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Neyo Net Worth. Ne-Yo’s arrival on the music scene, according to most R&B fans, added more excitement to the genre. With his 2006 debut album, “In My Own Words,” Ne-Yo (born Shaffer Chimere Smith) won the hearts of music lovers.

In My Own Words elevated Ne-Yo’s career to new heights, despite the fact that he had already cemented his position as a brilliant songwriter with his collaborations with Marques Houston, Beyoncé, Faith Evans, and others.

Ne-Yo’s fame has risen since he began to sprinkle his magic on the music business. In addition to music, Ne-Yo was able to branch out into other forms of entertainment, such as acting, which he did most notably in the 2007 film Stomp the Yard.

Fans have always regarded Ne-Yo to be one of R&B’s wealthiest performers, based on his consistent success and rising accolades. So, how much is Ne-Yo worth in net? Here’s what we know so far.


Ne-Yo, a prominent and well-known figure in America, is the stage name of Shaffer Chimere Smith.

On October 18, 1979, Smith was born in Camden, Arkansas. Because his father abandoned his family when Smith was a little kid, he has been raised by his mother. Smith relocated to Las Vegas, where he grew up. He inherited that talent from both of his parents, who were also musicians.

He started singing when he was a child, and GoGo was his stage name after he relocated to Las Vegas. Later, he formed Envy, a local R&B band with whom he made some of his early recordings. Despite the fact that the group disbanded in 2000, he continued to write songs.


Earlier Years

When Smith enrolled at the Las Vegas School of the Arts, he selected stage name GoGo. In order to attend an arts-focused high school, Smith had to pass an audition. While attending high school, he joined the R&B ensemble Envy. The band performed on many television shows and achieved success.

After one particularly memorable MTV performance, the Envy separated up in 2000. Smith focused on songwriting after graduation. He rose to prominence in the music business quickly and adopted the moniker “NeYo” because he “views composition like Neo sees the matrix.”

Neyo ‘Personal Life

In 2005, Ne-girlfriend Yo’s Jessica White gave birth to a kid, however it was later revealed that the kid was actually fathered by another guy. In 2010, he and his girlfriend Monyetta Shaw welcomed their first child.

He had another kid with Shaw while he was still single before beginning a relationship with Crystal Renay Williams. Before making their divorce official in 2020, the pair married in 2016 and had two children. In 2017, NeoYo went vegan and discovered that it helped him lose weight and alleviate tendinitis by nourishing his body without animal products.


Ne-Yo was exposed to music at a early age and discovered that he wanted to pursue a career as an musician. He went to Rancho High School for the Arts while growing up in Las Vegas. He joined the R&B group Envy under the stage name GoGo after auditioning while attending art school.

The band started to become well-known and make televised appearances. Envy, on the other hand, disbanded shortly after their 2000 MTV debut.


Ne-Yo started dating Jessica White, a fashion photographer. Ne-Yo was revealed to be the child’s father when Jessica revealed in 2005 that she had given birth to a son. Jessica’s kid is not the biological father of the musician, who subsequently said.


Jesseca White, Ne-Yo’s girlfriend at the time, gave birth to a boy in 2005 named Chimere, whom he believed was his father. However, he later discovered that he was not the father.

Ne-Yo announced in June 2010 that he and his then-girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, were expecting their first child, a girl, early in 2011.

On November 12, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia, Shaw gave birth to her daughter Madilyn Grace Smith early. “I’ve been in love before, but this feels like nothing I’ve ever felt,” Ne-Yo stated of his first kid’s birth. “I feel like I’m falling in love for the first time,”[84] she says.

Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw announced their second pregnancy in September 2011. On October 9, 2011, Shaw welcomed a son called Mason Evan Smith into the world.

The musician and Crystal Renay Williams announced their engagement and the birth of their son, Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr., on March 15, 2016.

[88] On February 2020, Ne-Yo announced his divorce from Crystal Smith and dropped the divorce petition later that month. Their second son, Roman Alexander-Raj Smith, was born on June 14, 2018.

We were definitely talking divorce before the quarantine occurred, and the quarantine forced us to sit still, block out the noise from the world, Ne-Yo told CBS talk program The Talk before the coronavirus epidemic in 2020. “You know the world can get exceedingly loud, and we tend to let others’ opinion mean more in certain circumstances than it should.”

Smith filed for divorce in August 2022, citing allegations of infidelity throughout their marriage, after the pair remarried in a Las Vegas ceremony in April 2022.

In the year 2019, following the television program Surviving R., Kelly’s commitment to the Mute R was verified by Ne-Yo. For the safety of his own daughter, Kelly launched a campaign.

