Lewis Howes Net Worth

Lewis Howes Net Worth. On his School of Greatness podcast, the former football player has interviewed a long list of over 1,000 notable and fascinating individuals from business to self-improvement.


Lewis Howes grew up in a very nurturing family in Delaware, Ohio, where he was born on March 16, 1983. When he began participating in sports, his father was his biggest supporter and teacher.

In his hometown, he finished his early education. He played football at Principia College. He previously set an NCAA record with 418 receiving yards in a game. Unfortunately, his father had a car accident and went into a coma at the height of his career.

Lewis claimed that he wasn’t the same after his supportive father survived.

Notwithstanding this, the youthful athlete continued to play Arena Football League games, but his second tragedy struck in his second game. He was injured in some way. He never got to play in the NFL because of this injury.

Early Life

You may have heard of Lewis before or read one of his novels, so there is a chance.

Lewis Howes has three novels that have all been bestsellers. He’s been on numerous television programs, including Ellen, and is a well-known personal growth instructor.

His account, on the other hand, would astonish you. In the early days, it wasn’t always sunny and cheery.

He had a difficult upbringing, as everything seemed to be awry in his family. He was sexually molested when he was five years old.

His older brother was arrested for selling narcotics to an undercover police officer when he was eight years old.

His older sister, on the other hand, was an alcoholic. He was the youngest of all of them. He also had to suffer more discomfort as a result of living in an abusive environment.

Other households in the area wouldn’t want their children to be friends with a criminal’s sibling.

The rejection stings a lot. As a result, he spent his childhood alone. He had no friends, just as you suspected.

He was apprehensive at home and devastated at school. Yet, he discovered a way to release his rage and spend time efficiently, playing football.

Where did Lewis Howes go to high school?

Lewis Howes went to Principia High School in St. Louis, Missouri, when he was discussing his school. Missouri is located in Louis.

His parents disagreed with sending Lewis to school in Missouri, despite his fact that he was born in Ohio, far away. Lewis Howes, on the other hand, was adamant about visiting and asked his parents to help him.

His motivation, as predicted, was to be able to play sports, specifically football.

Since that was what he was raised in, Lewis had no concerns about Principia being a religious school. He aspired to be a professional athlete.

Lewis was named to the All-America team in the decathlon (8th place – 6671pts) at Principia.

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Lewis Howes Family, Parents, Siblings

Lewis Howes’ parents met in college while both were studying opera, and they married.

Professional singers was their dream. Instead, at the age of 19, they formed a family.

Howe’s father, as predicted, struggled to make ends meet and worked three jobs. He eventually did, however, in the insurance industry.

There isn’t much information about his mother’s background. Lewis Howes was the smallest of his three siblings.

Christian Howes was his brother’s name, and Katherine Howes and Heidi Howes were his sisters’ names.

Lewis’ sibling was imprisoned when he was eight years old, which is noteworthy.


Howes had no choice but to live with his sister after his football career ended. He chose to find a job after some time. From 2007 until 2008, he served as a delegate for Toastmasters International.

He was a consultant at LinkedIn for two years. He took the chance to interview successful individuals and learn about their route to success while he was there.

He went on to explore various fields as he experimented. He returned to handball, which he had previously enjoyed. He was a handball member of the USA National Team. He then attempted to start his own businesses by writing.

Business Career

Howe began by operating a number of online businesses. SportsNetworker is a social media website he created. He then started the Sports Executives Association, a distinct organization aimed at a distinct industry.

He has led Greatness Media since 2010. He established The School of Greatness in 2013, which became his most well-known brand. In the year 2015, he published his debut book of the same name.

It was a New York Times number one bestseller. In 2017, he released his second bestseller. The Mask of Masculinity was the title given to it.

Along with interviewing some of the most well-known people and business coaches, he also hosts a podcast. He is currently most interested in this startup. On social media, the podcast has a total of 5 million followers.

