The Increase of Gary Payton Net Worth in 2022

Gary Payton net worth continues to grow even though he has become a former NBA player. Hence, it happened because he dared to enter the business industry soon after the time.

Once you have been following Gary Payton’s NBA career for a long time, you will no longer be surprised by the amount of wealth he has.

Moreover, we present more information about his biography, career journey, business to Gary Payton net worth.

Summary Table

Stage Name Gary Payton
Legal Name Gary Dwayne Payton Sr.
Date of Birth July 23rd,1968
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters)
Weight 190 lbs. (86 kg)
Marital Status Divorced
Gary Payton Net Worth $150 Million
Income per Year $1.1 Million to $12 Million
Profession American Basketball Player (Retired), Entrepreneur
Nationality American

Who Is Gary Payton?

gary payton net worth

Gary Payton is a world-renowned former professional basketball player. Also, his work in the sports industry is impressive.

Further, Gary Payton net worth rose to prominence when he played for the Seattle SuperSonics as a point guard. Since then, his name has gone global and is widely known as Michael Jordan’s rival.

He played for several teams such as the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Thus, playing for all of those teams, Gary Payton net worth reached over $100 Million at the time. Even his finances continue to increase to date, reaching $ 150 Million in 2022.

  • Born as Gary Dwayne Payton Sr., This former basketball player is soon more familiarly called Gary Payton. Crown it all, and he is also famous by the nickname “The Glove”. Likewise, he has outstanding defensive skills while playing basketball.
  • Payton was born on July 23, 1968, in Oakland, California.
  • As a 53-year-old man, Payton is 6.4 feet tall (193 centimeters). Meanwhile, he weights 190 lbs (86 kg).
  • Gary Payton is an American man, with an African-American descent.

Payton is known for his outstanding defensive abilities. Hence, everyone nicknamed him “The Glove” of Seattle SuperSonics.

Moreover, Gary is also known as one of the NBA’s  Richest players. Then, quoted from TheRichest Website, he is in 16th place among others.

Early Life of Gary Payton

Before moving on to Gary Payton net worth, let us talk about his early life first.

Payton’s father is Al Payton and his mother Annie Payton. At that time, his parents supported his son’s interest in basketball.

Initially, he did not think he would establish his career in this sport. Payton only often practices fulfilling his hobby.

Luckily, the goddess of fortune was on his side. Finally, his dream as a professional basketball player came true.


Next, let us step on Gary’s education. He attended Skyline High School. After that, he studied at Oregon State University.

However, in his second year of college, Payton was declared academically ineligible.

So, his father continued to encourage him to refocus on his studies. And in the end, he made it through and played basketball again.

Personal Life

More about Gary’s family, he has a sister named Sharon. Also, his brother is Brandon. Many say that this former basketball player builds a strong bond with his family.

Besides, Payton has a wife named Monique James. They married in 1997 and got three children. Their kids are Julian, Gary Payton II, and Raquel Payton. However, in 2012 the couple chose to divorce.

Meanwhile, Payton has another son from his relationship with another woman. The child’s name is Gary Payton Jr.

Today, Gary Payton II follows in his father’s footsteps. As a professional basketball player, he played for the Washington Wizards.

Gary Payton’s Career

Payton began to wrestle the basketball world when he attended Skyline High School. At that time, he was often associated with Greg Foster, an NBA player from his school.

Not only did he stop at high school, but Gary also continued his hobby by playing basketball until he entered college.

Since then, his name began to be recognized step by step.

Gary Payton College Career

During his college, Gary seriously pursued his career as a basketball player. Even so, he managed to hold school records, such as field goals, Three-point field goals, assists, etc.

Furthermore, Gary Payton was the MVP of the Far West Classic tournament.

Also, Payton was named in the Pac-10 Players of the Week. Because of his prowess, he was part of the Pac-10’s All-Decade Team.

Gary Payton Professional Career

Initially, his professional career began when he joined the Seattle SuperSonics in 1990. Therefore, he became the 2nd pick in this group.

Furthermore, from 2002 to 2005, Gary was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. With this team, he played 28 games.

Meanwhile, Gary Payton played with the Los Angeles Lakers and entered the first NBA Championship soon.

At that time, they had won the Pacific Division and 56 games.

Not only that, but Gary also plays for Boston. So that before reaching in 2005, he had played in as many as 77 games.

No less attractive, Gary also played well with the Miami Heat. After that, he even signed a one-year partnership contract for $1.2 Million in 2006.

Meanwhile, Gary made his first appearance as an analyst on show 1’s Fox Sports Live in 2013.

Awards & Achievements

The following are the Awards and achievements:

1990: Nation’s Best College Basketball Player & Pac-10 Player of the Year Award

1996: Oregon State University’s Sports Hall of Fame, NBA’s defensive player award & First Olympic Gold Medal

1999: USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year award

2000: Another Olympic Gold Medal

2006: NBA Championship

2013: Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame

Furthermore, Gary Payton also got the awards of the USA Basketball Male Athlete, NBA All-Defensive Team, and so on.

Gary Payton Net Worth


Gary Payton net worth in 2022 is estimated to be up to $150 Million. Thus, it is calculated from all the salaries he got as a basketball player.

Additionally, Gary Payton net worth comes from endorsement deals and sponsorship offers. Moreover, this amount is included in the business income, the real estate he owns, and his car collection.

In his retirement year, Gary became more prominent and active in developing his business. Thereupon, he opened the Glove Wear clothing line.

Real Estate

Indeed, some sources say that the Gary Payton house is located in Bellevue hilly Somerset. However, he only lived in this mansion from 1997 to 2004.

Further, Gary acquired the property for $2,200,000. Then, it later sold for $3,189,000.

How Much Gary Payton Make Per Year?

Since his heyday as a basketball player, Gary’s average annual income has been between $1.1 Million and $12 Million.

Gary Payton net worth primarily comes from the earnings during his career. Also, from his appearances in several movies or shows, endorsements, business, and sponsorships.

Is Gary Payton Retired?

Yes, he is. Gary has been retired since 2013.

Lately, Gary has been reportedly active in the business industry. Additionally, he received several endorsement deals and sponsorships.

Above all, that was the complete data regarding Gary Payton net worth. Regardless of how high his income is every year, Gary is a person who is persistent in achieving his success in any field.

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