Dennis Prager Net Worth

Dennis Prager Net Worth. Do you want to learn more about Dennis Prager? At this time, he is well-liked by young people. Dennis Prager’s biography can be found here, in its entirety.

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Who is Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager is a public figure and radio talk show host from the United States. Prager is well-known for his conservative political beliefs and comments.

He is also the co-founder of Prager University, an American non-profit organization that produces five-minute videos on political, economic, and philosophical matters from a conservative viewpoint.

The Dennis Prager Show is hosted by Prager, who also hosts a radio talk show. Prager is also a well-known author with numerous bestsellers novels under his belt.

So how much do you know about Dennis Prager? Read on to learn how Dennis Prager got started on his meteoric rise to stardom.


Dennis Mark Prager Height, Weight and Other Information

Many fans continually seek to learn more about their favorite celebrities’ physiques. The fans imitate Idol’s physical condition, height, weight, and hairstyle.

We’ve heard about it. He stands at a height of 1.93 meters. He weighs 78 kg, according to his measurements. Although his latest value might change at any time, we’ve put it here.

Social Media Links

On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Dennis Prager enjoys sharing his photographs and videos. To keep his audience engaged, he constantly shares his latest activities on social media.

On Instagram, he has 2.5 million followers. He’s a well-known figure on social media who’s been followed by millions.

Early Life

On August 2, 1948, in Brooklyn, New York City, the United States of America, Dennis Mark Prager was born. Hilda Prager was his mother, and Max Prager was his father. Since he grew up in a Jewish household, Prager is a practicing Jew.


He had no desire to study and make sure he completed his studies before getting into his job or obtaining a girlfriend.

Hе јоіnеd Vrооklуn Sоllеgе after grаduаtіng frоm high school.

He does not have a history and is currently enrolled in Miles Easttatern’s Hіѕtоrу Ѕtudеаrd, which he graciously acknowledges.

Furthеrmоrе, he also took up certain isSUEs fоr getting certified, and he applied for them through Columbia University’s Internatlonal and Public Affairs Office.

Dennis Prager Wife, Marriage

Throughout his life, Dennis Prager had a number of relationships. He was so badly wounded when his daily program was canceled in 1986 after Janice Prager divorced him in 1981.

As a consequence of this devastating loss, Dennis nearly fell into a deep depression.

As a consequence, he had to go in treatment for a year to get back on track with his healthy lifestyle. He didn’t stop there, as his subsequent books demonstrated that he had a serious issue with happiness.

Denis met and married actress Francine Stone in 1988, despite the fact that he never gave up on their love. Unfortunately, they split up in 2005 due to unclear reasons. He also failed to disclose whether he had children with the ladies he split from, as well as if such offspring were born.

Dennis started dating Susan Reed in 2008, and it seemed that he had found his ultimate partner. Despite previous sower relationships, he got the truly better half, as they have been together since then.

Dennis has remained religious since he still adheres to certain conventional Jewish culture, despite his departure from current orthodoxy, which he grew up with.



He was recruited by a Jewish organization to travel to the Soviet Union to interview Jews about their daily life while he was studying in England in 1969.

He was in great demand as a lecturer on Soviet Jew repression when he returned the following year; he made enough from speeches to go around the world and visit sixty nations. He joined the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry as its national spokesperson.

Prager’s career began around the same time as a rising inclination among American Jews, who had long been supportive of liberalism, to shift toward the center and even to the right, fueled mostly by immigration from Russia.

The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, which became a bestseller, was written by Prager and Telushkin in 1975 for nonobservant Jews.

How does Judaism differ from Christianity, and can one be a good Jew while still doubting the existence of God? How do you account for unethical but religious Jews? were among the questions addressed in the text.

From 1976 to 1983, Prager served as president of the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, with Telushkin assisting him. Prager’s first paid employment was as a receptionist.

He quickly developed a reputation as a moral critic, accusing secularism and narcissism of destroying society and being called a Jewish Billy Graham by some.


Prager was hired to host KABC (AM)’s Sunday night religious discussion program Religion on the Line in 1982, and it became a daily discussion program later that year.

In 1983, he and Telushkin released their second book, Why Jews? The Cause of Anti-Semitism.

The authors wrote that anti-Semitism stems from a sense of resentment over Jews’ embrace of the idea that they are God’s chosen people, with the task of delivering a moral message to the world, according to a critique in Commentary.

The book claims that Jews are a people (stateless for a long period) who follow a religion and that their identification is crucial to Judaism, as well as antisemitism in the form of opposition to Zionism.

Secular Jews are depicted as individuals who have gone astray and adopt leftist, dictatorial, and destructive objectives in their efforts to reform the world according to Judaism’s goal.

He also has a national syndicated column to write for various publications. Prager started his own quarterly publication, The Prager Perspective, in 1986, which was later renamed Ultimate Issues.

He divorced in 1986 and had a year of therapy, which the Encyclopedia of Judaism claims influenced his 1999 book Happiness is a Serious Problem.

