Pat Morita Net Worth

Pat Morita Net Worth. Mr. Miyagi, who is wise and dry-witted, is familiar to anyone who watched the 1984 martial arts drama film The Karate Kid. Pat Morita portrays Miyagi in the film. Miyagi, you’re sure you remember him? Daniel-san’s teacher, who also attempted to catch flies with chopsticks, taught karate.

The part not only elevated the career of Japanese American actor Kazuhiko Inouye, but also earned him an Oscar nomination in 1985.

Net worth, Birthday, Age, Height, Weight–wiki–fact 2021-22! We’ll look at how old Pat Morita is in this article. Who is Pat Morita dating now, and how much money does he have?

Noriyuki Morita Wiki Biography

Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, an actor of Japanese descent who starred in numerous prominent roles on television, such as “Happy Days” (1975-1983) and in films like “The Karate Kid” (2004), was born on June 28th, 1932, in Isleton, California.

Morita’s net worth was undoubtedly boosted by his acting abilities. From 1960 to his death in 2005, he was a professional artist.

At the time of Pat Morita’s death, did you ever wonder how wealthy he was? The bulk of his wealth came from his successful career in films and TV shows.


Age and Height

The Karate Kid’s famous series, without a doubt, has an artificial name that is Sensei. He was never a student of Karate, however, in real life. In reality, he studied some of Mr. Bond’s signature moves. Miyagi is a prefecture in eastern Japan.

In the year 1932, this Japanese-American guy was born. He was also a Cancer star sign and celebrated his birthday every year on June 28th. Pat didn’t measure more than 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) when it came to his height.

Morita’s general weight was 143.5 pounds or 64 kg, in addition to this. His chinky eyes, goatee, and frizzy black hair were the most noticeable aspect of this guy. Despite this, as a kid, he had thick dark hair.

Early Life

Noriyuki Morita and his immigrant parents, Tamaru and Momoe Morita, gave birth to Morita on June 28th, 1932 in Isleton, California. Noriyuki’s brother, Hideo (Harry), was a healthy child until he became ill.

He contracted spinal tuberculosis when he was two years old and spent the next nine years of his life in hospitals. He was told that he will never be able to walk after being wrapped in a full-body cast for most of those years.

After having spinal surgery when he was eleven years old, he was released from the hospital.

Pat Morita was transferred to the Gila River camp in Arizona to join his family as soon as he started learning to walk following the operation, and he has been transferred again, this time to the Tule Lake War Relocation Center.

Did Pat Morita Have Any Kids? Who Is Pat Morita Wife?

Pat was a distinguished and well-known man who attracted the notice of lovely women throughout his life. Throughout his lifetime, he married three times.

Kathleen Yamauchi was his first and only wife. They have a combined total of around 14 years together.

In 1967, the couple decided to separate. Beautiful Yukiye Kitahara is also one of his loves. In the year 1970, they tied the knot with another. Their deep attachment grew stronger with each passing day, as a result of their joy.

They decided to part ways in 1989, despite the fact that everything was going well between them, after a 19-year relationship. The third time is said to be a lucky charm, and Pat’s life had just begun to get beautiful when he met her.

He had strong feelings for Evelyn Guerrero, a lady he met.

They made the decision to marry in 1994, taking their love to the next level. They never had a problem and were only separated by Morita’s death, unlike their previous relationships. This sweet-lovey duo never produced a kid, which was a complete surprise.

Pat Morita Kids

It’s an intriguing topic to talk about Pat Morita’s kids. Throughout his lifetime, he had three kids. In the year 1954, he married his first wife Kathleen and they had their first daughter Erin Morita. They divorced, despite their strong connection.

Similarly, because she produced two gorgeous daughters with him, the second marriage was fortunate for him. Aly Morita and Tia Morita are the kids of Kitahara and Pat. At the moment, they’re both keeping a low profile. Their affection grew as the two youngsters approached.


Who is Pat Morita dating?

Pat Morita married Kathleen Yamachi, Yukiye Kitahara, and Evelyn Guerrero in our records. Pat Morita has never dated anyone as of May 2022.

We do not have any prior relationship records for Pat Morita. Build Pat Morita’s dating history with our help!

Television and movie career

Early work

In Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) and The Shakiest Gun In The West (1968), starring Don Knotts, Morita had his first film roles as a henchman.

