Kelly Slater Net Worth

Kelly Slater Net Worth. Kelly Slater, the world’s greatest surfer, is well-known for his wealth. It is assumed that the 11x champion is “well-off,” with a beachfront Hawaiian home protected by illegal burritos and a on-the-go jet-fuel spewing lifestyle.

Who is Kelly Slater?

On February 11, 1972, Robert Kelly Slater was born in the United States and is a competitive surfer. His 11 world surfing championships are the most ever won by a surfer.

He broke the mark previously held by surfer Mark Richards, winning it for five years in a row. He’s also won a slew of other tournaments, including the ‘Boost Mobile Pro,’ ‘Billabong Pro,’ and ‘Rip Curl Pro.

This gifted athlete has a variety of interests, including music and cinema, which he pursues outside of surfing.

Kelly has starred in a number of films and documentaries, including as Surf’s Up, Endless Summer II, Down the Barrel, and Fighting Fear. A cameo on the famous television program Baywatch is also remembered about him.

His Early Life

On February 11, 1972, Robert Kelly Slater was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He grew up near the beach with his two brothers, and at the age of five, he began surfing after spending time in the water.

Slater began competing in numerous junior events on the Atlantic coast when he was ten years old, and in 1984 he won his first title.

After that, he finished third in the world amateur championships’ junior division in England in 1986. He went to Australia a year later to compete in the Pacific Cup junior competition and won the championship.

His Personal Life

For more than 15 years, Kelly Slater has been with Kalani Miller. According to The Net Line, they are not yet married, although they do intend to marry in the future.

Kelly has a daughter, Taylor, from a previous relationship who was born in 1996. Kelly and Miller have no children together.

Kelly Slater now has residences in Hawaii and Los Angeles, despite the fact that he still lives in his hometown of Cocoa Beach, Florida.


Surfing Career

In 1990, Slater went pro and won the Body Glove Surfbout, becoming known as King Kelly, The GOAT, and Michael Jordan of Surfing.

In 1992, he won his first championship, and in 1993, he was ranked sixth. He came in at #6 in the rankings. He won the Triple Crown of Surfing in 1995, 1998, and 2019, becoming the World Surf League Champion for five years in a row beginning in 1994.

The Marui Masters, Quiksilver Pro, Coke Classic, Billabong Pro, and Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro are just a few of Kelly’s championship tour victories. After winning the Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco in 2011, he was crowned ASP world champion for the 11th time.

Slater is a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board and was inspired to get involved with charities aimed at protecting oceans by his passion for surfing. The United States of America honored him in 2010.

In H., the House of Representatives “For being an ambassador of the sport and excellent role model, and for his outstanding and unprecedented achievements in the world of surfing,” Res. 792 was awarded.

Since November 6, 2010, the day Kelly won his tenth world championship, a statue of him has been on display in Cocoa Beach.

His Other Business Ventures

Two novels by Kelly Slater have been released. ‘Pipe Dreams: A Surfer’s Journey’ is the title of his first book, which was released in 2003.

In 2008, he released Kelly Slater: For the Love. Over the course of his career, Slater has had a number of clients.

Before he began riding Firewire boards, he had a contract with Channel Islands Surfboards, which he rode entirely. In 2014, Slater purchased Firewire.

Slater’s own line of boards was launched two years later, and there are four designs in the series. Slater was first sponsored by surfwear brand Quicksilver in 1990, and they continued to sponsor him until 2014.

Slater, on the other hand, chose to start his own surfwear label committed to clean living and responsibility while also having a look inspired by his global adventures.

Slater established Outerknown in partnership with the luxury goods firm Kering. It’s a green and sustainable apparel firm.

Kelly Slater established the Kelly Slater Wave Company, which focused on a ten-year experiment to build the ideal inland wave known as Wave Pool.

In 2016, the World Surf League purchased a controlling share in the firm, and Kelly Slater Surfing Ranch began hosting competitions.

They then started purchasing property in various places around the United States to develop additional surf ranches, and a hotel and housing complex based on a Kelly Slater Wave Company surfing basin is being developed.

Slater isn’t just an surfer. He’s also into real estate and commercial development. Purps, a beverage corporation that produces zero-calorie energy drinks made with organic ingredients, is one non-surfing example.

Dr. Schultz and Kelly Slater founded the beverage company in 2014. Pat Tenore, the founder of RVCA, and Chris Schaumburg.


Professional development

Slater’s own unique series of FCS fins was originally and exclusively used on Channel Islands Surfboards.

Slater had been spotted riding unlabelled Firewire surfboards in 2015, indicating that the media frenzy surrounding Slater’s lack of board stickers was growing. Slater’s line of boards was launched in 2016.

