Danny Masterson Net Worth

Danny Masterson Net Worth. At a young age, Masterson started acting. He started performing on Broadway when he was eight years old. In addition, he has starred in a number of television commercials.

Masterson had made over 100 commercials by the time he was 16 years old. Frosted Flakes, Clorox, Tang, Clearasil, and Volkswagen are just a few of the brands he’s worked with.

Masterson used to be a child model as well. In the 1970s, he was featured on the covers of Parents magazine and a Canadian young adults dictionary.

Who is Danny Masterson ?

Danny Masterson, an actor and DJ from the United States, is well-known. On the 13th of March, 1976, Danny Masterson was born.

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Danny Masterson Age

On the 13th of March, 1976, Danny Masterson was born. As a result, Danny Masterson is 46 years old. Danny Masterson is a well-known actor and DJ from the United States.

Danny Masterson’s height is a source of fascination for many fans, so we’ve provided the answer in the section below. For more recent information, stay connected with us.

Danny Masterson Height

On the 13th of March, 1976, Danny Masterson was born. As a result, Danny Masterson is 46 years old. Danny Masterson, an actor and DJ from the United States, is well-known.

In the section below, you can find out how tall Danny Masterson is. For more recent information, stay tuned with us.


Bijou Phillips, an actress who starred in The Bridge to Nowhere, Raising Hope, Black Limousine, The Door in the Floor, and What We Do Is Secret alongside Danny Masterson, married him on October 18th of 2011.

During a celebrity poker event in Las Vegas, the two first met. In 2009, they got engaged.

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Danny and Bijou gave birth to their daughter, Fianna Francis Masterson, on February 14, 2014.

Masterson posted on Instagram, “Mom and kid are doing great.” “From now on, you may refer to me as dj dadpants,” he said.

Social Media Profile: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & TikTok

On his social media accounts, Danny Masterson shares a slice of his personal life and professional activities, which have a considerable audience.

With 529,000 followers on Instagram, Danny Masterson is a popular figure. Over 1.3 million people follow Masterson on Twitter.

Early Life

On March 13th, 1976, in Long Island, New York, Daniel Peter Masterson was born. Masterson grew up in Garden City and East Williston and entered the entertainment business at a very early age.

He was a well-known child model who appeared in magazines and advertisements by the age of four.

He was performing in a variety of musicals by the age of eight, but his singing voice had degraded by the time he became a teenager.

Danny had over 100 advertisements for companies such as Kellogg’s, Clearasil, Tang, and other firms when he was sixteen years old.


Masterson began acting as a child at the age of eight, after modeling for magazines and television commercials beginning at the age of four.

By the time he was a teenager, his singing voice had “vanished.” He had starred in over a hundred advertisements, including Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Hardee’s, Hostess, Tang, and Clearasil by the time he was sixteen years old.

Acting career

Masterson starred as Justin in Cybill and had a part in Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony in the early 1990s. Masterson opted to leave Cybill after his appearances in the third and fourth seasons, and he auditioned for a program called Teenage Wasteland, which was eventually renamed That ’70s Show.

Because Masterson was somewhat older than the rest of the cast, Debby Romano, the original casting director for That ’70s Show, initially rejected him but eventually approved his audition.

He came in and he was just so entertaining, she said, describing him as a “tough, amusing guy” who redefined where the character of Steven Hyde was going.

In all eight seasons of That ’70s Show, Masterson appeared. Masterson’s career was launched by his work on That ’70s Show, which allowed him to work on other projects between tapings.

Masterson appeared in a number of films after the program ended, as well as on television programs like Punk’d and MADtv. He co-hosted the Fox TV special Woodstock 1999 alongside Kutcher and Valderrama.

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Yes Man, a comedy released in 2008, was his debut role. In the 2009 drama The Bridge to Nowhere, Masterson co-stars with his real-life wife, Bijou Phillips.

Masterson appeared in USA Network’s White Collar (episode “Where There’s A Will”) in 2011 as James Roland. In the 2010 film The Chicago 8, he played Jerry Rubin.

