Neil Young Net Worth

Neil Young Net Worth. Young began his music career in the 1960s, and moved to Los Angeles to join Buffalo Springfield with Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, and others after that. He is a Canadian-American musician and activist.

Young has been prolific since his solo albums, having released a steady stream of studio and live albums. For his efforts, he has received several honors.

About Neil Young

Neil Young was born on November 12, 1945, in Toronto, and is currently 76 years old. Young contracted polio as a child and was left partially paralyzed on his left side of his body after moving to Ontario.

Young taught himself to play the ukulele after being inspired by Elvis Presley, Chuck Barry, and Little Richard.

He went on to perform in the band The Squires for many years across Canada.

Young eventually quit the band and went to Los Angeles to join Buffalo Springfield as a solo artist before relocating to his native country.

Early Life

In Toronto, Canada, Neil Young was born on November 12th, 1945. His mother was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and his father was a journalist and sportswriter. In 1940, in Manitoba, his parents married.

After his birth, Young and his family relocated to Ontario. Young was paralyzed by polio in 1952, and Joni Mitchell, who was nine years old at the time, became paralyzed as well. Ontario was a “quiet little place” for Young at the time.

Personal life

Homes and residency

Both of Young’s parents were born and married in Manitoba, where he was raised. Young grew up in Toronto, Ontario, where he was born in 1945 and raised through the years of 1945–1960, 1966 to 1967.

Before settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba (1958, 1960–1966), where his music career began and he considers his “hometown,” Omemee (1945 to 1952) and Pickering, Ontario (1956) were also part of his itinerary. Since 1967, Young has lived outside of Canada.

He purchased properties in California after becoming wealthy. He is a citizen of both Canada and the United States.

Young’s mansion in Malibu, California, was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire in 2018.

Broken Arrow Ranch, a 1,000-acre ranch in La Honda, California that Young purchased for $350,000 (US$2,442,202 in 2021 dollars) in 1970. The ranch was later expanded to thousands of acres.


After his divorce from Pegi Young in 2014, he sold the ranch and moved out. Ben Young, Young’s son, resides there.

Young revealed in 2019 that his application for citizenship had been delayed due to his marijuana use. He gained citizenship in the United States in 2020 as a result of the matter.

Relationships and family

In December 1968, Young married Susan Acevedo, a restaurant owner. They were married until she filed for divorce in October 1970.

Young dated actress Carrie Snodgress from late 1970 to 1975. Her appearance in the film Diary of a Mad Housewife inspired him to write the song “A Man Needs a Maid” for Harvest.

She came on his ranch in northern California shortly after, and they met again. Zeke, their son, was born on September 8, 1972. Cerebral palsy has been diagnosed in him.

When she was working as a waitress at a restaurant near his ranch in 1974, Young met future wife Pegi Young (née Morton), which he chronicles in his 1992 song “Unknown Legend.”

Ben and Amber, their two children, were born in August 1978 when they married. Amber has been diagnosed with epilepsy, while Ben has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The Bridge School was co-founded by the couple in 1986, and they were musical collaborators. After 36 years of marriage, Young filed for divorce on July 29, 2014. On the 1st of January, 2019, Pegi passed away.

Young has been dating Daryl Hannah, an actress and director, since 2014. On August 25, 2018, in Atascadero, California, Young and Hannah were said to have married. In a video posted on October 31, 2018, Young confirmed his marriage to Hannah.

Godfather was “just a loose term” for Young, Dennis Hopper, and Dean Stockwell, three well-known friends of her father’s Russ Tamblyn, who were significant influences on her life. In a 2009 interview with Parade, actress Amber Tamblyn revealed that “godfather” was “just a loose term.”

Charity work

Young, who co-founded Farm Aid in 1985 as an environmentalist and vocal advocate for small farmers, is a prominent figure.

As an environmental statement, he worked on LincVolt, a hybrid electric conversion of his 1959 Lincoln Continental.

Young and his former wife Pegi Young co-founded The Bridge School, a school for children with severe verbal and physical impairments, in 1986. Young also helped organize its annual supporting Bridge School Benefit concerts.

Artists Against Racism is a Canadian organization that Young is a member of.

Business ventures

Lionel, LLC, a firm that manufactures toy trains and model railroad accessories, was owned by Young.

Lionel emerged from bankruptcy in 2008, and his company’s shares were wiped out. He is still on the board of directors of Lionel, and he played a key role in the design of the Legacy control system for model trains.

On seven model train patents in the United States, he has been named as a co-inventor.

Young has long believed that digital audio formats like MP3, which are commonly used to download music, are fatally flawed and do not offer the full, rounded sound of analog recordings.

He compares it to taking a shower in tiny ice cubes versus regular water, claiming to be acutely aware of the distinction.


Pono is a music download platform and dedicated music player that focuses on “high-quality” uncompressed digital audio, created by Young and his business PonoMusic.

It was created to battle MP3s, which are highly compressed. Pono pledged to deliver tracks “on the original sound” during studio recording. In October of 2014, the player’s service and sale were started.


