Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth. Linus Sebastian, the most popular technology-related channel on YouTube, is the creator of Linus Tech Tips.

Linus Sebastian has been catapulted into the public eye after most of his videos gained a million views, and people are curious about his income.

Linus Sebastian’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions. His company, Linus Media Group, manages his YouTube channels, and he gets most of his income from ad revenue, video sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales.

We’re going to examine Linus’ wealth and business growth, as well as his professional and numerous achievements, in this article.

Early Life

A YouTuber from Canada named Linus Sebastian. He’s a specialist in computer-related videos. Step-by-step instructions on how to construct a PC, evaluations, and technical help are among the topics covered in the films.

Linus Tech Tips (LTT), Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit are four of his active YouTube channels (and features in others).

Sebastian’s first YouTube channel was Linus Tech Tips, which was the main channel. In 2008, Sebastian became a contributing member of Linus Tech Tips (LTT).

He’s now one of the most well-known tech YouTubers on the Internet. Over 14.5 million people subscribe to Linus Tech Tips, which is an increase every day. On YouTube, it is the most watched tech channel.

Linus Media Group, which helps manage YouTube channels, was also founded and owned by Linus Sebastian. In 2013, Sebastian established the company.

On August 20, 1986, Sebastian was born in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. He was reared as one of four children, and his full name is Linus Gabriel Sebastian.

He went to the University of British Columbia to further his education after finishing his early schooling at Maple Ridge, Canada’s Garibaldi Secondary School.

Linus discovered his vocation while at university and has been working since then. The Canadian-born has been interested in technology since his first year of college.

Personal Life

Linus Sebastian married Yvonne Ho, a Hong Kong beauty, in 2011. The couple has three kids together. One son and two daughters were born to them.

Sebastian’s hometown of Surrey, British Columbia, is where they currently live. Linus announced his retirement from producing content in 2020, but subsequently walked it back.



On YouTube, Linus Tech Tips started out small. It started out as a side business for him, NCIX’s technology channel. YouTube did not become Linus’ full-time career right away because he concentrated on other projects.

Linus negotiated a non-compete clause with NCIX after he left the company and was allowed to keep the channel for as long as he wanted.

As a way to devote more time and attention to content creation, Sebastian founded the Linus Media Group (LMG) in 2013. Brandon Lee, Edzel Yago, and Luke Lafreniere were among the group’s employees. The company is now based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

The LTX exhibition was also held by the Linus Media Group. Technology-based content creators will be represented at the LTX Expo.

Linus Sebastian now manages a number of channels that the Linus Media Group has created. The following channels are available:

TechLinked, Linus Cat Tips, LMG Clips, ShortCircuit, They’re Just Movies, and Mac Address are some of the websites produced by Linus Tech Tips.

With over 14.5 million followers and over 5.1 billion views, Linus Tech Tips is the most popular channel.

With around 120,000 followers and 2.13 million views, They’re Just Movies is the smallest of the channels. In comparison to LTT, this channel is relatively new and has considerably fewer videos (approximately 125 versus the more than 5,700 on LTT).

“Building a PC…using Only,” the most popular video on Linus Tech Tips, is about building a computer. Almost 21 million people have watched the video.

LTT has a fairly consistent viewership, with most videos uploaded averaging roughly 2 million views, unlike many channels where certain videos have notably more views than others.

Notable projects

Linus Tech Tips published a video on January 2, 2016, showing a computer capable of accommodating seven separate users at the same time and with a total cost of $30,000. Many news sites covered the video’s use of technology.

The machine was placed inside a Caselabs Mercury S8 enclosure with an Asus Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard, and had eight 32 GB ECC DDR4 memory modules, eight 1 TB Kingston SSDs, two Intel Xeon 14-core E5 2697 v3 CPUs, seven AMD R9 Nano GPUs. Kingston Technology was the project’s sponsor.

Linus Tech Tips posted a two-part video in August 2017 that demonstrated how to game at 16K resolution (15360 by 8640 pixels) using 16 4K Acer Predator XB1 monitors in a four by four arrangement.

Four Nvidia Quadro P5000 graphics cards were installed in the system that was running the display.

After damaging his iMac Pro (paid, non-warranty repairs) in a product teardown, an act (refusal to fix) that has been speculated by VentureBeat to be illegal, the Linus Tech Tips channel posted a video in April 2018 claiming that Apple refused to fix it.

Linus Tech Tips published a four-part series in December 2018 that detailed their experience purchasing a gaming computer from six system integrators from three distinct market tiers:

To find out what they would provide to a typical consumer, we looked at two big companies (HP and Alienware), two high-volume system integrators (iBuyPower and CyberPowerPC), and two luxury boutique system integrators (Origin PC and Maingear).

