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Darryl Eugene Strawberry Biography

Darryl Eugene Strawberry is the birth name of this former professional baseball right fielder from the United States.

Darryl Strawberry is another name he goes by. He is a citizen of the United States. Los Angeles, California, is his birthplace. You can learn more about the table below by reading it.

Some of the fans adore knowing about their favorite celebrities’ physical health.

Hair style, clothing choice, cosmetics, and even height, weight, and eye color can all influence a trend. Your demand is understandable to us. He stands at 1.98 meters tall. It stands at a height of over 6 feet tall. It weighs 85 pounds. The current weight has been added to the Weight section, which may be changed on a regular basis.

Personal Life

Darryl Eugene Strawberry’s marital status is unknown. You’ll learn more about him in this section, including his personal information and problems.

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Early Life Of Darryl

On March 12th, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, Darryl Strawberry was born.

Darryl was raised in an athletic household and played baseball throughout high school alongside his brother Michael, who may also develop into a pro baseball player in the MLB.

Darry later said that one of the reasons he turned to alcohol and illicit drug use was because his father was vocally and physically harmful to him.

Baseball career

In the 1980 Major League Baseball draft, the New York Mets selected Strawberry first overall. Michael Strawberry, Darryl’s older brother, was picked in the 31st round by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Early career

Strawberry ascended through the Mets organization and made his big league debut in 1983, scoring 26 homers and seventh triples while batting for a .257 average. He batted with a unique batting stance and a high leg kick.

Rookie of the Year in the National League was bestowed upon him. He reached the All-Star Game for the first of eight times in 1984 (the first five as a starter), and he hit 26 home runs, driving in 97 runs, which was his third season with over 30 home runs.

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Prime years

From 1984 through 1990, Strawberry’s Mets were a formidable squad in the National League, finishing first or second every year.

Strawberry’s image was used on action figures (Kenner’s Starting Lineup), posters, and banners throughout the period from 1983 to 1990.

His tumultuous behavior was also well-known. In the middle of a dispute with infielder Wally Backman, he threatened to “bust that little redneck in the face” after getting into a physical fight on team picture day with team captain Keith Hernandez.

He was regularly late for or missed team sessions because he overslept. After he was removed from the game in a double switch during the ninth inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, which the Mets would go on to win, he publicly complained about manager Davey Johnson.

Strawberry hit 27 home runs and drove in 93 RBIs during the regular season in 1986.

Strawberry joined the elite 30–30 club at the time, making him one of only ten players in baseball history to accomplish the feat by hitting 39 home runs and stealing 36 bases in 1987. He also scored 104 runs and batted 32 doubles. Despite this, the team was eliminated from the playoffs in 1987.

Strawberry led the National League in home runs again in 1988, with 39.

He also finished second in the league with 101 runs batted in and led the league with a .545 slugging percentage and an OPS of .911.

In voting for MVP, he came in second behind the Dodgers’ Kirk Gibson. Strawberry led the Mets to the NLCS, where they were defeated in seven games by the Dodgers.

Strawberry’s home run total fell to 29 in 1989, while his RBI total fell to 77, resulting in a .225 batting average.

In the National League East, however, the Mets finished second behind the Chicago Cubs.

Strawberry rebounded in 1990, hitting 37 home runs, driving in 108 runs, and batting for a .277 average.

But, his Mets finished second in the National League East, three games behind the Pittsburgh Pirates. That season, Strawberry received third place in MVP voting.

On November 8, 1990, Strawberry inked a lucrative five-year $22.25 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers as a free agent.

He was voted Big Brother of the Year in California in 1991. In his first season with the Dodgers, he hit 28 home runs and drove in 99 RBIs, but he was plagued by injuries and personal issues for the following two seasons, hitting five homers each.

He had 280 lifetime homers by the end of the 1991 season, at the age of just 29, drawing comparisons to Hank Aaron for home run king.

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Later years

After 1991, Strawberry’s numbers declined dramatically; he only played in 75 games the next two years.

After failing to show up for a game in May 1994, he was released by the Dodgers. He joined the San Francisco Giants later that season, but his limited playing time resulted from his efforts to make a comeback, as he only hit four home runs and drove in 17 RBIs.

Strawberry signed with the New York Yankees for the stretch run after a suspension from the league at the beginning of 1995 after testing positive for cocaine.

Darryl signed with the Northern League’s Saint Paul Saints the following year, on May 3, 1996, in an effort to rehabilitate.

Strawberry hit his first home run for the Saints on June 2 at a distance of 522′ against pitcher Pat Ahearne at Wade Stadium against the Duluth–Superior Dukes. He was soon re-signed by the Yankees on July 4, 1996, after his release.

He delivered glimpses of his former brilliance with the Yankees, hitting 11 home runs in a part-time role and helping his squad win the World Series in 1996 alongside fellow ex-Met Dwight Gooden and David Cone.

On August 6, that season, he hit his second career three-homer game against the Chicago White Sox.

In the 1996 ALCS, he hit three home runs with five RBIs and a .417 average in four games against the Baltimore Orioles.

He didn’t hit a home run in 1997, despite limited playing time due to injuries. He only hit two RBIs throughout the course of that season.

He helped the Yankees win the World Series again in 1998 and played 100 games for the first time since 1991. He hit 24 home runs.

Nevertheless, he battled abdominal discomfort for nearly two months before finally informing his colleagues and staff, and his playing time dropped near the end of the season.

During the American League Division Series (ALDS), Strawberry was diagnosed with colon cancer, and rookie Ricky Ledée took his place on the roster.