Ne-Yo and his wife welcomed their third child, Isabella Rose Smith, on June 25, 2021. They announced the birth of their third child via Instagram in February 2021.


Legal issues

After driving through Cobb County, Georgia in his 2006 Range Rover on February 19, 2008, Ne-Yo was arrested for reckless driving and driving without a valid license. He was said to be traveling approximately 150 miles per hour, exceeding the speed limit by 100 miles per hour.

Ne-Yo pled guilty to driving without a valid license and no contesting the reckless driving accusation on June 2, 2008. He received a 24-hour community service punishment[98].

Actress Lindsay Lohan sued Ne-Yo, rapper Pitbull, and DJ Afrojack on August 22, 2011, claiming that their song “Give Me Everything” referenced her by name in the lyrics.

Lohan was only referenced in the song, according to a court decision, and Pitbull’s usage of her name was permitted by the First Amendment. The case was then won by Pitbull[99].


After seeing the documentary What the Health in August 2017, Ne-Yo declared that he had adopted a vegan diet, and in February 2019, he said that it had aided him lose “like 30 pounds” and improve his tendinitis.

His agent, however, revealed in March 2020 that he had changed his mind and was no longer a vegan[102].

Early Career

Smith adopted the stage name GoGo when he enrolled at the Las Vegas School of Arts. Smith had to go through an audition process to be accepted, and this was a high school that focused on the arts. He was a member of the R&B ensemble Envy during his time at this elite school.

The group had a lot of success and was frequently seen on TV. The Envy disbanded in the year 2000 after one of their most memorable appearances on MTV.

Smith concentrated on songwriting after graduating. Because of his songwriting abilities, he quickly rose to prominence in the music business, and he was dubbed “Ne-Yo” because “he sees songwriting like Neo sees the matrix.”

Worked With Artists

R.E.D. was his first release on Motown. The album garnered good reviews from critics and was a commercial success once again. Ne-Yo began working with musicians such as David Guetta and Akon in 2013. Juicy J produced a portion of the song “She Knows,” which was included on Ne-2015 Yo’s album Non-Fiction.

On the Billboard 200, the album reached number five for the first time. “Another Love Song” was published a year before Ne-seventh Yo’s album was released. He had a cameo in the film Girls Trip in 2017.

Songwriting Phase

Ne-Yo was signed by Columbia at first, but he was soon dismissed. Ne-Yo had recorded and ready to go all the tracks for his first album by 2003.

The lead single “That Girl” was re-recorded by Ne-Yo when singer Marques Houston heard it and persuaded him to do so. “That Girl” was included on Houston’s first album, MH. Ne-Yo was regarded as one of the industry’s top songwriters when people discovered he authored the tune.

Suddenly, Ne-Yo had a lot of interest from a variety of musicians. Ne-Yo collaborated with big names like Teedra Moses, Christina Milan, Youngstown, B2K, Faith Evans, and others during the following two years.

In 2004, Ne-Yo penned “Let Me Love You” for Mario, which was his most significant songwriting job. Ne-Yo solidified his position as one of the most in-demand songwriters in the business with the success of “Ride.” After seeing him perform, Jay-Z decided to offer Ne-Yo a new contract as a result of the song’s success.

Solo Career

Ne-Yo’s first album, In My Own Words, was released in 2006. The album was certified platinum after being released through Def Jam Records and featuring songs like “So Sick” and “When You’re Mad.” With a second album a year later, he took advantage of his early success.

The song Even Better, which was released in the same year, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 200. While the rest of the songs did not sell, “Because of You,” its first single, did. Despite this, the album eventually sold platinum copies.

Ne-Yo’s third album, Year of the Gentleman, was released in 2008. Thanks to singles like “Closer” and “Miss Independent,” this album received positive reviews and went platinum.

Ne-Yo released a greatest hits album in 2009 after establishing himself as a successful solo artist. He traveled and worked with numerous musicians, including Mariah Carey, over the following two years. He released his sixth album, Libra Scale, in 2010. Despite excellent reviews, the album did not sell.

Before landing a key role in George Lucas’ Red Tails in 2012 and another role in a film by him called Battle: Los Angeles, he toured the UK from 2011 to 2012.

Ne-Yo was still writing songs for big artists such as Jennifer Hudson and Alexis Jordan during this period. Before moving from Def Jam to Motown, he worked with musicians like Lil Wayne and Pitbull.

R.E.D. was his first album for Motown Records. Critics praised the record again, and it was a big hit both critically and commercially.

