Kevin Harrington Net Worth and Big Investments in 2022

Many people are looking forward to discussing Kevin Harrington net worth. It comes due to his track record in entrepreneurship and his significant investment in various business ventures.

Thus, it is common knowledge that he is a person who is quite influential in the television field, not as an actor but as an investor.

Further, at this time, you can easily find out how much Kevin Harrington net worth is from many sources.

Well, to answer all your curiosity about Kevin Harrington’s wealth, this article will review it in detail. So, read this to the end!

Summary Table

Stage Name Kevin Harrington
Legal Name Kevin Harrington
Date of Birth October, 15th 1956
Gender Male
Height 5’8” (178 in centimeters)
Weight 182 lbs. (83 in kilograms)
Marital Status Married
Kevin Harrington Net Worth $400 Million to $500 Million (Estimated in 2022)
Income per Year $77.25 Million
Profession Business Executive and Entrepreneur
Nationality American

Who Is Kevin Harrington?

Who doesn’t know Kevin Harrington? Suppose you are a businessman. Then, his name is familiar to your ears.

Harrington’s name has soared since he took part in various business ventures. Moreover, he was successful in his infomercials.

Despite all the news about his success in the business industry, only a few articles can provide definitive answers regarding Kevin Harrington personal life and biography.

Thereupon, this article attempts to provide factual information about him from several sources. Hopefully, it can help you know Kevin Harrington’s life journey well.

  • Legal Name and Stage Name. Born with the actual name Kevin Harrington, he continues to use that name for his business purposes. However, unlike other celebrities who mostly use stage names, using real names to enter the business sector is more profitable to build their branding well.
  • Date of Birth. Being famous means being willing to let their birthday be exposed on the internet. However, there are still several articles that provide data on Kevin’s birth, which is confusing. Even so, there are still some that you can trust. Kevin Harrington was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, according to several sources. In addition, he came into the world precisely on October 15, 1956.
  • Gender & Height. Kevin Harrington is a 65-year-old man who is 5 feet 8 inches (178 centimeters) tall. Furthermore, he weighs 182 lbs (83 kilograms).
  • Nationality. Born in Ohio, US makes Kevin Harrington a true American.

Kevin Harrington’s work in the industrial business was extraordinary. Therefore, he is known as a successful entrepreneur from his infomercials.

Furthermore, being part of many business ventures and daring to launch books made him an influential person in the investment world.

Besides as the chairman and founder of As Seen On TV, Kevin Harrington is known as one of the competent “Sharks” on the American TV Show Shark Tank.

Initially, that show was aired in 2009 on ABC Network.

Early Life of Kevin Harrington

kevin harrington net worth

Initially, Kevin began to show his potential in the business sector when he was young. To be precise, he became a newspaper seller when he was nine years old.

Furthermore, Kevin built his first business at the age of 15 years. Then, he sold a classy baby high chair door-to-door at that time.

However, he thought that it would not make him successful immediately.

Finally, he met a professional guide who taught him tips and tricks for success in selling. Next, the guide introduced him to the resources of Zig Ziglar and Napoleon Hill.

After joining the company, Kevin learned more about the business and grew even better. Soon after, Kevin built his first multimillion-dollar enterprise when he was in college.

Moreover, Kevin has some franchisees and built one-stop shops to help entrepreneurs find their way to success.

Kevin is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.

There is no complete information about Kevin Harrington’s parents or their nationality. But, if you are curious about Kevin Harrington wife, the answer is Crystal Harrington.

After marriage, they both have two children named Megan and Kaitlyn Harrington.

Kevin Harrington’s Career

Before moving on to Kevin Harrington net worth, it is good to know his career journey in the business industry first.

Kevin started exploring the business by investing about $25,000 to found Quantum International. It was his first step in creating infomercials.

At that time, he managed to launch 500 products with total sales of more than $ 4 billion globally.

Even so, he was creative enough to make an entertaining and informative advertisement. As a result, Kevin finally served to be the president of National Media for eight years.

Subsequently, in 1994-1998, he served as president and CEO of HSN Direct International Inc.

About four years later, in 2002 to be exact, he became president of Harrington Business Development Inc. Moreover, he joined several business ventures and became a top executive there.

Additionally, he has worked for some companies such as Thane International Inc, Reliant International Inc, and Reliant Interactive Media Corp (2004).

Furthermore, Kevin joined AbsolutelyNew, Inc. in 2010 and InventHelp in 2013.

Meanwhile, his long career in the business industry has opened up opportunities to become CEO of TV Goods, ResponzeTV America, ResponzeTV Plc, LLC, H & H Imports Inc., and many more.

Kevin Harrington TV Shows

Kevin Harrington net worth also comes from his appearance on the Shark Tank TV show. Besides, apart from being an investor there, he was an original panel member and a judge for two seasons.

Further, precisely from 2009 to 2011. After that, Kevin was replaced by Mark Cuban in the third season until now.

Kevin Harrington Books

Still, his work in the business industry makes Kevin not at his wit’s end to continue exploring the current opportunities.

So, it is common knowledge that Kevin Harrington net worth also increases for the books he has published.

It was titled Act Now: How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products. Additionally, that book was out in 2009.

Kevin Harrington Net Worth

Now we come to the Kevin Harrington net worth part. Likewise, without any doubt, all of his wealth is calculated from his assets, business, and other income.

Thus, here is the detail about them all.

  • Kevin Harrington Net Worth from Businesses. Besides, apart from being the founder of TV Goods, Kevin Harrington is one of Omni-Reliant Holding, Inc’s founders. Moreover, he is active in business for the Electronic Retailing Association and Entrepreneur’s Organization.
  • Real Estate. Still, there is no detailed information about the listed property owned by Kevin Harrington.
  • Sport Cars. Although Kevin Harrington net worth is also counted from how many vehicles he has, until now, there has been no accurate information about it.

How Much Kevin Harrington Make Per Year?

It is a shared secret that Kevin Harrington net worth is around $463.5 Million.

Then, when we describe it in detail, Kevin Harrington’s income is $77.25 Million per year, $6.44 Million per month, and $1.49 Million per week.

Moreover, once it counted per hour, Kevin Harrington’s salary is $211,643.84 per day, $8,818.49 per hour, $146.97 per minute, and $2.45 per second.

Indeed, Kevin Harrington earns his income from many projects with various companies.

In addition, his position as CEO and founder affects the increase in Kevin Harrington net worth from time to time.

Is Kevin Harrington Retired?

No, he is not. Kevin is still active in the business industry to this day.

Kevin is currently also providing business and mindset coaching on personal social media and other people’s podcasts.

Above all, that is about Kevin Harrington net worth and his complete career journeys. Hence, you will get inspired to keep trying and working.

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