Maverick Carter Net Worth

Maverick Carter Net Worth. Maverick Carter, a social media celebrity as well as a successful businessman, is well-known. He has been LeBron James’ personal assistant since 2006. UNINTERRUPTED is a worldwide distributed media platform that he also leads as CEO.

Maverick Carter Biography

On October 10, 1980, Maverick Carter was born in the United States as a prominent business executive. Since 2006, he has been one of LeBron James’ managers. He is a business entrepreneur.

When James announced his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat in 2010, he is credited with coming up with The Decision. Maverick Carter’s zodiac sign is Libra, according to Astrologers.

Age of Maverick Carter

In the year 2022, Maverick will be 42 years old. In 1980, he was born in North Akron, Ohio. He’ll be 43 years old in 2023. The exact date of his birth is still unknown. We will, however, notify you when further information is provided.

Height and weight of Maverick Carter

The entrepreneur stands at a height of over 6 feet 4 inches. He weighs about 82 kilograms, according to his weight. He has black eyes and curly black hair. In addition, there is no mention of his other physical characteristics.

Parents and Family of Maverick Carter

Katherine Powers and Otis Carter, social workers, raised Maverick in North Akron, Akron, Ohio. Maverick seems to be a single guy. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated.


Early life and education

On the 10th of October, 1980, Maverick Carter was born. Akron, Ohio, is where he was born. He had a wonderful childhood in Akron and Atlanta, Georgia, where he was raised.

Otis Carter is his father, and Katherine Powers is his mother. Her mother works as a social worker. Maverick and LeBron James grew up together.

They went to the same school as well. They were standing in the St. Vincent’s St. is a popular destination. The high school where Mary attended. Furthermore, he used to play basketball and football with her.

Akron is where they both grew up. Carter had also played collegiate basketball for a few years after high school graduation. He attended Western Michigan University. He then attended the University of Akron, where he received his bachelor’s degree.

Carter, the son of Katherine Powers, a social worker, and Otis Carter, was raised in Akron and Atlanta.

He’s a close buddy of LeBron James’ who went to St. Vincent-St. Vincent-St. is the abbreviation for a neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. I played basketball and football at Akron’s Mary High School (SVSM).

After graduating from SVSM and transferring to the University of Akron, Carter focused on other businesses and spent one season at Western Michigan University.

Maverick Carter Wife and children

Maverick’s romantic connection is unknown; he may or may not be married or in a relationship. As soon as practicable, his colleague will be informed.

He was also said to have married Crystal Street, although this was denied. As soon as we have more information, we’ll let you know. Maverick has two kids, Lyra and Zen Carter.

Maverick Carter Beginning

The Company’s Independent Director is Maverick Carter. Mr. Since December 2018, Carter has been a member of our board of directors.

Mr. is a long-time business manager for LeBron James. Through the companies they cofounded – SpringHill Entertainment, UNINTERRUPTED, and The Robot Company – Carter is credited with guiding James’ remarkable career off the court in entertainment, content creation, and marketing and business development.

Mr. Carter works as the CEO of each of the firms inside LRMR Ventures, a holding company he helped establish that oversees all of James’ and Carter’s present investments and business assets.

Mr. SpringHill Entertainment creates digital, documentary, and feature film as well as television content for SpringHill Entertainment. Carter is now the executive producer on a number of projects that are in development.

UNINTERRUPTED, a worldwide award-winning athletic empowerment firm that offers athletes a new way to communicate with their fans via a multimedia platform, is currently headquartered in New York City.

The Robot Company develops and implements client-specific marketing solutions for brand partners by working in tandem with relationships in the sports, art, digital, music, and entertainment sectors.

Mr. Wilson’s $1 billion lifetime agreement with Nike, the most lucrative single-athlete guarantee in company history, and the first lifetime commitment in Nike’s history were all negotiated by Carter.

Mr. Western Michigan University was where Carter earned his bachelor’s degree. Board members must meet the following requirements:

Mr. Carter’s professional experience and previous senior executive-level jobs are among his qualifications as a director.

His experience and expertise in the entertainment and media sectors, as well as his strong leadership ability, helped him build LRMR Ventures and its operating firms.



When Carter was in school, he interned at Nike, which sparked his interest in the business world. This was the start of his education on all things sports advertising-related. He eventually dropped out of school to work for the organization as a field delegate.

The organization LRMR was founded with the help of LeBron James, Rich Paul, and Randy Mims. Another of James’ old pals from high school is Mims.

He takes over as the company’s CEO when the current one leaves. LRMR controls a lot of Lebron James’ exposure, from showcasing to limited-time discounts. On the subject of amusement possibilities, the company also encourages James.

Carter put up nearly as much effort as James did throughout the period when he was deliberating whether or not to join a new group.

The broadcast production where James declared he was going from Cleveland to Miami in 2010 was produced by Carter, who was the mastermind behind what is known as “The Decision.” With Lebron James’ move to Miami, Carter has been crucial in restoring his reputation.

He says that because they have known one another since adolescence, their successful working relationship is due to the fact that they can be completely honest with one other.

Astonishingly, Carter was the driving force behind LeBron James’ lifetime deal with Nike, which is expected to be worth more than $1 billion.

He helped James organize several plans, one of which included a scheme between LRMR and Fenway Sports Group that gave James a tiny piece of Liverpool F.C., England’s soccer (football) team, and Carter was the cerebrum behind the creation of the Nike advertisements.