Agent Janice from the Linus Media Group went undercover to compare which system integrators’ sales and technical support representatives were the finest and worst.

The journeys were unforgettable. Some system integrators were quite helpful and courteous, while others were not. The series was covered in PC Gamer and has gained over 12 million views.

Linus Tech Tips produced a three-part video in 2021 demonstrating how to create an 18-carat gold Xbox Series X controller.

The first video featured prototype development, the second featured production of gold shells, and the third featured reactions by workers at their headquarters.

Independent Ventures

Linus worked full-time on his own YouTube channel after leaving NCIX, teaching people about technology.

In 2013, he established the Linus Media Group with two business partners. Sebastian established a number of additional channels under the Linus Media Group.

ShortCircuit, Techiquickie, and TechLinked are three of his most popular technical channels. With channels like They’re Just Movies and Channel Super Fun, his company grew to new niches. LTX Expo, a yearly conference for tech gurus, was also held by Linus Media Group.

Linus acquired Floatplane Media, a streaming website, in addition to YouTube. He has a large following on his website,, and generates lots of debate. With 14.5 million followers, he is now one of the top three most-subscribed YouTube channels.


Other Ventures

The Wan Show is a podcast created by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere. Since 2013, they have hosted the show. The podcast discusses technological developments and current events. Most podcast streaming services include it.

Sebastian’s time is increasingly being taken up by the Linus Media Group, which is expanding into additional content production.

Sebastian is the Linus Media Group’s CEO, while his wife Yvonne Ho is the CFO. COO is Nick Light, and he’s a great guy.

Linus Cat Tips and They’re Just Movies are not part of the technology or electronics world, despite the fact that most of Linus Sebastian and Linus Media Group’s channels focus on it.

Linus Sebastian’s cats are the subject of Linus Cat Tips videos. The videos are mostly shot at home and are brief.

Carpool Critics was the previous name for They’re Just Movies.

A small group of LMG workers watch movies and discuss them together in the videos. These videos seldom show Linus. A podcast version of They’re Just Movies is also available.

Linus Media Group staff

This is a business that has expanded at a rapid pace. There are over 21 people working there. Sebastian, the CEO; Yvonne Ho, the CFO; and Nick Light, the COO are all included in this group.

Editors, cinematographers, authors, and managers are among the other members of the team. To keep all of these employees happy, the Linus Media Group salary must be adequate.

On Linus Sebastian’s net worth, you’ll find that. Did you believe that reviewing tech products could make someone wealthy? In the comments section below, leave your thoughts and comments on everything.

Net Worth and Earnings

Linus Tech Tips, his primary channel, generates about $3.4 million in annual advertising revenue. Techiquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit each earn between $300,000 and $367,000 per year. But, just his four main channels are listed here.

Linus Media Group’s other channels, which all include sponsorships and affiliate agreements, provide extra revenue for the YouTuber.

In addition to selling products, he generates about 15% of his income, or roughly $2.8 million. He added another $5 million to his money by selling Floatplane for $1.14 million.

How much money does Linus make on YouTube?

Over 14 million people subscribe to Linus Tech Tips, which has clocked almost 5.7 billion views on its main channel in the Linus Media Group lineup. Through YouTube advertising alone, Linus Sebastian has earned $57 million during the duration of the channel.

The money generated from products, the many sponsors on practically every video, affiliate sales, and other income streams are not included in this. This doesn’t account for Linus’ other YouTube channels, which have earned him a lot of money.

Just the income generated from YouTube ads appearing on videos is included in these figures, which are based on estimates over the life of each channel. Other income streams, such as product sales, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing are not included in this calculation.

Linus has earned over $69 million from YouTube ads alone, with his total revenue from YouTube-related actions exceeding $100 million when other income streams are taken into account.

This is a large sum, yet it should be noted that Linus is not receiving this amount since he has a big staff that requires pay, and indications show that LMG pays quite well.

How much Linus Sebastian make from sponsored projects?

Sebastian’s video sponsorships provide him with a lot of money. Linus Media Group is where he manages sponsorships. In-video Sponsorships accounted for about 27% of total revenue. He also receives 14% of his total income from Sponsored Projects.

How much Linus Sebastian make from the merchandise?

So far, Linus Sebastian has sold a lot of goods. He sells a variety of t-shirts, hats, and socks. Sebastian’s product company is believed to account for around 15% of income, according to a recent poll. That figure will be around $2.85 million.

How much Linus Sebastian make from Floatplane?

