Drew Carey Net Worth

Drew Carey is one of America’s most beloved entertainers. He has been entertaining us for decades, and now his net worth is something to marvel at.

With a long list of successful comedy specials, shows, and films, it’s no surprise that Drew Carey has achieved such financial success. This article will explore what Drew Carey’s net worth is today, and how he earned it.

It’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to Drew Carey; he has an affable personality and a unique comedic style that have made him a fan favorite in the entertainment industry.

His career began in the 1980s with stand-up comedy performances, which led to appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. From there, he went on to star in his own sitcom, The Drew Carey Show and host the popular game show The Price Is Right.

These successes have resulted in a current estimated net worth of $165 million! Let’s take a closer look at how Drew Carey made his fortune.

Stand-Up Comedy

Drew Carey is one of the most successful entertainers in the world. He has made a name for himself on the stand-up comedy circuit, appearing on late night shows and making numerous tv specials. His net worth is an impressive figure that’s been estimated to be somewhere around $165 million.

From humble beginnings, Drew Carey has risen to the top of his profession and made a comfortable life for himself. His career in show business began while he was serving in the US Marine Corps, when he would perform stand-up routines at base clubs.

After leaving service, Drew performed regularly at local bars and clubs before appearing on national television. From there, his star quickly rose, and he was soon hosting his own TV show and appearing in multiple films and tv specials.

The success of these ventures has allowed him to amass a large fortune over time, cementing his status as one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world today.

The Drew Carey Show

After carving out a successful career in stand-up comedy, Drew Carey made the transition to television with the hit show The Drew Carey Show. This sitcom ran for nine seasons and featured Carey’s signature brand of self deprecating humor. His success in this role further bolstered his net worth, which includes the following:

  1. Earnings from The Drew Carey Show

  2. Royalties from books and products associated with his name

  3. Income from his acting career

  4. Finances generated by his stand-up tours

Not only did The Drew Carey Show earn him valuable income and notoriety, it also provided him with a platform to showcase himself as an actor and comedian. His ability to make light of awkward situations while laughing at himself helped endear him to audiences worldwide, earning him a spot in TV history as one of the most beloved characters on late night shows.

With such a successful career across several mediums, it’s no surprise that Drew Carey has achieved such an impressive net worth!

The Price Is Right

When people think of Drew Carey, they often think of the long-running game show, The Price Is Right. But it is the comedian’s net worth that makes it clear that he is more than just a host.

With an estimated net worth of $165 million, the success of Carey’s career is undeniable. In addition to his hefty paycheck from hosting The Price Is Right, many of Carey’s financial successes come from his stand-up comedy and acting gigs. Not to mention, his extensive real estate portfolio and business ownership ventures have contributed greatly to his wealth.

After all, it takes more than gameplay rules and prize selection to accumulate such a fortune! Despite this huge accomplishment in Carey’s life, it seems as though he has managed to stay humble and grounded throughout his career. He continues to give back through philanthropy and charity work, which shows his dedication to helping others in need.

Truly an inspirational story of success!

Writing And Directing

Drew Carey has also made a name for himself in writing and directing. He wrote and directed his own show, The Drew Carey Show, which ran from 1995-2004 and was a major success.

He also wrote for the award-winning sitcom Whose Line Is It Anyway? as well as voice acted for various animated films and video games. Additionally, he hosted several game shows such as Power of 10 and The Price is Right.

Beyond television work, Carey wrote the book Dirty Jokes & Beer: Stories of the Unrefined which went on to become a New York Times bestseller. In 2020, he co-wrote Unplugged: A User’s Guide to Disconnecting from Technology with his son Connor Carey.

This book provides readers with insight on how to unplug from technology in order to live more connected lives. Carey has been able to diversify his career by writing and directing, allowing him to build an impressive net worth estimated at $165 million dollars in 2021.

Investments And Endorsements

The tale of Drew Carey’s net worth is one of incredible success. From a modest beginning, he has achieved massive success. However, his wealth was not just based on his stand-up comedy career and television show roles; Carey also has earned a great deal of money through investments and endorsements.

Carey has made shrewd investments in the stock market and real estate, allowing him to amass a sizable fortune. He has also been involved in numerous military sponsorships and charity auctions. This philanthropic work has helped Carey make connections with wealthy individuals who have aided in his financial success.

Additionally, Carey’s television shows have been sponsored by various major companies, bringing him additional income from endorsements. It is clear that Carey’s net worth is the result of careful planning and strategic decision making.


Since becoming a household name in the 90s, Drew Carey has been using his celebrity status to contribute to numerous charitable causes. He has taken part in various volunteer works and has donated generously to many organizations. His philanthropic activities span multiple areas, ranging from healthcare to education.

Here are some of the major charities he contributes to:

  • The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education – Drew Carey is an advocate for education and supports this foundation’s mission of empowering at-risk youth.

  • Alzheimer’s Association – He donates money and time to this organization that helps care for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Children’s Hunger Fund – He participates in fundraisers and provides food packages for children in need.

  • United Service Organization (USO) – He visits military bases around the world to entertain troops and thank them for their service.

  • Special Olympics – He is an active supporter of this organization that focuses on helping people with disabilities achieve their goals through sport.

Drew Carey has a great passion for giving back, and it shows — he is a dedicated philanthropist who gives generously of his time, talent, and money.

Real Estate

Drew Carey’s real estate empire is nothing short of remarkable. A titan in the world of property management, he has repeatedly displayed an impressive level of asset protection, often making shrewd business decisions that ensure his net worth continues to grow exponentially.

Taking his investments far beyond the average person, he has amassed an incredible portfolio that ranges from residential properties to commercial buildings and more. From luxury beachfront homes to sprawling downtown apartment complexes, Carey’s real estate portfolio is as expansive as it is impressive.

He takes great care to manage each property with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each one provides a handsome return on investment. With such a diverse collection of assets under his belt, it’s no wonder why many consider him one of the savviest and most successful real estate investors alive today.

Additional Sources Of Income

Drew Carey has also earned additional income sources through his voice acting roles and game show hosting.

Voice acting has become a regular part of Carey’s repertoire, where he has lent his talents to many popular shows like “American Dad”, “Family Guy”, and “The Simpsons”.

He has also been the host of several successful game shows such as “Power of 10” and “The Price Is Right” which have increased his net worth significantly.

Carey is also involved in philanthropic activities and charity work, which further boosts his already impressive net worth.

He is an active advocate for animal rights, having supported organizations such as PETA and the ASPCA.

Additionally, he serves on the board of trustees for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and was recently honored by The Ohio State University with a humanitarian award.

All in all, it’s clear that Carey is a multi-faceted individual who continues to add to his wealth through both entertainment and philanthropy.


Draw Carey’s net worth has risen significantly throughout the years.

From stand-up comedy to The Drew Carey Show and hosting the Price Is Right, he’s made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

His investments and endorsements have added to his wealth, as well as his philanthropic efforts.

His real estate ventures have also paid off in a big way.

It’s no surprise that his estimated net worth stands at an astounding $175 million – making him one of the wealthiest entertainers out there.

All in all, it’s clear that Carey has worked hard to secure his fortune, and he deserves every penny!

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