SpringHill Entertainment., which could get a $100 million speculation right, was launched in 2007 by Carter and James as a media company.

As the CEO of SpringHill, Carter takes over. SpringHill, according to Carter, is committed to restoring chances to people who have been forgotten recently, especially minorities.

Carter and James, together with Springhill Entertainment, launched a four-year film management partnership with NBC Universal in September 2020.

More Than a Vote, focused on increasing voter turnout for upcoming elections in the United States, was released in June 2020 by Carter and James in partnership.

Carter is a well-known figure in the media and entertainment business, having launched Uninterrupted, a multimedia platform he co-founded with LeBron James in 2015 that enables sports to thrive and tell their stories.

To develop and distribute its distinctive unique creative material globally on a variety of platforms, the business has teamed with industry-leading corporations such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Facebook, and Verizon.

Uninterrupted’s content includes original series like HBO’s The Shop, short films, and feature-length critically acclaimed documentaries like The Carter Effect. In addition to its direct athlete videos, which feature insights from top sports stars, it also features original series.

With in-depth, timely interviews with prominent sports and entertainment personalities, Uninterrupted has established its own podcast network.

SpringHill has a diverse project portfolio that includes the popular primetime game program The Wall (NBC), the critically acclaimed documentary series Warriors of Liberty City (Starz), and Best Shot (YouTube Premium). Carter serves as an executive producer on all of these projects.

A documentary on Muhammad Ali with HBO Entertainment and filmmaker Antoine Fuqua, as well as a scripted drama series starring Madame C.J., are some of his other upcoming projects. Walker stars with Octavia Spencer, among others.

Carter has a rich history in marketing and business growth, in addition to his developing entertainment businesses.

Carter was crucial in securing James’ lifetime contract with Nike, which includes the biggest single-athlete guarantee and the first lifetime commitment in the company’s history. As a long-time manager of James’ business interests, Carter was instrumental in negotiating his lifetime deal with Nike.

Carter was also a key player in the development of LRMR Ventures, Carter and James’s current investment firm that owns and manages all of their present investing and business assets.

Beats by Dre (sold to Apple for $3.2 billion in 2014) and now Liverpool Football Club, as well as Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza, were among the companies in their investment portfolio at the time of purchase.


Maverick Carter Net Worth

Maverick Carter’s Net Worth: Maverick Carter, an American entrepreneur, has a net worth of $50 million.

Along with LeBron James, Rich Paul, and Randy Mims, he is one of the founders of LRMR, an agency and sports marketing firm. He’s the guy who invented the “LeBron James Machine.”

He just paid $9.3 million for a property in desirable Santa Monica, which he plans to move into in January 2021.

With a black-bottomed plunge pool, an inset spa, and an attached cabana with its own complete bathroom and outdoor shower, the home is over 6,200 square feet in size.

Maverick Carter’s Salary:

Maverick is said to earn $237,584 per year. If any of these information are modified, we will notify you as soon as possible.

What business does Maverick Carter own?

Maverick Carter is the architect behind this project. Maverick Carter and LeBron James were just two young kids from Akron, Ohio, who loved playing basketball before they founded the SpringHill Company, an entertainment and development business currently valued at $725 million.

Why is Maverick Carter famous?

Since 2006, he has been James’ business manager. Carter is one of the founders and principals of LRMR, an agency and sports marketing firm, alongside James, Rich Paul, and Randy Mims. The Decision, a television program, was created by Carter.

SpringHill Co. was funded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, who raised $100 million. Elisabeth Murdoch, for example, has invested.

SpringHill Co. is said to be the subject of a Bloomberg article. Robot Co., James’ marketing company, has merged. SpringHill Entertainment and Uninterrupted LLC are two entertainment firms.

The Wall and the upcoming sequel to the classic film SpaceJam are two examples of TV projects produced by SpringHill Entertainment.

A media corporation with an unapologetic goal – a creator and distributor of all forms of media that will offer a voice to authors and consumers who’ve been pandered to, ignored, or underserved,’ according to the official Instagram account of SpringHill entertainment.

When they discuss storytelling, James revealed to Bloomberg that they want to develop content that will strike a chord with people.

He said that he wants to tell stories that ‘have a personal impact on a lot of individuals who feel they can be a part of it.’ Something that will be organic to their upbringing is something the three-time NBA Champion wants his audience to relate to.

SpringHill Co. has also been disclosed by Bloomberg. Walt Disney Co. has already signed a television production contract with him. They’re also collaborating on a basketball-themed picture with Adam Sandler for Netflix.

The company’s chairman will be LeBron James, and the CEO will be Maverick Carter. News Corporation is said to be involved in the matter. Live Nation Entertainment CEO Michael Rapino and L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss were among those who attended the event, which was co-hosted by Guggenheim Partners chief investment officer Scott Minerd and Serena Williams. A member of the board is investment banker Paul Wachter.

LeBron James’ boyhood buddy and current business partner is Maverick Carter. LBMR, which oversees James’ promotions, marketing, and publicity, was also created by Carter. Maverick Carter’s net worth is $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. James’ net worth, according to Forbes, is $450 million. It comprises of his professional earnings, brands, and Nike contract.

Maverick Carter made his money in different ways

Carter left school to work as a Nike field rep after interning with the company. He has been James’ business manager since 2006.

Together with James, Rich Paul, and Randy Mims, Carter is one of the founders and principals of the LRMR sports-marketing agency.

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