Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson Net Worth. Duck Dynasty, A&E’s popular television series, features a cast of characters and family who appear to be poor at first glance, yet they do have money.

Thanks to their successful business and highly popular series, the Robertson’s are a very wealthy family.

The cast of Duck Dynasty accumulated a great deal of money, whether they acquired it from the Duck Commander or their time on television. Jase Robertson is one of the individuals involved.

People are looking for the Jase Robertson Net Worth 2022. So on our page, we’ve updated Jase Robertson’s Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, and more information. Jase Robertson is a TV personality and businessman.

Jase Robertson’s Age, Height, Tattoos And Bio

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Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson, an American television personality, businessman, and professional duck hunter best known for his work on the A&E reality television program Duck Dynasty, was born on August 16, 1969. He co-hosts the podcast Unashamed with Phil and Al Robertson, and is the COO of Duck Commander.

On August 16, 1969, in Bernice, Louisiana, USA, Jase Robertson (52 years old) was born. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches (5’11”) or 1.8 meters, which is not bad.

He weighs about 160 pounds (73 kilograms). He has brown hair and a beard that are both grey in color. His family is well-known for their facial hair, and he is no exception.

He presently lives in West Monroe, Louisiana. He is a Christian who is also an American citizen.

The sun governs Jase, who is a Leo symbolized by the Lion. Jase has definitely fallen in line with his spirited fire sign, as Leos are known for their bravery, ambition, and determination.

Jase does not have any tattoos on his body, despite the fact that it seems like many people believe he does.

Jase also has a Twitter account with more than 1.8 million followers, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts with over 3.6 million and 590k followers, respectively.

Jase has always been a loving and caring family man who was raised in a loving and caring home. After his several trips into the wilderness with his father and desire to spend as much time in the woods as he possibly could, he recalls developing an interest in duck hunting at the age of eight years old, much like his father.

After seeing his father, who was already the state’s most well-known hunters and the town’s Duck Commander, his zeal grew.

That’s why he didn’t take any of his school’s allowed leaves. He did, however, graduate from West Monroe High School.

After graduating from Bible College in the mid-1990s, he found a job in the ministry and worked part-time for two years before leaving to join the family company.

Jase Robertson’s Family: Parents, Brothers & Half-Sister

The renowned Robertson family includes Jase Robertson. Phil and Kay Robertson were his parents.

Willie Robertson, Jep Robertson, and Alan Robertson were three of Jase’s brothers. His father’s brother, Silas Robertson, was also known as Si Robertson. He was given the middle name “Silas” in honor of him.

Korie Robertson and Jessica Robertson are also his in-laws. Additionally, his father’s early affair and adult daughter were revealed in the press.

From his father’s infidelity, he also has a half-sister named Phyllis. On his Instagram, he’s also posted a shot with her.

Jase Robertson’s Wife & Kids

He met Missy Robertson in 1990 and they’ve been married for 30 years. Reed Robertson (son), Cole Robertson (son), and Mia Robertson (daughter) are their three beautiful children.

On the other side, he and his family had endured a lot of difficulties. His daughter Mia’s illness, cleft lips and palates, was the most distressing and influential piece of news.

He had to watch his daughter have multiple surgeries, including a major jaw surgery, until she was 12 years old, and most recently in March 2021.

Despite this, he remained firm in his resolve and was accompanied by his wife and admirers on the way.

Mia founded the Mia Moo Fund as a result of her daughter’s birth complications. This group works to educate the public about cleft lips and palates, as well as assisting families with financial difficulties.

Since the organization’s inception, Jase has been in the headlines, and he pledged to shave his beard if they could generate $100,000 for the charity.

However, they were only able to collect around $36,000. He shaved his beard and kept his promise, demonstrating how much he loves his family as well as his fans (see below video at 13:30). Regardless of that, he fulfilled it.