Ne-Yo began working with David Guetta and Akon in 2013. Ne-Yo’s song “She Knows” was produced by Juicy J and subsequently included on his 2015 album Non-Fiction.

The record reached number five on the Billboard Top 200 after it was popular. Ne-Yo revealed the release date for his seventh album in 2017, and he subsequently debuted another single, “Another Love Song,” in a supporting role in the film Girls Trip.


Film & Television

In addition to the studio, Ne-Yo has worked on film and television projects outside of the box. He’s appeared in television shows like “Empire” and “The Mindy Project” as well as films like “Battle Los Angeles,” according to his IMDb (which lists several of his credits under his true name, Shaffer Smith).

The animated series “I Love Tuesday,” which was made in 2011 in honor of his sister, is also co-produced by Ne-Yo. In the 2015 telecast of “The Wiz,” he also played The Tin Man.

Ne-Yo is perhaps best recognized for his work as a backup vocalist and songwriter, rather than for his solo career.

Ne-Yo (actual name: Shaffer Smith) was born in Camden, New Jersey and got his start in the music business when he was a child. His father was a Black singer, and his mother was a Chinese singer. Despite the fact that neither of them had the level of success that their son would eventually achieve, both of his parents were singers.

His mother relocated him to Las Vegas, Nevada, for better job possibilities before he went to high school, and he ultimately attended the Academy of the Arts in Las Vegas.

He would lay the groundwork for a successful singing and songwriting career there, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Ne-Yo first rose to prominence as GoGo, a member of Envy, a group that included other R&B musicians who subsequently recorded his tunes.

His reputation as a go-to songwriter in the entertainment business grew quickly as a result of his success, and he amassed a net worth of $9 million as a result.

Ne-Yo, on the other hand, is a multi-talented artist. Let’s explore the numerous ways he’s influenced the entertainment business and beyond, in a variety of ways.

Editorial note: This article’s net worth is a estimated based on a range of internet sources.


Ne-Yo reportedly participated in the $2.3 million funding round of Holberton School in 2018, and he is presently monitoring the school’s progress.

Students at the Holberton School, a two-year coding academy that caters to underrepresented groups, pay tuition of 17% of their annual income after they have found a job following graduation. Apple, NASA, LinkedIn, and Facebook are just a few of the firms where Holberton graduates have worked.

Ne-Yo was announced as one of the Stage11 partners in 2021, a cutting-edge platform that will provide a creative outlet for artists to connect with their fans via participatory acts and song genres.

Further Ventures

Ne-Yo has been involved in a variety of television programs in addition to the movie roles previously indicated. In CSI: NY, he played a successful hit man. He’s also appeared on the reality TV program World of Dancing as a judge. Ne-Yo assisted in the creation of a new animated series for the Cartoon Network called I Heart Tuesday in 2011.


Ne-Yo Net Worth 2022

Ne-Yo is the stage name of Shaffer Chimere Smith. When he wrote his 2004 hit “Let Me Love You,” for musician Mario, he became renowned for his songwriting skills.

In 2006, Ne-Yo released his first album, “In My Own Words.” It was an immediate hit, reaching number one on the Billboard 200. In September 2005, he released his debut album, “Stay.”

Ne-Yo was voted the 57th Artist of the 2000s decade by Billboard in 2009. Ne-Yo has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Tim McGraw and has three No.1 albums to his credit, as well as over 10 million copies sold worldwide.

Singing, record producer, and songwriter are the three main sources of Ne-Yo’s net worth and wealth. Ne-Yo’s current net worth is $16 million.

The following are Ne-Yo’s most successful albums:

1. In My Own Words (2006)
2. Because of You (2007)
3. Year of the Gentleman (2008)
4. Libra Scale (2010)
5. R.E.D. (2012)
6. Non-Fiction (2015)
7. Good Man (2018)

Ne-Yo House

In Sherman Oaks, California, Ne Yo bought a $1.9 million mansion. Five bedrooms and six bathrooms are available in the home. Since 2012, Ne-Yo has owned multiple properties in Georgia, where he resides in a six-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion.

Ne-Yo Cars Collection

Just a few of the world’s finest luxury automobiles belong to Peter Frampton. Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid are among the cars in his collection.

Love Life of Ne-Yo

Jessica White was Ne-Yo’s first love interest, and she had a son with him in 2005, although it was later determined that the kid was fathered by another guy.

With his fiancée Monyetta Shaw, he welcomed their first child in 2010. He had another kid with Shaw before beginning a relationship with Crystal Renay Williams.

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