Liangelo Ball Net Worth

LiAngelo Ball Information
Real Name LiAngelo Robert Ball
Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth November 24, 1998
Place of Birth Anaheim, California, USA
Profession Basketball Player
Best Known For Being the younger brother of NBA players Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball
Height 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity African American
Education High School Graduate

LiAngelo Ball has been at the forefront of the celebrity sports world for some time now. As the youngest son of basketball star, LaVar Ball, and brother to NBA’s Lonzo Ball, Gelo has made quite a name for himself.

But what is LiAngelo Ball’s net worth? Let’s take a closer look to find out. From his college basketball career at UCLA to his stint in Lithuania with BC Vytautas, LiAngelo Ball has proven that he can make an impact on any court.

He also has a clothing line with his brother Lonzo and father LaVar called Big Baller Brand. With all these elements combined, it’s no wonder why people are so interested in LiAngelo’s net worth. In this article we’ll explore how much money Gelo is making thanks to his various ventures and career opportunities.

Liangelo Ball Net Worth – $1 Million

After carving a name for himself in the basketball world, LiAngelo Ball has continued to expand his influence into other business ventures. His recent investments in lucrative media deals and wise investment strategies have helped boost his net worth to an impressive level.

According to Forbes, Ball’s estimated net worth is currently $1 million. This figure is particularly remarkable given that Ball is just 20 years old. He achieved this result through a combination of shrewd marketing tactics, aggressive negotiation strategies, and forward-thinking investment decisions. The result has been a substantial growth in his wealth over the past two years alone.

By diversifying across multiple platforms and continuously reinvesting profits back into various projects, Ball has managed to establish himself as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs today.

His drive and ambition set a powerful example for aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages looking to achieve success in their own fields. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it’s safe to assume that LiAngelo Ball will continue building on his considerable financial success in the coming years.

Liangelo Ball’s College Basketball Career

LiAngelo Ball’s college basketball career was a classic tale of an unlikely hero rising to the occasion. Like many other athletes before him, he faced considerable adversity as he navigated the difficult waters of college recruitment and NCAA eligibility. Nevertheless, his drive and ambition were strong enough to propel him forward against all odds.

At the age of 17, LiAngelo entered UCLA on a partial basketball scholarship. His play style was unique in that it combined grit and hustle with a never-say-die attitude. He led his team to numerous victories with his sharp shooting and tenacious defensive plays. Despite being relatively unknown, LiAngelo quickly earned a reputation for being one of the most valuable players on the court.

As he gained more experience playing at the collegiate level, his skillset only improved – both on offense and defense. Today, LiAngelo remains one of the most talented basketball players in the country – though much of his success has come from hard work rather than natural talent alone.

It is clear that LiAngelo Ball has made a significant impact in college basketball throughout his career. His accomplishments speak volumes about what an incredible player he is, and should serve as inspiration for aspiring young athletes everywhere who are striving for success despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

Liangelo Ball’s Professional Basketball Career

As LiAngelo Ball’s college basketball career came to an end, it was time for him to focus on the drafting process leading up to his professional basketball career.

With numerous team evaluations and interviews with representatives from all over the league, LiAngelo had his sights set on becoming a professional athlete.

At this point in his life, LiAngelo had worked incredibly hard to prove himself worthy of being drafted. He knew that he had what it took to be successful and he was determined to make sure all of the teams saw that.

After months of anticipation and preparation, LiAngelo was eventually selected by the Oklahoma City Blue in the 2019 NBA G League Draft. With this incredible opportunity, LiAngelo set off on a journey that would define his career as a professional athlete and shape his net worth for years to come.

Liangelo Ball’s Big Baller Brand

How quickly can a new brand make an impact?

LiAngelo Ball’s Big Baller Brand (BBB) is one of the most talked about brands in sports apparel, and its rapid rise to fame has been nothing short of remarkable.

The key to BBB’s success lies in their unique strategy—a combination of provocative marketing, clever product design, and leveraging the popularity of the Ball family.

This strategy has allowed BBB to come out of nowhere and quickly become a major player in the sports apparel industry.

Consumers are drawn to BBB’s bold designs and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Furthermore, it helps that the Ball family already had a strong following before BBB was even launched. This allowed them to build on an existing fan base and gain traction with little effort.

It’s clear that BBB has made a big splash in its short existence, but only time will tell how far it can go from here.

