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Juliette Lewis Net Worth. This page contains information on Juliette Lewis’ Net Worth, Biography, Husband, Age, Height, Weight. Juliette Lewis has a significant net worth and is an American actress.

She’s a fantastic vocalist who is highly skilled. She’s also a talented actress who has been acting since she was a child. Despite the fact that she has only been photographed a few times, everyone was enthralled by her performances, no matter how rare.

Her unique and odd perspective on life has made her a celebrity. Whenever she’s in front of the camera, she plays the same kind of lady. That’s exemplified by her performance in Natural Born Killer.

Her performances must have been so good that she didn’t even look back after that. She believes that age is just a number and that you can always begin something new in your life.

She began her new career as a singer when she was nearly 37 years old. Everyone thought she’d be terrible, but she surprised everyone by releasing her debut single in 2009. It was a highly successful single.

Early Life

On June 21st, 1973, Juliette Lake Lewis was born in Los Angeles. Her mother worked as a graphic designer and her father was an actor named Geoffrey Lewis. Her father’s other marriage resulted in eight siblings, one of whom is a kid.

Although her parents divorced when she was little, they remained in Los Angeles, allowing her to spend her childhood with both of them. In 1980, she had her first acting job, which included her father and Clint Eastwood in the picture “Bronco Billy,” for which she was uncredited.

While her mother and father divorced when she was just two years old, their divorce was very friendly, which allowed her to visit her father whenever she pleased.

Her father was formerly one of his generation’s most sought-after actors. The director offered her a very small part as a youngster after she was visiting her father on a film set, where his father was performing alongside the legendary actor Clint Eastwood.

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Personal Life

Lewis is a staunch follower of L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy. She believes in Eastern ideas and natural remedies, as well as the church’s position against psychiatric medications.

Lewis describes herself as both politically independent and Christian, despite her Scientology affiliation. In 1999, she married Steve Berra, a professional skateboarder. The pair divorced four years later, but remained close friends. Los Angeles is where Lewis currently calls home.

Early Career

Lewis made her cinematic debut in 1987, when she was cast in the television series “I Married Dora,” which lasted for one season. Her first credit role on film was in the television feature “Home Fires.”

She appeared in the film “My Stepmother Is an Alien,” which starred Dan Ackroyd and Kim Bassinger, the following year. She appeared in a couple episodes of the television program “Facts of Life.”

She featured in the shows “Meet the Hollowheads,” “The Running Kind,” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” in 1989, and she made cameo appearances on the show “The Wonder Years.”

Too Young to Die?, a 1990 television film based on the case of Attina Marie Cannaday, who killed and kidnapped a US Air Force Sergeant, starred her alongside Brad Pitt. She had been arrested for underage drinking in a bar just a few days before the filming, and she was sixteen years old at the time.


Lewis first rose to prominence for her work as the daughter of a family being terrorized by a deranged criminal in the 1991 Martin Scorsese version of “Cape Fear.” Her performance was highly lauded.

In addition to a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination, she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. She appeared in Woody Allen’s film “Husbands and Wives” the following year, and Katherine Heigl made her theatrical debut the following year in “That Night.” The letter S is the only one that can be placed.

In 1993, he experienced three different releases. In the psychological thriller “Kalifornia” and the criminal thriller “Romeo is Bleeding,” she co-starred opposite Brad Pitt and David Duchovny.

In the acclaimed drama “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” she had a supporting role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

She and Woody Harrelson were nominated for two MTV Movie Awards for Best On-Screen Duo and Best Kiss in 1994, when they appeared in the Oliver Stone thriller “Natural Born Killers.”

She appeared in the Kathryn Bigelow film “Strange Days” and reunited with DiCaprio for the drama “Basketball Diaries” in 1995.

She ended the decade with appearances in the 1998 comedy “Some Girl” and the 1999 films “The Other Sister” and “The 4th Floor,” both directed by Robert Rodriguez.

She starred in the crime film “Picture Claire” and the independent lesbian themed film “Gaudi Afternoon” the following year, both released in 2001. She featured in the thriller “The Way of the Gun.”

Dharma and Greg, “Free for All,” “My Name Is Earl,” “Pancake Mountain,” and “Memphis Beat” were among the television shows where she had guest roles in the early 2000s.

For her role in the television movie “Hysterical Blindness,” which also featured Uma Thurman, she was nominated for an Emmy Award and an Independent Spirit Award in 2003.

She also starred in the independent comedy “The Darwin Awards” in 2006 and the 2004 comedy “Starsky And Hutch.”

Lewis made her first foray as a performer and formed the band Juliette and the Licks in addition to bolstering her comedic resume in the 2000s.

In May 2005, the band published their debut album, “You’re Talking My Language,” which was well-received.

Lewis continued to pursue a career in music and released her first solo album “Terra Incognita” in 2009, after the album’s release with an international tour. Critics gave it mediocre reviews.

2010s Career

She starred in the Zac Galifianakis-led comedy “Due Date” and in Mark Ruffalo’s directorial debut “Sympathy for Delicious” in 2010.

The following year, she appeared in the low-budget drama “Hick,” opposite Chloë Grace Moretz. The film garnered poor reviews from critics. She appeared in one season of NBC’s television drama “The Firm” alongside Josh Lucas in 2012.