From Football to Online Business & Personal Development Guru

Football provided him with salvation. Lewis discovered his love for football while spending time alone at home.

As a child, he would spend most of his time alone at home playing football. He isn’t particularly interested in school, and he didn’t get along with his classmates, which is also the reason.

He was assigned to a special education class, where he said:

I would sweat and get chills as I waited for my turn when we would rotate around the room and read. I couldn’t concentrate because I was too scared to read.

He became increasingly insecure in front of crowds and was constantly made a laughingstock in school. He also grew worse at public speaking.

He poured his insecurities into the football field, which he loved. He chose to concentrate on football since the school was out of his reach.

Lewis Howes felt his animosity will fade and he’ll have more friends if he succeeds in football and grows stronger.

However, it was the case that way around. He became more enraged and combative as he put in greater effort and excelled.

Lewis Howes’ father had an accident the night before a football game in 2011, while he was still in senior college and an All-American athlete.

His elder sister called him shortly after that night. In his sister’s words, he recalled:

Dad’s automobile was smashed by an SUV. His head was opened up by the bumper as it smashed through the window. He’s in a state of unconsciousness at the moment. He might not make it until morning.

His father woke from his coma three months after the incident.

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Lewis Howes, 18 years old, was ecstatic and relieved to finally be free. However, it was a short-lived phenomenon.

His father, who had always been his biggest supporter and fan, no longer cares about football and barely cares about him. His father was a weakling who spent the most of his time watching TV.

Lewis Howes’ life was definitely disrupted by that. But it’s not enough to just stop. In 2007, Lowes Howes decided to play professional arena football.

Yet, he had no idea that this would be the last football season of his career. He collided with a wall and broke his wrist two games into the inaugural Arena League season. With his fractured wrist, he completed the rest of the game.

Lewis had corrective surgery following the final game of his career to end his football career.

He was absolutely shattered as a result. He was concerned about how he would make ends meet without football. He needed money, and he was worried that people would still like him if he couldn’t make money.

He had no other place to go but his sister’s sofa, and he had no where else to turn. He fractured his wrist at the same time he fractured his jaw. It was difficult for him to meet the deadline.

For a year and a half, he lived and slept on his sister’s sofa. Lewis knew he had to do something when his sister required him to pay some rent.

Lewis Howes’ career began anew as a result of this.

He began by looking for fresh mentors because his Dad was unable to assist him this time. He was advised to check out LinkedIn by one of his mentors.

Lewis Howes’ life was turned upside down as a result of this. He spent 8 hours a day interacting and connecting with experts, interviewing them about their lives in order to learn from them.

He proceeded to form a company devoted to sports executives and individuals who are interested in sports. Within a year, the organization had grown to 10,000 members.

He started receiving messages from individuals thanking him for the group’s assistance within a short period of time.

There was more to come. Some individuals promised to pay him to teach them how to grow their company via LinkedIn. Others even recommended that he build a social media firm.

He got a lot of positive feedback and felt optimistic about his efforts now. He was offered the opportunity to speak in a webinar as one of his options.

He received $6300 in his PayPal account the next day after the webinar, thanks to individuals who wanted to obtain his advanced LinkedIn course.

And it was here that he launched his personal growth firm and rose through the ranks of prominent personal growth experts.

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Lewis Howes Books

Lewis Howes was, without a doubt, a hit. What made him outstanding, however, was his willingness to assist others realize their goals.

Lewis, like many other people, believes that his job comes before his happiness.

Lewis Howes re-experiences all of his experiences in starting and growing profitable corporations via his writings.

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes’ popular book The School of Greatness is one of his most popular. This book was so good, though. It’s a book that I would recommend.

The book encompasses everything Lewis Howes learned from speaking with exceptional people on his podcast, which he also called “The school of greatness.”

If you want to succeed, according to Lewis, having a mentor is crucial.

He also wrote the book to share everything he learned from speaking with exceptional people, including Olympic Gold Medalists, Award-winners of New York Times bestselling books, Activists, and other exceptional people.

