released, he joined the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice squad. In 2014, Underwood was signed to the Chargers’ practice squad, but he was released in 2015.

In 2015, he joined the Oakland Raiders’ practice squad, but was cut in 2016. At Washington, Illinois, Underwood owns the 4th & Goal Grill. For dating Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, he became well-known. Colton intends to give his virginity to his wife, and he is said to be a virgin.

He then appeared on Bachelor in Paradise after competing on The Bachelorette’s 14th season. Colton was announced as the 23rd season of The Bachelor’s leading man on September 4, 2018.


How Much Did Colton Underwood Make From ‘The Bachelor’ and Reality TV?

On The Bachelorette, contestants are not compensated. Colton’s emotional address on the Men Tell All program, however, altered everything. Hundreds of women started making requests after a fan demanded $2 on Venmo for “emotional trauma,” which he retweeted.

They began sending him money instead after he said he “couldn’t afford” paying all of them. He earned over $1200 overall, but he promised to donate it all to charity at the time.

According to Reality Steve, the majority of BiP contestants are paid a daily rate. As a result, the more days they survive on the beach in Mexico and make love connections, the greater their earnings.

Since they would be losing out on more money, this may also discourage participants from self-eliminating. During season 6 of Paradise, Dean Unglert revealed that he was paid $600 per day by Jason Tartick on his podcast “Trading Secrets.”

Fan-favorite applicants or those with greater reputations might, however, demand more compensation for their time on the beach.

Jason, for example, revealed that he negotiated a $5,000 guarantee in the case he was eliminated during the first rose ceremony on his podcast, which was also a contestant on Becca’s season.

Nevertheless, since he began dating his fiancée, Kaitlyn Bristowe, the Buffalo native never appeared on BiP.

The amount of money given to the actual Bachelor is unknown, although it is said to be approximately $100,000 for a complete season of shooting. Colton effectively made a good sum of money after just a few years in the company, to put it mildly.

Colton is said to compete on season 31 of Dancing With the Stars, so it’s possible that he hasn’t finished with reality TV.

How Much Did Colton Underwood Make Playing Football?

Colton was a football player prior to quitting The Bachelorette, which is something viewers discovered about him throughout the show. That career, however, did not pan out as well as you might expect.

Colton was able to progress his career with the Los Angeles Chargers despite not being officially selected after playing football at Illinois State University. In May of 2014, he joined their practice squad.

To retain players with potential but require development, teams utilize practice squads, SB Nation said. After that, Colton was dropped from the team.

According to Time, he received a substantial deal with the Raiders in 2016 for $450,000 after reportedly netting $88,200 playing for the Chargers in 2014.

Nevertheless, that year, he only made $33,000 from football. The reality star retired from the game after being cut from the Raiders’ practice squad.

How Else Does Colton Underwood Make Money?

Colton launched 4th & Goal Grill, a sports bar in Washington, Illinois in 2016. That didn’t go too well.

Colton started his run in Bachelor Nation less than two years after it was popular and had excellent Yelp reviews. He sold his aunt and uncle the tavern because they were managing it for him.

At the time, aunt Sherrie Lucas told the Journal Star, “He’s been busy with his foundation and couldn’t get back much.”

The restaurant was renamed Brickhouse BBQ by the pair after he was persuaded to sell it to them. Colton’s profit from the deal is unknown, but we estimate it was a substantial sum.

He runs his own charity

Colton Underwood would continue to lead the non-profit organization, The Legacy Foundation, that he began in 2015, even though his professional football career came to an end in 2016.

He created the foundation to “enable individuals with Cystic Fibrosis to live fully, dream big, and help one another,” according to the foundation’s website. He also raises funds for research, equipment, and other resources.

The Legacy Foundation has given almost $100,000 to assist persons with Cystic Fibrosis since its founding in 2015. This includes money and equipment donations.

Colton has a personal story with Cystic Fibrosis because his little cousin Harper, as he describes her, is “a CF warrior.”

Colton and other NFL players have visited children’s hospitals to bring joy to other Cystic Fibrosis warriors and started a football camp to raise money, as well as create awareness for the hereditary illness.

Colton Underwood takes his mental health very seriously

Colton Underwood spoke with Entertainment Weekly ahead of his appearance on The Bachelor about how troubled he seemed on Bachelor in Paradise, which the journalist highlighted.

My mental health is a thing that I’ve been focusing on throughout my whole football career, and it’s a common thing, the reality star revealed, indicating he saw a counselor at least once every week.

Underwood said in a later interview with TV Insider that everyone goes through this.


I believe it’s really essential to exercise your brain as well, said the former football player, arguing that keeping both physical and mental health in check is equally important.

I can’t say enough nice things about how they offer that chance for me to have that space and be alone and be secure with no microphones or cameras, Colton gushed of how The Bachelor handles such topics.

A “safe space” was always available for him to vent or clear his mind, without fear of being judged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jersey number of Colton Underwood?

While playing for the Illinois State Redbirds, Colton Underwood, and the Los Angeles Chargers, he wore number 87.

What happened to Colton and Cassie Underwood?

After a two-year relationship, Cassie and Colton split up. It’s still a mystery what killed them. She got a restraining order as a last resort.

Underwood was also accused of pursuing her, and it was claimed that he had concealed GPS monitoring devices beneath her automobile. The Bachelor brought them together. They appeared to be in love on the program.

They were able to form a strong connection quickly and easily because of their frequent communication and time spent together. Before their split in 2020, they were a lot of people’s dream couple.

When Colton Underwood deactivated his Instagram account, it was not apparent why?

The NFL player’s Instagram account is still active. All of his previous posts, however, have been deleted. He deleted all of the photos he had taken of her since his ex-girlfriend, who was the subject of his restraining order, took it down.

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