He returned from his cancer treatment in 1999 and batted three home runs, although he only played in a few games. Nevertheless, he hit a key three-run home run in the ALDS against the Texas Rangers, helping the Yankees reach the ALCS.

Strawberry was ordered to leave the team while waiting for commissioner Bud Selig to make a decision on a possible suspension after testing positive for cocaine in February while attending spring training.

Selig announced Strawberry’s suspension for the entire 2000 season six days after news of the positive test broke, effectively ending his career.

Career accomplishments

Strawberry appeared in nine All-Star games and started five straight games as the right fielder. In 12 All-Star at-bats, he batted .333 with two stolen bases and two runs.

Both of his three-home run games came against Chicago clubs and were separated by almost 11 years, the second of which was against the Cubs.

On August 5, 1985, he faced the Cubs, and on August 6, 1996, he faced the White Sox.

He is one of only five players in Major League Baseball who has two pinch-hit grand slams in the same season.

Mike Ivie of the San Francisco Giants, Ben Broussard of the Cleveland Indians, Brooks Conrad of the Atlanta Braves, and Davey Johnson of the Philadelphia Phillies are the other players.

Along with Ricky Ledée and José Vizcaíno, he is one of only three Major League Baseball players to have played for all four former and current New York-based MLB clubs-the Mets, Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants.

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The Darryl Strawberry Net Worth

Darryl Strawberry’s Net Worth: Darryl Strawberry, a former American professional baseball player, has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Darryl Strawberry put down a excellent foundation for himself as an huge slugger who could regularly hit grand slams after a career that spanned 17 seasons.

He later drove the Yankees to three World Series victories after assisting the New York Mets in winning a World Series. For a long time, Strawberry was on the ballot for the All-Star Game.

Strawberry was no stranger to talk during his job, despite his notoriety. During the MLB, he was suspended for drug abuse on multiple occasions.

With a diary called Straw: Seeking My Way, he provided fans with a definitive investigation into his profession in 2009.

Is Darryl Strawberry still getting paid?

Despite the fact that former baseball great Darryl Strawberry hasn’t entered the big leagues since 1999, he is still getting paid.

The IRS will sell the annuity he gets from the New York Mets to help pay off a tax debt, which will put an stop to it.

He’ll have spent his whole fortune on this one transaction if no one purchases it at the auction.

Before joining the Yankees in 2000, Strawberry was one of the most powerful hitters in baseball during the 1980s, helping the Mets win the 1986 World Series.

He took over as manager of the Mets’ minor league squad after his career ended, managing them for three years before retiring to spend more time with his family.

Despite managing low-level minor leaguers for the majority of his career, he earned $20 million and lived beyond his means.

His wife is granted full custody of their two kids after just four months of marriage. They remain share tenants until they reach the age of 18 because he couldn’t afford to buy them out.

For failing to pay his taxes, Strawberry has been threatened with arrest many times, but he always ends up with enough money to keep him out of jail.

This isn’t the first time. There’s no way he can pay the entire amount owed even if he wins the auction.

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Legal and Financial Issues

Strawberry’s contract with the Mets includes a deferred payment that paid him $36,681 per year for a long period of time.

Strawberry no longer receives payments because all future money from this contract was eventually auctioned off by the IRS to pay a large debt owed by him. Darryl owes $542,572 in federal income taxes between 1987 and 1990.

Strawberry was sued in California in 1995 for failing to pay child support. He then decided to pay off the debt with his signing bonus.

Strawberry’s lawyer was sued in 1998 for over $100,000 in unpaid legal bills.

Darryl Strawberry was arrested on cocaine possession and soliciting sex charges in 1999. As a result of his suspension, he received a 21-month probation sentence from MLB.

After taking medication, he collided with another vehicle in 2000. An officer who witnessed the crash attempted to flee the scene, but was apprehended by him.

Strawberry breached his parole when he left a rehab facility to abuse narcotics, despite receiving a year of probation and house arrest.

As a consequence, he received a 40-day jail sentence. He returned to his treatment facility in 2001 and was detained once again.

After serving time in jail, Strawberry was returned to the treatment facility, where he broke the facility’s drug regulations in 2002. After serving 11 months in jail, he was rearrested and freed in 2003.

Cancer Diagnosis

Darryl Strawberry was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1998. Doctors discovered that cancer had metastasized to his lymph nodes despite the fact that the tumor was removed.

Strawberry needed chemo, and he returned to action for one more season in 1999.

Cancer was found to be present in Strawberry’s lymph nodes again in 2000, according to a CT scan. His kidney had to be removed a month later.


Darryl Strawberry’s net worth is $10 million. $2 million is the total value of the assets.

What date was Darryl Strawberry born? Darryl Strawberry was born on March 12, 1962.

Is Darryl Strawberry Married? He is married.

Darryl Strawberry’s age is? Darryl Eugene Strawberry is 60 years old, according to his birthdate.

What is Darryl Strawberry’s job? He was a former right fielder for the American League’s New York Yankees.

The weight, height, age, and bio of Darryl Eugene Strawberry are all things you might be interested in. Hopefully, the information provided above will help you learn more about him.

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On October 10, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, Darryl Strawberry was born.

Henry, his father, was a former big-league baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Ruby, Darryl’s mother, was a nurse.

Darryl was a gifted baseball and football player from the time he was a child.

He was a member of the baseball team at Crenshaw High School. Darryl was selected by the New York Mets in the 1980 draft after high school.

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