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Phil and Marsha “Kay” Robertson of Bernice, Louisiana, gave birth to Jase Robertson. In honor of his uncle Silas Robertson, Phil’s brother, his parents gave him the middle name of Silas.

Alan, Willie, and Jeptha are three of Jase’s brothers. Jase wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, so he went on many hunting trips to strengthen their connection growing up with his father as the town’s Duck Commander.

Soon, Robertson inherited his father’s love for the activity. Robertson has wanted to spend as much time in the woods as possible since he was eight years old, even if it meant missing a full day of school under Louisiana law.

Jase Robertson’s TV Career

From 2009 to 2011, he worked on the Duck Commander show, which aired on television.

He’s also been on Live with Kelly and Ryan (2013), The View (2013), Katie (2013), Fox and Friends (2012), Larry King Now (2013) and Big Morning Buzz Life (2013).

In addition, he appeared in the documentaries Duck Commander: Building the Musical (2015) and The Doctors (2015).

He starred in the hit television series Jep and Jessica (2016-2017), as well as the spin-off Going Si-ral (2016-2017), and Into the Woods with Phil (2017).

He was also a main attraction on the reality television program Duck Dynasty, which aired from 2012 to 2017 with 11 successful seasons and featured the whole Robertson family and their business.

In 2013, he was nominated for Teen Choice Award for his work on Duck Dynasty (2012) in the Choice TV: Male Reality Star category.

He’s also been a part of several episodes of the television series he’s been in, particularly Duck Dynasty, and it’s been noted that he filmed and edited them.

He has gained a great deal of fame in the US television industry after several appearances in a variety of series and programs. Thousands of his admirers adore and appreciate him for his completely genuine and compassionate personality.

Jase also admits that he had no idea Duck Dynasty would achieve such massive popularity. He is irrespectively grateful that he could share the screen with his family members, despite the fact that he has never claimed to be an actor.

Jase Robertson’s Contribution to Family Business

Duck Commander is the name of his family’s company. His brother Willie Robertson serves as the CEO, while he serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the firm.

He works for the company by designing and developing new duck calls.

He’s a master of duck calls and can make one in just 2-3 minutes. Triple Threat, which works by producing three duck calls rather than two, is his most innovative design to date.

Jase had made over $1 million in his twenties from the company, even though the family was running it and sharing it. His exceptional manufacturing abilities, as well as his duck call and duck-hunting products, contributed to this.

He continued to work for Duck Commander throughout the 2000s and 2010s, as well as appearing in television shows, after the company’s initial success. As a result, in 2010, his net worth increased to $5 million.

Duck Dynasty, a family reality show about the Robertsons, debuted in March 2012 and was a huge hit. He was also a fan favorite on the program, which followed the Robertson family’s personal and professional lives.

In the first three seasons of the reality show, it grew in popularity. In the fourth season, the show attracted 11.8 million viewers. Throughout the years, the program has grown in popularity.

From March 2012 to March 2017, Jase appeared in all 132 episodes of the program.

He was presented on the show as a mischief-maker who served as a foil for his brother Willie. During the show’s development phase, Jase Robertson was also involved in editing and recording various episodes. As a result of all of this, his net worth has been estimated to be $13 million.

He is presently working on Wall Street, based on his explanation from the podcast ‘Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson,’ which debuted on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple in April 29, 2019.

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Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson has a net worth of $12 million according to Forbes.com, where he is an American business executive, professional duck hunter, and reality television star.

Duck Dynasty, a reality television program that aired on A&E from 2012 to 2017, is where Robertson is most recognized for his participation.

The show was one of the most successful programs on television throughout its run, regularly drawing over eight million viewers per episode, and Jase featured in 129 episodes over 11 seasons.

Robertson has also published the book “Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl” in 2014 and has appeared on the shows “Duck Commander” (2009–2011), “Larry King Now” (2013), “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (2013), and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (2013).


Given how often he spends driving off-road, Jase Robertson enjoys pickup trucks. He’s currently driving a 2014 Ford F-150 and a black GMC Sierra 1500.