From episodes to evaluations, The Floatplane is a streaming platform that has a broad offering of material! Sebastian’s Floatplane earnings have totaled $1.14 million. That’s roughly 6% of his overall income.

Linus Sebastian expects to make $2.66 million from video sponsorship projects.


How much Linus Sebastian make from Affiliate Marketing?

Sebastian’s total income comes from Amazon associates, who make 9% of his earnings. He recommends a variety of items and receives a commission from those that are sold. Affiliate Marketing accounts for around 11% of his overall income.

Amazon associates have generated $1.71 million for Sebastian thus far. He also received $380,000 from other people.

How much money does Linus make per month?

The total monthly revenue of Linus Media Group is expected to be about $4.86 million. Sponsorships, affiliate marketing, product sales, and YouTube AdSense are the primary sources of income for this company.

Linus Tech Tips published a video in 2020 that indicated how much they make and how they get paid.

Depending on the number of video views received that month, the Linus Media Group receives approximately $1,264,024 from YouTube AdSense. T is the magical number that has been known for many millennia.

We can estimate that the LMG generates approximately $4.86 million per month and close to $60 million annually based on this figure and the percentage of each revenue stream’s income that is likely to be similar in 2020.

This is just revenue, and it doesn’t include the wages of LMG’s roughly 50 workers, as well as general company overhead expenses, taxes, infrastructure, and other expenditures.

The most precise YouTube calculator that incorporates the most essential variables that influence how much a channel can gain was used to generate the above YouTube Ad earnings estimates.

How much Linus Sebastian make from sponsored projects?

Sebastian makes a lot of money via his video sponsorships. Linus Media Group is his go-to place for sponsorships. In-video sponsorships accounted for about 27% of total revenue. In addition, he gets 14% of his overall income from Sponsored Projects.

How much Linus Sebastian make from the merchandise?

So far, Linus Sebastian has sold a lot of goods. T-shirts, hats, socks, and other items are among the items he sells. Sebastian’s product business accounts for roughly 15% of revenue, according to a recent survey. That figure will be more than $2.85 million.

How much Linus Sebastian make from Floatplane?

From shows to reviews, the Floatplane is a streaming service that provides a broad range of content! From Floatplane revenue, Sebastian has earned a total of $1.14 million. His overall income accounts for roughly 6% of this.

Linus Sebastian expects to receive $2.66 million from video sponsorship initiatives.

How much Linus Sebastian make from Affiliate Marketing?

Sebastian generates 9% of his overall income from Amazon associates. He promotes a variety of products and gets a cut from each one that he sells. Affiliate Marketing accounts for around 11% of his overall income.

So far, Sebastian has earned $1.71 million from Amazon associates. He also received $380,000 from other associates.

Linus Sebastian is presently residing in British Columbia, Canada, in a lovely home. He grew up here and was born here. Linus is driving a 2003 Honda Civic with a manual gearbox when we discuss his car collection. This automobile has a typical lifespan of 200,000 miles.

Linus Sebastian’s Net Worth in 2023?

Linus has built a profitable company around the production of content. In addition, throughout the years, he has managed to diversify his income sources.

As a result, Linus is not totally reliant on any one channel. The overall income is only going to go up for Linus, as he gets revenue from sponsorships, affiliate marketing, products, and YouTube AdSense. As a result, the Linus Sebastian net worth campaign in 2023 is likely to see an increase.

Final thoughts on Linus Tech Tips’ net worth

With more than 14 million followers and over 5.7 billion views, Linus Tech Tips is one of YouTube’s most popular channels. The Linus Media Group has approximately 50 workers now, and it is expanding rapidly.

The majority of Linus Sebastian’s net worth comes from his YouTube activities, which he owns and runs, as well as his other ventures.

Linus Sebastian is a remarkable success story and a role model for anyone who wishes to turn their hobby into a profession.


Linus mentioned Marques Brownlee, Austin Evans, and TotalBiscuit as his favorite YouTubers in an interview with Linus makes a decent amount of money through YouTube AdSense, even though he isn’t as wealthy as Jeffree Star.

Through his immensely popular YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, Linus Sebastian shares PC unboxing and computer reviews. Yet, he chose the Asus TUF Gaming GT501 as his primary laptop. He has two Nvidia RTX 2080 TI graphics cards in his gaming PC.

The Super Clean PC Build, as Linus Sebastian dubbed it, featured him showcasing innovative case and functional LCD display side panel technology for a YouTube video.

With Newegg, he created this custom PC. He further revealed that this custom PC will be available in the near future. As a result, this PC is accessible to all.

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