J Prince Net Worth – The Money Maker in Hip-Hop Community

J Prince is the money maker in hip-hop community who introduced Drake to the music industry. He is also the founder of Rap-A-Lot records with a net worth of $45 million.

Summary Table
Stage Name J Prince
Legal Name James L. Smith
Date of Birth October 31, 1964
Gender Male
Height 5’6” (1.70 m)
Net Worth $45 million
Income per year $400.000
Profession Music manager, investor, entrepreneur, and music executive
Nationality American

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About J Prince

J Prince Net Worth

J Prince or James Prince is a music manager, investor, entrepreneur, and music executive. Besides being the founder, Prince is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rap-A-Lot records, a hip-hop record label from Houston. He is a renowned promoter and music executive in the rap and hip-hop community. Presently, J Prince net worth is estimated at around $45 million from his various work in the music industry.

  • James L. Smith is better known as James Prince or J Prince. His stage name as J Prince made him a respected figure that involve in building other artists’ careers. It is also stated that his other name is Lil J.
  • J Prince was born in Houston, Texas, USA, on October 31, 1964.
  • J Prince is a male music executive who was honored by Houston Mayor and the City Council. He is 1.70 m high.
  • Born and raised in Houston, Texas, J Prince is an American.

J Prince is a self-made man with powerful roots in the hip-hop community. He helps out several artists to start their careers such as Z-Ro, Devin the Dude, Do or Die, Geto Boys, and another distinguished rapper, Lil Wayne to get a contract in the record label.

J Prince Net Worth

Life of J Prince

The early life of J Prince is that he was growing up in a poor household in Houston, Texas. This tough condition made him understand the importance of hard work, endurance, and persistence. He knows the streets and had numerous relations with various people. Further, his first job as a secondhand car seller helped him to start his career in the music industry. The dedication and effort in his career are the crucial aspects behind J Prince net worth that we know these days.

J Prince was granted an honorary doctorate degree by Texas Southern University on May 18, 2019. He was honored with a Doctorate of Humane Letters because of his role as a Houston icon and his influential connection to Texas Southern. However, there is no official record about J Prince’s previous education history.

About his personal life, J Prince got married twice to different women. Paula Miller is his first wife from 1990 until 1993. A year after that, he married Mary Prince from 1994 until now. In 1995, J Prince and his wife had their first son named Jas Prince. Afterward, they have another daughter, Brandy Prince.

J Prince’s Career

By building Rap-A-Lot in the 90s, J Prince helps artists from Texas to exhibit their talents. For more than 30 years, he promoted plenty of talents while starting to manage an artist. His focus is on promoting artists from the Black Community. The reason why his income or salary is increased for many years is that he is also managed Boxers, including Floyd. The variety of works is the main source behind J Prince net worth and success.

In the past few months, J Prince name was being discussed by the people on Social Media because of his involvement in helping Drake and Kanye ‘Ye’ West to end their quarrel. He stated on his Twitter that nobody has ever sat Kanye down and explained things to him the way he did.

J Prince Net Worth


J Prince net worth is estimated at around $45 million came from his work with the rap and hip-hop community, record label, and other businesses for a few decades.


J Prince net worth that is accumulated to be $45 million began when he started his business by transforming an abandoned building into Smith Auto Sales. From there, he was able to buy a house for his mother at the age of 23. This journey is also the path that led him to build his record label. In addition, his ability to understand the music industry business is the reason why he always chooses the right talents to work and develop their careers. It is no surprise that his work makes the public recognizes him as a hip-hop mogul with an amount of wealth or income.

Real estate

J Prince net worth in real estate is astonishing. From his net worth, he had saved $100.000 by the age of 21. Two years later, he had bought a 30-acre ranch for himself and a house for his mother. Nowadays, he receives an income of $200.000 each year from his 1.000-acre ranch outside of his hometown, Houston, and Angus cattle. On top of that, the 54-year-old hip-hop legend bought himself a private island in 2021. However, there is no report about the price of the island located in the Central American nation.

How does J Prince make money?

Based on the report mentioned above, J Prince net worth came from his big record label, investment in the artists, and his role as a music manager and executive. Further, the man who was honored with “James Prince Day” in Houston also make money from entrepreneurship in different sectors.

It is reported that J Prince net worth or salary per year is estimated at around $400.000.

Is J Prince retired?

The music mogul J Prince is not retired at the moment and is still involved in the rap and hip-hop community.

J Prince is living his life as a hip-hop legend by running his businesses and working with various people across the entertainment industry. In addition, he still catching up and hanging out with other legends in the hip-hop community and living with his wife and two kids.

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