He wanted to help others create their own success framework. The book is divided into eight parts, each of which is titled as follows:

Develop a vision, Turn misfortune to benefit, Cultivate a champion’s attitude, Develop hustle, Master your body, and Create positive habits.

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The Mask of Masculinity

Lewis Howes’ USA Today bestselling novel The Mask of Masculinity.

It was a book that evolved out of Lewis Howes’ life experiences, rather than a book designed to make money.

He fought with himself, and the angrier and more demanding he became as his performance in sport improved.

He was full of negative energy, and he didn’t appear to be satisfied.

Lewis Howes recounted a tale he had while playing in a neighborhood basketball court in an interview with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory.

He was head-butted by the opponent while playing hard to stop him from passing.

It was like years of built-up tension came up at the moment, he said at the moment.

He came at the guy and they exchanged blows. He learnt that the guy’s features were streaming with blood when they were separated.

He noticed something was amiss (he was wearing an anger helmet) at that moment.

There are different types of masks that people wear, as Lewis described in the book and interview with Tom.

Some use know-it-all masks, material masks, and other masks that promote aggression.

The book discusses how to utilize masks for your growth and takes off masks that are doing you more harm than good.

The Millionaire Morning

Lewis Howes’ third book, The Millionaire Morning, is his first solo effort.

The Millionaire Morning book, like the other two books, discusses how successful entrepreneurs spend their mornings.

Hacks and strategies for earning more money are also covered in the book. When you wake up in the morning, think about your health and financial life first, according to Lewis Howes.

The book is packed with information on how to make more money and improve your financial situation in general.

Lewis Howes New Worth

Lewis Howes has a net worth of $10 million and is an American author, businessman, and former professional football player.

With 418 yards receiving, Lewis Howes set an NCAA record. Before an injury cut his career short, he only played in two Arena Football games.

After that, he was a member of the USA Men’s National Team in team handball. The School of Greatness is hosted by Howes.

He’s the owner of a number of profitable websites. He owns the website SportsExecutivesAssociation and started the social media company SportsNetworker. LInkedWorking: How to Communicate Effectively is one of Howe’s works.

The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy, and The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide are all examples of how to succeed on the world’s largest professional networking website.

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How has Lewis Howes spent his wealth?

Aside from his family home in Los Angeles, California, and a 1991 Cadillac DeVille, little is known about how he spends his money.

At a game versus Martin Luther College, Lewis set the NCAA record for receiving yards. His football career was ended when he fractured his wrist.

Howes began his career in influencer marketing by forming successful LinkedIn groups after growing up out of frustration and determination.

From being an athlete to a successful podcaster, influencer, and marketer, he has gone on to complete his pivot.

Howes’ podcast has featured a diverse range of guests since 2013, including Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Mercola. Kevin Hart, Ben Shapiro, David Goggins, Dave Ramsey, Grant Cardone, Kevin O’Leary, Wim Hof, Tony Robbins and Joe Spinoza are just a few of the renowned people mentioned above.

His podcast is one of the most popular ever, having received nearly 300 million downloads on iTunes. On YouTube, he has two million followers, Instagram has two million followers, and on LinkedIn, he has over 200 thousand.

Lewis Howes sells memberships, courses, and sponsorships to make money from his podcast andGreatness Coaching company. He is a globe-famous author with three publications to his credit, as well as earnings from speaking engagements.


Is Lewis Howes a billionaire? The net worth of Lewis Howes is $14 million.

Is Lewis Howes a millionaire, or perhaps a billionaire? Despite his wealth, Howes has yet to join the billionaire club.

Is Lewis Howes bankrupt? Lewis Howes is not bankrupt, nor is he. He’s been an accomplished businessman who used his abilities to support his Podcast and YouTube channel.

Was Lewis Howes born into a wealthy family? Working-class Lewis Howes was born. His money comes from his own efforts.

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