Men At Work, starring Masterson and Michael Cassidy, James Lesure, and Adam Busch, premiered on TBS in 2012. Masterson starred in Jordan Galland’s film Alter Egos in 2012.

In the Netflix comedy series The Ranch from 2016 to 2018, Masterson co-starred alongside Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, and Elisha Cuthbert. Due to his rape and assault accusations, his character was written out of the show in the middle of production on the third 20-episode season.

The Ranch

Danny Masterson appeared in the Netflix series The Ranch, in addition to Steven Hyde on That ’70s Show.

Colt Bennett was played by him, and Rooster Bennett was portrayed by Ashton Kutcher. They were employed on a cattle ranch in Colorado owned by their family.

Since he was sacked from that series as a result of the recent accusations against him, his net worth has taken a hit. That meant he’d have to forgo his income.

The actor was dismissed from the program in 2017 after the program premiered in April 2016.

As a result of continuing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch, according to a statement from Netflix obtained by USA Today.

Production will start in early 2018 without him, and yesterday was his last day on the program.

Other ventures

Masterson started DJing as a hobby in 1997 under the moniker DJ Donkey Punch in Los Angeles night clubs, but it grew into a full-time job.

DJ Mom Jeans is his new moniker. Masterson is a lover of indie, electro, and funk music who primarily DJs with them. He describes himself as a “rock and hip hop geek.”

Masterson operated Downstairs, a nightclub and bar in Park City, Utah, for a period.

In the 2005 GSN series The James Woods Gang vs. the Unabombers, he played as part of a poker team called the Unabombers. The Unabombers are a group of people who have never been caught.

He won the Phat Farm Stuff Casino Weekend Poker Tournament, which he hosted with celebrities, including Nancy Pelosi.

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Danny is a powerful figure in Hollywood, and his brand endorsement deals are no exception.

He was one of the four-year-olds who became prominent. As a result, it has been simple for numerous companies to enlist his services to promote their goods.

He’s reportedly featured in over 100 commercials to date. On YouTube, you may watch a few of Danny Masterson’s commercials. The products he has promoted are listed below:

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Peep’s Sunglasses Clorox Tang Kellogg’s cereals Twinkies Volkswagon Jetta Clearasil Rise Oat milk and drinks White Claw Hard Seltzer Collins Watches Hyde Irish Whiskey Berts Bangin Hot Sauce Jameson Irish Whiskey Red Stripe Larger Beer Whoop Rash.

Danny Masterson Net Worth

Danny Masterson is a DJ and actor with a net worth of $16 million. Masterson has also performed as a DJ under the moniker ‘DJ Mom Jeans,’ and is best recognized for playing Hyde in the popular comedy “That ’70s Show.”

Danny is also recognized for his role in the sitcom “The Ranch,” which he co-starred in.

Multiple rape allegations from three women irreversibly tarnished Masteron’s reputation in 2017. Three charges of rape were filed against him in 2020.

Real Estate

Danny sold a property on Holly Mont Drive in Los Angeles for $1.595 million in 2007, according to reports.

A marble and gold leaf fireplace, a private pool, a multi-terraced yard, a hot tub, and a two-car garage are among the features of the four-bedroom home.

When he first bought the property for $560,000 in 1998, just after securing his big part on “That ’70s Show,” he was able to do it.

Masterson had already purchased six units and small apartment buildings, among other things, by this time.

Danny sold Laura Prepon a $165,000 apartment he had bought in LA in 2003 for less than a year.

According to sources, Masterson’s residence in the Hollywood Hills and his ongoing legal dispute over his rape allegations had a strange link in 2020.

He was renting out his house on Hollyridge Drive at this time, which he was living in a cottage in Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County.

In 2007, he paid $2.995 million for this 4,323-square foot residence that was previously owned by Chuck Berry.

Danny secured his release by posting a $3.3 million bond after being charged with rape in June 2020. To secure the bond, he utilized the Hollyridge Drive home.