The Gamma, Cymatic, Omni, and Sci-fi are the four Slater Designs models available in the Firewire range as of August 2017.

Slater has been sponsored by Quiksilver, a large surfwear company, since 1990. He left on April 1, 2014.

Slater established the eco-friendly and sustainable apparel company ‘Outerknown’ in collaboration with Kering after leaving Quiksilver.

Slater launched Purps, a beverage brand he created in 2014 with RVCA founder Pat Tenore and Dr. Chris Schaumburg is the name of the guy. Slater has been a spokesperson for The Chia Company, located in Western Australia, since 2013.

Wave Pool

Wave Pool, a ten-year project in inland California, was an experiment to create the ideal inland wave. Kelly drew inspiration from Lower Trestles, California’s tubing wave, Oahu’s Hawaii wave, and a secret right in the Marshall Islands’ Micronesia.

The idea was a hit, and the surfing community buzzed with possibilities, mainly due to the wave’s perfect form and velocity. Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) was purchased for an unknown price by the World Surf League (WSL) in 2016.

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, the WSL held a test event at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch for professional surfers such as Filipe Toledo, Mick Fanning, Kanoa Igarashi, Gabriel Medina.

On May 5–6, 2018, the WSL Founders Cup was held at the Surfarf Ranch. The WSL Championship Tour’s men’s and women’s surfers competed in the competition, which included five teams – US, Brazil, Australia, Europe, and World. Outside of Lemoore, California, the WSL Surf Ranch was built and maintained as a private and exclusive resort.

Surf Ranch Florida, a man-made surfing lake in Palm Beach County, was previously planned to be developed. The county’s evaluation of the proposed surf facility was unanimously approved by county commissioners in 2017.

The World Surf League was considering bringing the wave lake to the Sunshine State for its weather and history of world-class surfers, according to project leader Brian Waxman of Surf Ranch Florida.

It would have included an 80-acre property east of Jupiter Farms, in the Pine Glades natural area.

WSL announced that plans to build the surf facility at this site were scrapped in 2019 owing to “unforeseen difficulties” related to an unexpectedly high groundwater table elevation, despite acquiring the 80-acre plot for $6.5 million dollars in November 2017.

Coral Mountain, a $200 million resort on 400 acres (160 ha) in La Quinta, California, would include a hotel and residences built around a surfing pool generated by Kelly Slater Wave Co.

Charity Works by Kelly Slater

The Surfer spends his money in a variety of enterprises, as well as donating to a number of non-profit groups.

With artists such as Justin Timberlake, Jack Johnson, and others, Slater has supported a number of charities. The following are a few examples:

Hillsides is a non-profit organization based in Southern California that protects children’s rights and offers a safe environment.
The Kelly Slater Foundation is an organization that aims to increase social and environmental awareness.
The Life Rolls On Foundation provides assistance to children with spinal cord injuries.

Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, located in Australia, is an international group that aims to preserve and protect endangered and threatened wildlife and flora.

Kelly Slater Net Worth

Schultz has a net worth of $25 million and is an American professional surfer. Slater has won the World Surf League 11 times and holds the record for most championships by any surfer. He is well-known for his talents and style.

He was 20 years old when he won the championship, making him the youngest surfer to do so. He was 39 years old when he did it.

After capturing his fifth world championship in 1997 and a decade later, Kelly surpassed Aussie surfer Mark Richards to become the sport’s all-time leader in career event victories at Lower Trestles.

Under the Association of Surfing Professionals’ (ASP) two-wave scoring system, Slater was also the first surfer to receive two perfect scores, which he accomplished in May 2005 at the Billabong Tahiti Pro event; in June 2013, he became the fourth surfer in history to do it a second time.


Is Kelly Slater richer than Shaun White and Tony Hawk?

Kelly Slater, an American surfer, is predicted to have a net worth of $25 million by 2022. The world’s greatest surfer has to be the 50-year-old athlete. Kelly isn’t just a surfer, though. She’s also a serial killer!

He’s also a singer, film producer, and voice actor who works as a musician. The issue remains: Is he wealthier than his pals, despite being the world’s wealthiest surfer?

Shaun White, a snowboarder, has a higher market value than Kelly Slater. In 2022, he expects to have a net worth of $65 million. Tony Hawk, a skateboarding legend, is richer than both of them combined. In 2022, Tony’s assets are predicted to be $140 million.

The trio hanging out at the Oscars

This year at the Oscars, the three mega sports icons were present to commemorate James Bond’s 60th anniversary. Many people were taken aback when they learnt that these sports legends would be presenting at the Academy Awards.

But, everything made perfect sense once the three champions stepped on stage to pay tribute to James Bond’s incredible character.