Duck Dynasty Family’s Net Worth

So how much money can you earn selling Duck Calls? Your whole Family’s net worth has been increasing at a crazy pace since your name is Willie Robertson and you have your own reality program on A&E.

Willie and Korie Robertson have a total net worth of almost $25 million.

With 11.8 million viewers tuning in to see the Duck Dynasty Show, the new season premiere for the A&E Reality Show has set a new record.

On Cable TV, this is the highest rating ever recorded. Thankfully, this season’s contract with an astronomical 400% increase over last season’s Duck Dynasty Program was signed by Willie and the rest of the Robertson Family.

For each of the new episode produced, Willie and all of the Duck Dynasty Reality Stars will split $200,000.00.

This is a significant increase, especially considering the fact that Season 3’s episode cost was just $50k.

The Robertson Family Multi-Millionaires were made rich by becoming Reality Stars. The Duck Commander Duck Calls were first sold in 1972, and today the company generates millions of dollars in royalty payments across various markets.

I couldn’t help but notice a Duck Dynasty display case selling hunting style sunglasses while shopping at Walmart the other day.

Korie Robertsons Net Worth = $12 million, Sadie Robertson (Willie & Korie’s Daughter) = $500k. Willie Robertson’s Net Worth = $22 million.

Miss Kay (Willie’s Mom) = $18 million, Allen Robertson (Willie’s eldest brother) = $4 million. Phil Robertson (Willie’s Dad) = $18 million.

Missy (Jep’s Wife) = $5 million, Jase Robertson = $12 million, Jessica (Jep’s wife) = $10 million.

Uncle Si’s net worth is $7 million. JOHN GODWIN’S NETWITH (Duck Dynasty Reality Star) = $2 million. Join my Facebook page and become a fan of Hey Jack.

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Jase Robertson Net Worth – FAQ

1. Jase Robertson is who he is, who he was. Jase Robertson, a businessman and TV personality, is well-known. Jase Robertson, now 53 years old, was born on August 16, 1969.

2. What is Jase Robertson’s Net Worth? Jase Robertson has a net worth of $12 million and is a businessman and TV personality. On the 16th of August, 1969, Jase Robertson was born.

3. What is Jase Robertson’s weight? Jase Robertson, a famous businessman and television personality, weighs 73 kg. The above-mentioned article tells you more about Jase Robertson.

4. What height is Jase Robertson? Jase Robertson, a 1.83 m tall businessman and TV personality, is a Jase Robertson.

5. Jase Robertson is how old? On the 16th of August, 1969, Jase Robertson was born. Jase Robertson is a 53-year-old man.

6. Is Jase Robertson still married to Mary? Jase Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, proved that he knew his wife, Missy, better than anyone after 27 years of marriage.

On Thursday, August 10, the happily married pair commemorated their 27th wedding anniversary, and his present to her was more than just thoughtful.

7. Are the Duck Dynasty guys drinkers? Drinking has continued to have an impact on Robertson and his family, as evidenced by his alcoholics past.

Willie Robertson’s Duck Commander Wines, offered online and in select Walmarts for $10 per bottle, were introduced in 2013.

8. Who really owns Duck Commander? Willie Robertson, who stars in A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” as the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, is the founder of Duck Commander and Buck Command.

From a modest home operation to a multi-million-dollar business and travel destination for all things outdoors, Robertson has grown his family companies.

Overall Opinion on Jase Robertson

Among the TV industry, Jase Robertson is a well-known figure. Over the years, he’s garnered a large following and admirers thanks to his many TV series.

His success and popularity were due to his distinctive look with long hair, a beard, and exceptional hunting abilities.

He is often the family’s mischiefmaker, and he respects and protects each of his family members.

He is a devoted husband, son, and father who is totally dedicated to his family. He achieved the position he is now in as a result of his skills and kind personality, which helped him pursue his dream of becoming a professional duck hunter.

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