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Masterson filed a number of claims against the Bank of New York Mellon and Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems (MERS) claiming that his mortgage was financed in faulty ways at one point.

Danny claimed that he no longer needed to pay the home mortgage since of his conduct.

Plaintiffs appear to be just tossing arguments up against the wall in the hope that they can develop some basis for terminating their mortgage obligation without full reimbursement, said one lawyer.

These actions (many of which Masterson personally filed) appear to be an effort to preserve his assets in the face of litigation.

Danny eventually sold this property for $6.2 million in December 2021, after listing it for $7 million in the spring.

Legal Fees

Danny Masterson now has a lot of legal expenses due to the claims against him, which must be weighing on his overall financial situation.

Three women filed charges of sexual assault against him in his Hollywood Hills home in 2017, according to The Wrap, but no charges were brought. In the years 2001 and 2003, three attacks occurred.

Another case is also being prosecuted by Danny Masterson. According to The Wrap, Masterson and the Church of Scientology were sued in 2019 by Marie Bobette Riales, a married couple called Chrissie Bixler and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, as well as “two anonymous Jane Does.”

According to the lawsuit, the actor “systematically stalked, harassed, invaded their family’s privacy, and intentionally caused them emotional distress to silence and intimidate them,” according to the actor.

Leah Remini, who has been outspoken about her contentious departure from Scientology, tweeted after Masterson was accused that she believed people were finally listening.

Victims are finally being heard in this case! she declared, according to USA Today. “Your days of getting away with it are numbered,” she added.

Danny Masterson’s arraignment date is September 18th, 2020, according to ABC News. “We believe that the truth will be revealed and that the accusations made today are the first steps in a lengthy process of healing, justice, and accountability for those who wronged us,” according to the lawsuit’s statement.

Danny Masterson gets dropped by his reps

Danny Masterson’s long-time management firm, UTA, was said to have dismissed him by January 2018.

We’re hearing through some sources that the two parted ways some time ago, Deadline quoted the firm as saying today. The firm did not respond to further queries.

Masterson’s contract with UTA appears to have ended in December 2017, when he was fired from The Ranch, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Picture: d.ibtimes.com

HuffPost also covered a confrontation between a Netflix representative and one of Masterson’s accusers (during a kid’s soccer game, for God’s sake), in which the rep, Andy Yeatman, reportedly told the lady that Netflix didn’t believe the claims.

According to The Wrap, Yeatman was eventually sacked by Netflix after posting “careless” and “uninformed” remarks.

An online petition to Netflix to cancel The Ranch garnered 36,000 signatures in December, according to HuffPost.

Of course, the show was not canceled by the streamer, but Masterson was dropped. According to reports, UTA’s relationship with the embattled actor was also terminated as a result.

Danny Masterson Net Worth – FAQ

The first item on the list is 1. Danny Masterson is a character who appears in various episodes of the show. Danny Masterson, an actor and DJ from the United States, is well-known. Danny Masterson is 46 years old, having been born on March 13, 1976.

2. Danny Masterson’s Net Worth is $20 million. Danny Masterson has a net worth of $20 million and is an actor and DJ from America. On the 13th of March, 1976, Danny Masterson was born.

3. Danny Masterson’s weight is…? Danny Masterson, an award-winning American actor and DJ, weighs 75 kg. Danny Masterson’s profile can be found in the preceding article.

4. Danny Masterson stands how tall? Danny Masterson is a one-meter-tall American actor and DJ.

5. Danny Masterson is how old? On the 13th of March, 1976, Danny Masterson was born. Masterson is 46 years old and lives in Los Angeles.


As of 2022, Danny Masterson’s net worth is projected to be $16 million. His successful acting and producing careers provide him with a salary and earnings.

Masterson is known for his roles on That ’70s Show and The Ranch, two of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

In addition, he has a Netflix production deal. Danny Masterson’s great net worth is the result of a combination of these elements.


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