After quitting The Squires, Young started writing songs for the first time, penning “Sugar Mountain” and a slew of other folk classics that would cement his reputation as a songwriter. He also penned “Flying on the Ground is Wrong,” which was written by The Guess Who.

Later, he played in Rick James’ Mynah Birds. Once the group disbanded, Young and Bruce Palmer moved to Los Angeles in search of new opportunities.

With the aid of a few other musicians, Young and Palmer formed Buffalo Springfield after arriving in Los Angeles.

Despite their two-year existence, the band was able to produce three albums throughout that period. The band was a critical success, and as the Peace Movement gained traction, their folk-infused psychedelic music helped them acquire a lot of attention.

With the publication of his self-titled record in 1969, Neil Young made his solo music debut with mixed reviews.

He did better after assisting in the creation of Crazy Horse and co-writing his second solo album, Everyone Knows This is Nowhere.

Young instead teamed up with other artists for his third studio album, After the Gold Rush, which he dropped Crazy Horse for.

The single “Heart of Gold” reached number one on the charts, making Harvest one of Young’s most commercially successful albums.

As a result of his growing mainstream prominence, Neil Young became a popular and successful figure over the following few years, releasing a series of commercially successful records. “Old Man” was one of his most well-known songs at this period.

After a lyrical phase that made him less popular, Neil Young rebounded with the 1989 single “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

Moreover, Neil Young’s prominence among younger generations was aided by early Grunge pioneers like Kurt Cobain who often credited him.

Young focused his attention on social issues over the following few years, penning poetry about a wide range of topics. Harvest, a long-lost album by Neil Young, will be released soon, according to him in 2020.

Sale of Music Catalogues

Neil announced in January 2021 that his music catalog was sold for $150 million, with a 50% stake.

He transferred half of the copyright and earnings from approximately 1,120 songs to a company called Hipgnosis.

Spotify Joe Rogan vs. Joe Rogan

In January 2022, Neil sent an ultimatum to Spotify, demanding that they delete his music or Joe Rogan’s podcast via a letter to social media and his website.

He requested the vaccine exemption because he believes Rogan’s program promotes vaccine falsehood, causing avoidable deaths. Neil carried out on his threat when Spotfiy decided against removing Rogan’s program.

Surprisingly, at the time of the threat, Neil didn’t have his master recordings (the right to license music where it’s played, for example on Spotify).

By forcing Spotify to take the music offline, Warner Music essentially did him a favor by owning his masters.

The true loser in this matter is Hipgnosis, who just spent $150 million for a half-share of his royalties stream. Royalty streams are created by platforms like Spotify.

Legacy and awards

Young’s star on Canada’s Walk of Fame

He is still an active member of the Farm Aid board of directors, having been one of the organization’s founding founders in 1985.

Young and his former wife presented the Bridge School Concerts in Mountain View, California, for one weekend every October for over two decades, attracting worldwide stars and sold-out crowds. But, he announced in June of 2017 that the events would no longer be hosted by him.

Young was voted thirty-fourth in Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best musicians of all time in 2000. Young received Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2000.

After the Gold Rush was ranked 71st on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list in 2003, Harvest was ranked 78th, Déjà Vu (with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) was ranked 148th, and Tonight’s the Night was ranked 331st.

Rolling Stone ranked “Rockin’ in the Free World” at number 214, “Heart of Gold” at number 297, “Cortez the Killer” at number 321, and “Ohio (with Crosby, Stills & Nash & Young)” at number 385 in their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list published in 2004.

Young was ranked second behind Bob Dylan when Paste magazine released a “Greatest Living Songwriters” list in 2006. (Young and Dylan have never collaborated on a song or performed on each other’s records.)

In the same year, he was voted thirty-ninth on VH1’s 100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists.

While Young has “avoided staying to one style for too long,” according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his “unifying characteristics” have been his distinct voice, raw and expressive guitar playing, and consummate songwriting ability.


Young is the seventh most recognized musician in music history, according to Acclaimed Music.

Harvest, Déjà Vu, and “Ohio” have all been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame following the Gold Rush.

Blind Melon, Phish, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana were all inspired by Young’s political outspokenness and social awareness.

Because of the impact he had on Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder, as well as the entire grunge movement, Young is known as “the Godfather of Grunge.”

Young was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by Vedder in 1995, and Vedder considered him a major influence. Sonic Youth’s experimental rock group, as well as Thom Yorke of Radiohead, have cited Young as a significant influence.

When he was 16, Yorke remembered sending a demo tape to a magazine, where it was favorably compared to Young’s singing voice. He purchased After the Gold Rush (1970) and “fell in love” with Young’s work immediately, unaware of him at the time.

Young’s song “Powderfinger” from Rust Never Sleeps (1979) inspired the Australian rock band Powderfinger to name themselves.

Using the moniker Horsey Craze, members of the Constantines have performed Neil Young tribute gigs on occasion.

Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi was named after Young, his favorite singer, by Jason Bond, an East Carolina University biologist, who discovered a new species of trapdoor spider in 2007.

People for the American Way, a civil liberties organization, presented Young with the Spirit of Liberty award in 2001.

On January 29, 2010, two nights before the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, Young was honored as MusiCares Person of the Year.