He argued against normalizing homosexuality in the Jewish community and placing sexual sins on a continuum from premarital sex, celibacy, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, and incest; he argued that confining sex to heterosexual marriage desexualized religion, which was a great achievement of old Jewish tradition that deserved protection.


He remarried in 1992. He was a “fixture on local radio” and “a Jewish St. Vincent’s,” according to the Los Angeles Jewish Journal at that time. On behalf of simple “goodness,” George fights against the secular army, which is socially conservative.

He supported and justified sexual intercourse between non-married willing men and women, with the exception of a few situations (where it was usually immoral). He got interested in Stephen S. in 1992. Wise Temple hosted a weekday night discussion program on KABC and gave lectures there.

Before doing his KABC program locally, Prager filled in for an hour a day on WABC, KABC’s New York sister station, via satellite in 1994.

Multimedia Entertainment syndicated a television program with Prager during the 1994-1995 television season. Prager, who called the program “an fantastic chance to communicate my belief system to a huge audience,” said he was “skeptical about television as a medium for deep, intellectual programming.”

He brought the studio audience on stage with him in 1995, allowing them to get closer to him.

Prager Has Published Several Books Since The 90s

Prager also sells books, in addition to radio hosting. He’s written nine novels in total.

Why The Jews? by Prager was released in 2007. Joseph Telushkin’s 1983 book, The Reason for Antisemitism. His subsequent works also boosted his bank account significantly. As a result, here is a list of Prager’s books, with their current prices at Amazon.

Runs A Non-Profit Organization

Dennis Prager, a conservative radio host, has a well-known reputation for being forthright about his beliefs.

He also operates PragerU, aka Prager University, a non-profit website. He hosts podcasts on the website and posts free content of his own choosing.

Furthermore, PragerU’s YouTube channel has over 1.383 million followers and posts with a total of over 2.92 billion views annually.

PragerU reportedly earns $79.1K to $1.3M each year, with monthly earnings ranging from $6.6K to $105.5K, according to Social Blade. Dennis Prager’s YouTube channel has also been gaining popularity every day.

Prager has credits as a producer on his IMDb, in addition to maintaining a YouTube channel. He also created PragerU, a television series documentary, in 2017.

In 2002, he also co-produced Israel in the Face of Terrorism. Similarly, in 1993, 1996, and 1998, Prager produced For Goodness Sake (I, II, and III).

A producer’s annual average wage is $86,075. As a result, Prager’s producing venture must have resulted in a lot of money.


Political works

In the 1976 presidential election in the United States, Dennis Prager backed Jimmy Carter. A study on antisemitism in the Christian right movement was issued by the Anti-Defamation League in 1994.

The ADL and its report have been attacked by Prager, who aligned himself with Christian right social and political conservatism.

He encouraged conservative Jews to collaborate with conservative Christians, such as the Christian Coalition, in 1995.

Jacob Petuchowski, Eliezer Berkovits, Harold Kushner, and C.S. Lewis were among those he mentioned in 1995. The people who influenced his theology the most, according to Lewis, Richard John Neuhaus, Michael Novak, and George Gilder.

In the Baby Richard case in 1995, Prager questioned the Illinois Supreme Court’s conclusion that a kid should be taken from his adoptive parents.

He organized a “Rally for Baby Richard” with KABC, which was attended by Priscilla Presley, Tom Selleck, and John McCook.

Prager testified in Congress in support of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. “The mainstreaming of homosexuality as a comparable to heterosexual wedlock love signifies the demise of Western civilization,” Prager testified.

Prager argued that “American Jews are unaware of the anti-Israel aspects of the current Democrat Party,” and he worked with Bob Dole’s campaign in the 1996 presidential election.

Since 1999, he has hosted a nationally syndicated talk program on KRLA in Los Angeles, a socially and politically conservative Christian radio station.

KRLA is a significant voice of the Christian right that aims to transform American politics and society as well as the way individuals live, and it is part of the Salem Media Group, which includes other conservative hosts such as James Dobson, Randall Terry, Janet Parshall, Sebastian Gorka, and Larry Elder.

Prager chastised Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, for indicating that his oath-taking ceremony would be performed according to the Quran in 2006.

Insofar as a member of Congress swears to serve America and preserve its ideals is concerned, America is only interested in one book, the Bible, Prager wrote.

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch urged Prager to resign from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Council if he is unable to take an oath on that book.

In 2009, Dennis Prager and other Salem Radio Network personalities spoke out against Obamacare. When same-sex marriage was being debated nationally in the United States in 2014,

He also said in 2014 that if that happened, there would be no rational basis for prohibiting polygamous unions, brothers and sisters, or parents and adult children from marrying.

In the 2016 presidential election, Prager backed Donald Trump, although he described him as his “17th option out of 17”. When there was a choice, he said, he was not a Trump supporter. However, “There is no choice now,” he added.

Trump was “unfit to be a presidential candidate, much less president,” according to Prager. Trump’s adultery, character assassination of others, embrace of torture, bad behavior, whining, and use of profanity all violate Prager’s values and principles, as Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic described.