The comedy-drama film “August: Osage County,” in which she co-starred with Meryl Strep and Julia Roberts, was a financial success, earning over $74 million globally the following year.

She began her role as Detective Andrea Collins on the television series “Secrets and Lies,” which lasted for all twenty-two episodes of its first season, in 2015. She had a recurring role on the science fiction television series “Wayward Pines.”

She appeared on the program “The Graves” in 2017, and that year she released three major drama films: “Back Roads,” “A Million Little Pieces,” and “Anthem of a Teenage Prophet.”

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Juliette Lewis Net worth

Juliette Lewis is a gorgeous woman we’re discussing. She has starred in television and movies, however she hasn’t starred in many productions. As we’ve previously stated, that’s because she hasn’t wanted to.

Rather than focusing on quantity, she focuses on quality. Juliette Lewis, the world’s best American actress, has a net worth of $30 million.

Juliette Lewis’ net worth is roughly $30 million, according to various online sources (Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB).

Juliette Lewis has a net worth of $30 million, as we’ve previously established. Outside of acting, she has earned over $7 million in the course of her career.

Because of her singing career, she has a highly lucrative income stream. In the year 2023, she will complete a deal with BMG Sony.

She’ll then receive a remuneration of $2 million dollars after that. She is presently working on her next picture, which will be directed by Mark Ruffalo. This film will be excellent, based on Mark Ruffalo’s most recent picture.

How Much Are Juliette Lewis’ Cars Worth?

Juliette Lewis owns several expensive automobiles since she is wealthy. Let’s have a look at her vehicle collection.

1. ($59,800) BMW 3-Series Convertible With the latest technology and a more refined luxury, the 3 Series has a new, improved design.

It has a new plug-in hybrid model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as a 255-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 385-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder.

2. Audi A7 (88900) is the most expensive model. Between the Audi A6, which is a great luxury vehicle with a sporty feel, and the Audi A8, which is the most expensive Audi you can buy, sits the Audi A7.

The A7 has a good design, and its hatchback form makes it more versatile.

3. ($135,670) Range Rover This is the most costly Range Rover made, and it’s also a complete-fledged Range Rover.

Famous people, businesspeople, and other affluent individuals are the most frequent users of range.

Being wealthy and living in a nice location is the focus of autobiography. A 4999 cc supercharge eight-cylinder engine generates 557 horsepower for the SVA.

The Range Rover’s lengthy wheelbase, which makes the back seats even more pleasant and allows people more legroom, is also present.

What Houses Does Juliette Lewis Own?

Juliette Lewis, an actress in the United States with a large fortune, was able to purchase luxury properties.

She purchased a mansion in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California, in January 2019. It’s in a highly desirable location. It costs approximately $1.5 million to renovate this huge, ornate home.

How To Become Rich Like Juliette Lewis?

Juliette Lewis didn’t happen to be born into a wealthy family. You have to work hard to achieve the same level of wealth as Juliette Lewis.

Since they seize advantage of the chances that come their way, successful persons grow wealthy. They get into the right position at the appropriate time and do the appropriate thing.

The world has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to the internet. Making money online today is much simpler than it was before.

It’s preferable to become your own boss as soon as feasible instead of looking for a 9-5 job and remaining in your comfort zone.

You can rapidly grow your riches by learning how to create a digital asset that generates profit while you sleep.

You may become as successful as Juliette Lewis one day if you seize this golden opportunity in time.

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Geoffrey lewis net worth

Geoffrey Lewis, a character actor from the United States who worked in over 200 films and television programs over a 50-year career, has died.

He was 79 years old at the time. Lewis’ daughter, Juliette Lewis, said in a statement that he passed away on Tuesday at his Woodland Hills home.

Juliette Lewis explained that her father was a terrific actor and an even better parent. “He was an excellent guy who loved life and his family more than anything,” she said.

Lewis starred in films such as “High Plains Drifter,” “The Long Riders,” “Bronco Billy,” and “Any Which Way You Can” as well as recurring roles on television shows like “Maverick.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis is who you need to know. Lewis began her career as an actress in 1991, when she appeared in the thriller Cape Fear. She is a well-known American actress and singer.

Lewis, how old are you? As of 2021, Lewis will be 48 years old. In Los Angeles, California, she was born on June 21, 1973.

Juliette Lewis is how tall? Lewis stands at a height of 1.68 meters (5 feet 6 inches).

Is Juliette Lewis and her husband married? Lewis may be single, however this is unknown. Stephen Berra was the actress’s previous husband. The pair married on September 9, 1999, but split on December 11, 2005.

Juliette Lewis’s net worth As of 2021, Lewis is expected to have a net worth of $25 million. Her money, property, and income are all included in this. Her acting and singing profession are her major sources of income.

What is Lewis’s Address? Lewis has not revealed her exact residence because of security concerns. If we receive the address and photos of her home, we will update this information.

Is Lewis alive or dead? Lewis is well and has no serious illness. She hasn’t been seen as unwell or having any health concerns, according to reports.

What happened to Lewis? Lewis is still working in the creative entertainment business.


Juliette Lewis’ net worth is estimated to be $30 million. Through her successful acting career, the American actress and singer earned her fortune. Throughout her career, Lewis has appeared in a number of films and television programs.

Her performances in Cape Fear, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and Natural Born Killers are among her most well-known roles. Future Deep, Lewis’ most recent album, was released in 2016. Lewis has also published three albums.

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