For “Fork in the Road” and Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package for Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 (1963–1972), he was also nominated for two Grammy Awards.

The Grammy Award for Best New Artist went to Young. In’s Top 50 Guitarists of All Time list in 2010, he was ranked No. 26.

Other honors include:

1982, inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his solo work in 1995 and as a member of Buffalo Springfield in 1997.

The American Music Association named him Artist of the Year in 2006. Many musicians have recorded albums in honor of Young, including:

Caroline, in 1989, produced The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young.

Sony Music Canada released Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young in 1994, a 2xCD acoustic and electric collection.

In betweens Records 2xCD, 1999 – This Note’s for You Too: A Tribute to Neil Young.

2000 – A Bluegrass Tribute to Neil Young, CMH Records (same as 1998 entry).

2001: Switch Off Records released Everyone Knows This Is Norway, a Norwegian tribute to Neil Young.

SALD, Japan, 2001: Mirrorball Songs: A Tribute to Neil Young.

Lower Peninsula Records 2xLP, 2006 – Headed for the Ditch: a Michigan Tribute to Neil Young

Universal Music Canada released Borrowed Tunes II: A Tribute to Neil Young, 2xCD acoustic and electric in 2007.

2007 – Uncut Magazine’s December 2007 issue included a 16-track tribute CD to Like A Hurricane.

Slothtrop Music released a tribute to Neil Young called More Barn in 2008.

2008, American Laundromat Records 2xCD, Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity.

2xCD of Music Is Love, a Singer-Songwriter Tribute to CSNY’s Route 66 (2012).

Neil Young Net Worth

With a net worth of $200 million, Neil Young is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. Young is a multi-instrumentalist who is most recognized for his folk-rock work.

Neil Young has become one of the most well-known and financially successful musicians of all time after a lengthy career that spanned many decades and numerous album releases.


How Does Neil Young Spend His Money?

Real estate and model trains are among the things Neil Young spends his money on. Before the Woolsey fire in 2018, Young used to own a Malibu property that was destroyed.

Neil Young’s Home

Young lives in Redwood City, California, and owns a property. He names the land “Broken Arrow Land.”

The house is a cabin-style home situated at the end of Bear Gulch Road.


Our favorite Neil Young converted his 1959 Lincoln Continental into a more fuel-efficient, hybrid demonstrator vehicle known as the Linc Volt.

Neil Young’s Other Purchases

Lionel LLC, a firm specializing in model trains and accessories, had Young as a minority stakeholder.

Because of his bankruptcy, he lost his shares in the firm. He’s also the co-founder of Pono, an internet music download service.

Favorite Quotes from Neil Young

I have a lot of confidence in today’s music enthusiasts’ younger generation. If someone tells them there is something better than what they have, they are going to investigate it. Youth isn’t dwelling in the past; rather, it’s living in the present.

They’ll get it if they want it. I’m not concerned about the kids’ well-being. Young people aren’t just nostalgic; they’re looking forward as well. Neil Young said, “They’re also looking forward.”

Your geography has a lot to do with what you’re doing for your creative juices. You have to be in a terrific mood, and if you’re on your way to or from there, you have to be in a terrific mood.

A lot of purchasers nowadays don’t realize that they’re listening to CD masters on vinyl, which is due to the record firms realizing that people want vinyl.

All of the new items that come out on vinyl are in fact CDs on vinyl, which is simply a fashion statement, according to Neil Young. They’re merely making CD masters in digital.

They closed their eyes and absorbed sounds back then. There are currently a lot of visual representations of the music. Neil Young says, “There’s a lot of trash music and it’s all commercial, with pictures trying to sell the album.”

Take a stroll down Broadway if you want to talk about morality. “Because they immediately notice homeless individuals, they don’t want to go downtown.” – Neil Young


Neil Young Facts:

While they resided in Winnipeg, Neil’s mother, Rassy, appeared on the quiz program Twenty Questions.

Neil has never relinquished his Canadian citizenship, despite the fact that he spends most of his time in America.
After just leaving his band the Squires, Neil wrote the song “Sugar Mountain” on his 19th birthday.

Who the genuine “Cinnamon Girl” is, he has never revealed.

The legendary Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who conquered the Aztec Empire, is the subject of the song “Cortez the Killer.” Neil Young’s Net Worth will almost certainly increase since he has so much in his basket. We wish him success in all of his future endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neil Young’s net worth? $210 million is the combined net worth of Neil Young.

How old is Neil Young really? Neil Young was born on November 12, 1945, and is 76 years old.

Neil Young’s Salary is? According to Forbes, Neil Young receives $24 million per year.

Who is Neil Young’s wife’s name? Daryl Hannah (m. 2018) is the name of Neil Young’s wife.


singer and songwriter Neil Young is well-known. Young, a gifted multi-instrumentalist, is recognized for his folk-rock sound.

He has risen to become one of the most renowned and successful musicians in history after a lengthy career spanning many decades.

Several Grammys and Juno Awards have been bestowed to him. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also honored Young. His record sales account for the majority of his net worth.

Neil Young’s net worth is projected to be about $200 million as of October 2022.

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