Killer Mike Net Worth – Quick Facts About The Rapper, Actor, and Activist

Killer Mike net worth is one of the things that makes many fans wonder. It happens due to his influential role in the music industry and real life.

Besides being a rapper and actor, Killer Mike is an activist. Often, he focuses on political as well as social issues.

Interestingly, because of his dominant role in the world of activism, Killer Mike occasionally gives lectures at several universities. Isn’t that amazing?

Thus, being a multi-talented and highly knowledgeable musician makes Killer Mike net worth grow from time to time indeed.

Furthermore, it is not just the fans who will admire this famous rapper. However, everyone will also appreciate the success of Killer Mike.

Nevertheless, only knowing Killer Mike net worth is not enough. Hence, it is good to know about his personal life and career path.

Therefore, please read this article to the end.

Summary Table

Stage Name Killer Mike
Legal Name Michale Santiago Render
Date of Birth April 20th 1975
Gender Male
Height 6’ (183 in centimeters)
Weight 264,555 lbs. (120 in kilometers)
Marital Status Married
Killer Mike Net Worth $5 Million
Income per Year $841,666.67
Profession Rapper, Actor, Song Writer, Voice Actor, Activist
Nationality American

Who Is Killer Mike?

who is killer mike

As previously described, Killer Mike is a famous American Rapper. Likewise, his fame is inseparable from his extraordinary talent that has been seen since his first debuted in 2000.

Instead of being successful in the entertainment industry, Killer Mike is also active in social activism projects.

Further, suppose you are curious about his life in detail. Below is Mike biography with complete information.

So, let us start from his early life first, then move to Killer Mike net worth.

  • Mike was born with Michael Santiago Render as his full name. Otherwise, soon after he considered his debut time in the music industry, he chose Killer Mike as his stage name. However, there is no exact reason why this famous rapper prefers to use this nickname.
  • Michael Render, a.k.a Killer Mike, was born on April 20th, 1975, in Adamsville, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Thus, as he was born in April, Mike has the zodiac sign Aries with fire as the element.
  • Mike is a 46-year-old man. Also, he has a height of 6 feet tall (183 centimeters). In addition, his height is 264,555 lbs (120 kilograms).
  • Although there is no clear information about Mike’s family, it is sure that he is an American. It is according to the place of his birth.
  • Besides being famous for his fantastic rap skills, Killer Mike has a high sense of solidarity. Further, he is renowned as a free-spoken activist, especially when it comes to the issues of racism, social quality, and police brutality.

Early Life of Killer Mike

Still, you can obtain not much information from Killer Mike’s early life. It happens because this rapper does not like to reveal his personal life to any media crew.

Furthermore, there is no detailed data regarding the names of his parents or whether he has siblings or not.

However, some sources said that Killer Mike’s mother is a florist, while his father is a policeman.


Even regarding the education of this famous rapper, not much information has been provided in detail. Then, it is said that Killer Mike once joined Morehouse College.

Even though it was only for a short time, he started his friendship with OutKast’s Big Boi and Beat Bullies.

Personal Life

Now, here is the more personal part. Suppose you are wondering about Killer Mike wife. So, this is where you can find the answer.

Mike married Shana Render right in 2006. After getting married, they have four children named Malik, Aniyah, Mikey, and Pony.

Killer Mike’s Career

Initially, when he debuted, Mike appeared with several collaboration projects. The first is on the album Stankonia by OutKast, precisely on the single Snapping & Tapping in 2000.

After that, with OutKast, he reappeared the following year, precisely on the single “The Whole World” in their most excellent album.

Finally, Mike and OutKast managed to win a Grammy Award with this single. Furthermore, Mike appeared on Jay-Z’s single titled Popping Tags.

Killer Mike Music Career

In 2003, Mike started his solo career and released the album Monster. Then, the best Killer Mike singles on the album are A.D.I.D.A.S and Akhson.

Since that year, Killer Mike net worth continued to increase. Moreover, several years later, in 2006, Mike released his second album, entitled I Pledge Allegiance.

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network introduced Mike to rapper and record producer El-P in 2011. Since then, they have been both on the same project.

Additionally, they released a featured album titled R.A.P. in 2012.

Meanwhile, together with El-P, Mike formed a duo group called Run the Jewels in 2013. Later on, their album continued until Run the Jewels 2, released in 2014, and Run the Jewels 3 in 2016.

Subsequently, his position as a reliable rapper made him increasingly known to many people. Primarily when he toured and performed in various shows.

Besides, Mike released at least six solo studio albums and four album mixtapes as a leading rapper.

Apart from his musical career, Killer Mike net worth also comes from his profession as an actor. Likewise, he has appeared in three movies, namely 20 Funerals, ATL, and Idlewild.

Furthermore, Mike has also voiced Taqu’il in the Frisky Dingo cartoon between 2006-2008.

Regarding the awards, in 2003, Mike feat Outkast won a Grammy Award with their featured track “The Whole World.”

Moreover, Mike managed to rank #4 on the US R&B and #10 on the Billboard 200 charts with his album Monster.

Killer Mike Net Worth

Now, it is time to talk about Killer Mike net worth. After treading a career in the music and film industry, Mike also spread his wings in the business field to increase his wealth.

Killer Mike Net Worth from Business

What business does Killer Mike own? Then, the answer will be Graffitis SWAG. Also, he co-developed this barbershop with his wife, Shana, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Additionally, Mike is a founder of Grind Time Official Records. He launched it under the auspices of Fontana Distribution and SMC Recordings.

How Much Killer Mike Make Per Year?

Indeed, Killer Mike Net Worth in 2022 is $5.05 Million. Meanwhile, his income per year is approximately $841,666.67.

Further, below is the more detailed salary to describe Killer Mike Net Worth:







How Does Killer Mike Make Money?

He earns his income from selling albums that he has released. In addition, Mike also gets the salary from the performances as a rapper.

Moreover, there is income from the movies he starred in. Besides, the earnings from his barbershop business and as a record producer.

Is Killer Mike Retired?

No, he is not. Mike is still active in the music and movies industry until now.

Even so, Mike and Shana are currently planning to open about 150 additional branches for SWAG Graffitis in several regions in the US.

Regardless of Killer Mike net worth and his income per year, he is a talented musician that can inspire many people with his success and contributions to many social issues.

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