They were having a great time on stage, and they even attempted comedy. Any athlete would pinch themselves to make sure it’s real if these three sports superstars have accomplished anything in their careers or in the sport.

Regardless of their net worth or differences in market value, they will always be an inspiration to the rest of the world.

Kelly Slater: House, Cars, and Boards

Kelly Slater Real Estate:

According to 2020 reports, Slater and Michael Schwab are developing a $250 million 400-acre surf resort in La Quinta, California. The Kelly Slater Surf Resort will include a 150-room hotel, 600 residences, and an 18-million-gallon wave pool.

Kelly spent $7.8 million on an oceanfront mansion in Oahu, Hawaii, with seven bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms in 2017. In terms of personal property, that was Kelly’s biggest investment yet.

A pond, two guesthouses, a swimming pool, and approximately 100 feet of private beach are among the property’s features.

Kelly Slаtеr Car Collection

He owns a vast collection of expensive automobiles. A Land Rover is his favorite vehicle, especially for personal use. Surfing boards make up the next category.

Kelly, who calls himself Slater Designs, creates his own surfboards, which are unlike most surfers. He does, however, put new stickers on his 5’10 Banana frequently.

Next are surfboards

Kelly, unlike other surfers, uses Slater Designs, which he created himself. He frequently rides the new-sticker-covered 5’10 Banana model. Greg Webber, a board designer, created this.

At the 2016 Surf Expo in Orlando, the surfer debuted his new company.

Until now, Slater has only designed three boards:

The Sci – Phi board has a 5’10″x18 3/8″x2 1/4″ dimensions. Daniel Thomson came up with the idea for it.
Daniel Thomson created this unique surfboard once again. (24.8 liters) The dimensions are 5’3″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 5/16″.

The Banana, created by Greg Webber, is the final one. (25.8 liters)

The surfboards are now in high demand, and numerous other YouTubers and surfers have commented on them.

Kelly Slater: Lifestyle and Vacations

For a better and healthier lifestyle, Slater is very committed to healthy eating, sleep, and minimal stress.

He has become increasingly aware of his health and lifespan after losing his father to cancer and many other pals to different illnesses. As a result, he exercises often and visits his physiotherapist for checkups on a regular basis.

He’s visited various surfing locations on vacation and for events because he works as a professional surfer.

Tavarua, Fiji, Hossegor, France, and other places are among his favorite destinations. He had been on vacation in Bali recently, where he was spotted surfing the waves on a nearly deserted beach due to the worldwide pandemic, when he went missing in September of 2020.


3 Facts about Kelly Slater

Slater is a guitarist and ukulele player. Rob Machado and Peter King are two musicians he’s collaborated with. The Surfers were the band’s name.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is his favorite film.

For the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, he’s worked on a console video game. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer was the title of the game. It was regarded as one of the finest surfing games at the time.

Social Media Presence

On social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the Surfer is very active.

He mainly converses with his supporters on these platforms by informing them about new contests, fundraising organizations, and other projects that he is working on.

Twitter: 902.1 k followers.

Facebook: 1.9 million followers.

Instagram has a total of 2.7 million followers.

Kelly Slater Quotes

Every morning, depending on the weather, my schedule changes.

Big waves are a different kind of ball game altogether. You’re on a giant wave with speeds and power in the hundreds, perhaps even thousands of miles per hour. Obviously, life and death ideas present themselves on the surface of the wave.

You grow old fast if your mind isn’t switched on and interested in things. That’s when I believe you start to lose your looks as you age. At that point, I believe life has come to an end.

It’s never-ending for a surfer, no matter how many waves he rides. There’s always a wave you’d want to ride.

Time slows down for me in a way. The way the wave is breaking, timing, and placing yourself in the proper section of the barrel becomes extremely apparent to you. It requires all of your concentration to execute it properly.

Friends who were accompanying me on tour 20 years ago are now married with children, and they were companions with me 10 years ago. “I can’t believe you’re still surfing every day, that you’re still looking for waves,” they tell me.

FAQ About Kelly Slаtеr Net Worth and Salary :

Q. What is the net worth of Kelly Slаtеr?
In 2022, Kelly Slater’s net worth is $22 million.

Q. Kelly Slаtеr’s salary is?
Kelly Slаtеr receives more than $4 million per year.

Q. What brand ambassador represents Kelly Slаtеr?
Chia Co. is the title of Kelly Slаtеr’s book. She is the company’s brand ambassador.

Q. Kelly Slаtеr’s mansion has a cost of how much?
Kelly Slater purchased a beach house in Hawaii for $7.8 million.

Q. Who is Kelly Slatеr’s favorite car?
Kelly Slatter enjoys driving his Land Rover the most.

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