We believe that defeating Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the Left is also a principle, Prager claimed, explaining why he supported Trump. It is the larger principle, according to them.

We don’t really need public moralists to write weekly columns with appeals to Judeo-Christian ethics and the value of good character if that’s all principle means now, wrote Friedersdorf. Just choose the political party you prefer and let the means justify the ends on its behalf.

As part of a fundraising event at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2017, Prager was asked to conduct a guest performance for the volunteer orchestra in Santa Monica, California. The invitation was met with protest by several members of the orchestra, who saw it as promoting racism.

Prager was called to the orchestra leader’s attention because he regarded him, as he often stated and promoted classical music on his programs and had guest-conducted a few times in the past, and felt Prager’s participation might aid generate more funds.

Despite the controversy surrounding Prager’s presence, Guido Lamell, the Santa Monica Symphony’s music director, described Prager as a “great man, leader, and friend.”

Of course, you should never refer to anybody as the n-word, Dennis Prager told a caller in February 2020, but he griped about the word itself being deemed offensive. Prager described the COVID-19 lockdowns as “the worst blunder in the history of civilization” in April 2020.

After that, he was chastised in the press for overselling the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus. In a 2020 video called “‘Follow the Science’ Is a LIE,” he says.

Sweden is the proof that lockdowns are useless, Prager claimed, citing Sweden’s reaction to COVID-19. Prager’s statement was debunked by a fact-checking study that found Sweden had higher COVID infection and mortality than other Scandinavian nations.

Prager claimed in a November 2021 Newsmax interview that “irrational dreads” about individuals who had not been immunized against COVID-19 had made them “the pariahs of America as I have never seen in my lifetime.”

During the AIDS pandemic, he falsely claimed that gay men and IV drug abusers had not been tormented. Hisstatements weredescribed as “alarming revisionism” by the Independent. Prager also described worries about global warming as “stupid” and “irrational” in the interview.

Awards and Achievements

Many awards and accomplishments have been bestowed upon Dennis Prager. Some of his honors are listed below.

Prager has nine books on diverse topics such as happiness, religion, Islamism, morality, and America that have been bestsellers in the New York Times.

Dennis Prager, who has lectured on every continent of the globe and has visited over 130 countries, is likewise a well-traveled individual. Prager is also a theologian who has been doing it for his whole life.


Dennis Prager Net Worth

Dennis Prager has a net worth of $10 million and earns an annual salary of $1.5 million as a radio talk show host, author, columnist, and public speaker. D is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, and this is represented in

In the year 1948, in New York City, New York, Dennis Prager was born. In 1976, he published The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, which became a bestseller. It was an introduction to Judaism.

Prager was recruited in Los Angeles, California in 1982 to host a religious discussion program that aired for almost ten years. Why the Jews?, published in 1983, was his first book.

Anti-Semitism was released as a result of the Reason. Since 1999, Prager has been the host of a nationally syndicated talk program. PragerU (as in “Prager University”) is his non-profit website.

With over 2 million followers and 1 billion+ views each year, PragerU maintains a very big and successful YouTube channel.

Earnings As A Radio Host

Dennis Prager’s fortune has increased dramatically since his radio hosting debut in 1969, as previously stated. He unabashedly expressed his views to his audiences, whether they were political or religious.

A radio talk show host earns an average of $110,537 per year. As a result, it seems safe to conclude that Prager’s remuneration equals his valuable possession.

Dennis isn’t one of those individuals who enjoys flaunting his riches on the internet. As a result, he keeps his profile low.

His earnings, however, are quite remarkable given his extensive radio career. He also gives speeches for a fee and charges a big sum to participate in several gatherings.

Dennis worked on a religious talk program in Los Angeles that aired for more than a decade. In addition, he runs PragerU, also known as Prager University, a non-profit website. Prager also gets compensated a lot for his writings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dennis Prager so well-known? Dennis Prager is a writer, speaker, and radio talk show host who is well-known for his conservation efforts.

Dennis Prager is how old? Dennis Prager, 73 years old, was born on August 2, 1948.

Is there a wife for Dennis Prager? Janice Prager, Dennis Prager’s first wife, was married in 1981. However, in 1986, they split up. He married Francine Stone in 1988, but they divorced in 2005. Susan Reed, his third wife, was married in 2008.

Dennis Prager is known for his what classic books? Why Are The Jews Called Why? The Correct Bible: Genesis, Still the Best Prospect: Why the World Needs American Principles to Win, and Happiness Is a Serious Problem: A Human Nature Repair Handbook are some of his other works.

Is Dеnnіѕ’ Prаgrer Gау? Dеnnіѕ is definitely not interested in women, as he has been mаrrіеd thrice and is іntеrеѕtеd in wоmоn.

There are also no rumors or conundrums suggesting that he is gay.


Dennis Prager is a multi-millionaire radio talk show host, writer, and speaker who has a net worth of $12 million.

Prager has over four decades of experience and millions of listeners worldwide listen to his programs. Many people have been changed by his conservative view.

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