The future looks bright for this daring upstart brand as they continue to refine their marketing and capitalize on the Ball family’s influence.

With any luck, Big Baller Brand will continue on its trajectory towards becoming an iconic brand for generations to come.

Liangelo Ball’s Youtube Channel

LiAngelo Ball is a rising star in the YouTube world, with his channel currently boasting over 220,000 subscribers. Through his regular uploads of viral videos and creative content, LiAngelo has been able to capitalize on monetization opportunities such as merchandise sales. This has enabled him to increase his net worth significantly.

In an effort to build a loyal fan base, LiAngelo regularly produces content that resonates with viewers on an emotional level. His videos have included topics ranging from basketball highlights to fun family activities. Additionally, he often collaborates with other popular YouTube stars on various projects, further increasing the viewership of his channel.

As a result of this strategy, LiAngelo has seen success in terms of engagement and monetization:

  • He has received over 14 million views since the launch of his channel back in 2018;
  • Over 150k active followers engage with him each month;
  • 9% of these followers are motivated by his calls-to-action;
  • And merchandise sales have surged by 30%.

These impressive figures demonstrate just how powerful LiAngelo’s online presence is and why he continues to be a great investment for any aspiring financial analyst. He is creating content that not only appeals to a wide audience but also generates exceptional returns for those involved.

Liangelo Ball’s Endorsement Deals

As a financial analyst, it’s my job to assess the net worth of an individual.

In this case, LiAngelo Ball is a celebrity who has leveraged his influence to make money through endorsement deals. His ability to reach those who are eager for his influence is remarkable and has earned him considerable wealth.

From footwear agreements with Big Baller Brand to clothing endorsements from Puma, LiAngelo Ball possesses an impressive portfolio of celebrity endorsements that have increased his bank account exponentially.

Moreover, he has utilized social media as a tool to increase exposure and promote certain products through influence marketing. This strategy has proven highly successful and will no doubt continue to be lucrative in the future.

It is clear that LiAngelo Ball’s savvy business decisions have greatly contributed to his current net worth and will remain a major factor in determining its continued growth.

Liangelo Ball’s Other Business Ventures

As a senior financial analyst, I am well-versed in the various business ventures of LiAngelo Ball. His net worth is certainly impressive and speaks to his success as a businessman. However, there is much more to his financial story than just his basketball career.

Investment opportunities are one area of business that Ball has explored. He has made many real estate investments over the years, which have yielded a great return for him. Additionally, he has formed several partnerships with other businesses, allowing him to diversify his portfolio and increase his net worth even further.

Moreover, Ball also invests heavily in philanthropic causes and has donated large sums of money to charities that are focused on helping youth and underserved communities.

With such vast resources at his disposal, it is no surprise that Ball is able to make a positive impact both financially and through giving back. All of these factors point to the savvy business strategies employed by Ball and demonstrate why he continues to be successful in the world of finance.

Liangelo Ball’s Future Opportunities

LiAngelo Ball’s future opportunities appear to be numerous and varied. As a 20-year-old with an estimated net worth of over $1 million, he has the potential to capitalize on his popularity and capitalize on a wide range of monetization options.

His already established basketball career, combined with his status as a social media influencer, makes him uniquely positioned to leverage these two assets into global success. For example, LiAngelo Ball can explore opportunities in international markets, such as Asia or Europe.

Here are three ways he could stand out:

  1. Developing marketing campaigns with local brands
  2. Offering exclusive merchandise in overseas markets
  3. Engaging in influencer marketing through strategic partnerships

LiAngelo Ball is also well suited for product endorsements and could reach out to larger companies that have an interest in sports personalities. He could even create his own line of apparel or invest in new technology ventures that would make him stand out from other athletes.

Overall, there is no limit to the possibilities for LiAngelo Ball’s future prospects and investments; it will simply come down to how he chooses to use his resources wisely.


In conclusion, LiAngelo Ball has accomplished a tremendous amount in his short career thus far. His basketball and business achievements have boosted his net worth to an estimated $1 million. His Big Baller Brand and YouTube channel are two of the biggest drivers of revenue for him, along with various endorsement deals.

Furthermore, with many other opportunities on the horizon, such as potential NBA contracts and further growth of his business ventures, I predict that LiAngelo’s net worth will continue to rise substantially in the future. He is certainly one of the most successful individuals in his generation, and I’m sure he will go on to make even more impressive strides in his career.

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