Morrisita also played Ah Chew, Lamont Sanford’s good-natured buddy, on the 1974 sitcom M*A*S*H and South Korean Army Captain Sam Pak on Sanford and Son (1974–1976). In the 1976 war film Midway, he was also cast as Rear Admiral Ryunosuke Kusaka.

Happy Days

Beginning in season three (1975–76), Morita had a recurring role on Happy Days as Matsuo “Arnold” Takahashi, the new Japanese owner of Arnold’s Drive-In.

He bought the Milwaukee restaurant from Arnold, but he couldn’t afford to buy the extra neon sign letters needed to change it to “Takahashi’s,” so he took Arnold’s first name.

During evenings, he moonlit as a martial arts instructor, conducting self-defense sessions at the drive-in. Throughout seasons four and six, Morita played “Arnold” as a guest star, before returning to the series as a recurrent character in season ten and as the main character in the final eleventh season.

In 1977, he appeared in Blansky’s Beautiful Women as Arnold.

The Karate Kid film series

Morita became well-known for his role as Mr. Wise, a wise karate teacher. In The Karate Kid (1984), Miyagi instructed young “Daniel-san” (Ralph Macchio) in the art of Goju-ryu karate.

Reprising his role in three sequels, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and a Golden Globe Award.

The Next Karate Kid (1994), starring Hilary Swank instead of Macchio, was the last of the four films in which he starred as The Karate Kid.

He learnt everything he needed for the movies, even if he was never a martial arts student. Producer Jerry Weintraub proposed that he be listed with his real name to create “more ethnic,” despite the fact that he had been using the moniker Pat for years.

During the 57th Academy Awards ceremony, Morita put this tip into action and was awarded with the title Noriyuki Pat” Morita.

Morita was not initially cast for the role of Mr. Weintraub. Miyagi saw Morita as a humorous actor when he needed a dynamic performer for the role. Before Weintraub offered him the part, Morita had to audition five times.

Television series

Morita starred in two television series. He created his own program, Mr. Taro Takahashi, in 1976. The first sitcom on network TV starring Asian-Americans, T and Tina.

After a month in the fall of 1976, ABC put the comedy on Saturday nights, but it was quickly canceled. Ohara (1987–1988), an ABC detective program that was canceled after two seasons due to poor ratings, was also his starring role.

Later work

Morita was nominated for his first Primetime Emmy Award and second Golden Globe Award nomination for his performance as Tommy Tanaka in the Kirk Douglas-starring television film Amos.

Captive Hearts (1987), a World War II love story, was his first film and he wrote and starred in it. From 1990 to 1991, he hosted Britannica’s Tales Across the World, a home video series.

In the 1994 Season 5 episode “Love Hurts,” he appeared on The Fresh Prince of Belair. He later had a recurring role on the sitcom The Hughleys (2000) and starred in the Nickelodeon television series The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo (1996–1998).

In a 1996 episode of Married…He also made a guest appearance. With children, it is possible to do so. As a sushi chef who dispenses advice to anybody who will listen, he went on to star in the short video Talk To Taka.

In Disney’s 36th animated feature Mulan (1998) and its direct-to-video sequel Mulan II (2004), he played the Emperor of China, which he reprised in Kingdom Hearts II.

As “Mr. President,” he mocked himself. In a series of commercials for Colgate toothpaste, he played Miyagi, the white-clad Wisdom Tooth, who hailed Colgate as “The Wise Choice.”

In the Alien Ant Farm music video “Movies,” he made a cameo appearance in 2001. His role in The Karate Kid was parodied in the video.

He appeared on an episode of Spy TV in 2002 as a guest actor. He appeared as an unidentified karate instructor, possibly Miyagi, in an episode of Yes, Dear in 2003. In 2005, he reprised his role in the stop-motion animated series Robot Chicken (to some degree).


Pat Morita Net Worth

Pat Morita had a net worth of $5 million dollars and was a Japanese-American actor.

Pat was renowned for his performances as “Arnold” Takahashi in the popular comedy Happy Days (1974-1984) and “Mr.” Kesuke Miyagi in the Karate Kid film series, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1984.

Cause Of Death

On November 24, 2005, at the age of 73, Pat Morita died of renal failure at his Las Vegas residence. He used to consume a lot of alcohol, which contributed to his death. At the Palm Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery in Las Vegas, Nevada, he was cremated.

Pat Morita Funeral

In the year 2005, this skilled actor died. With the actor’s untimely death, the world was left stunned. For a long time, the funeral of Pat Morita was a major tourist attraction.

Ralph Macchio, who played his co-star, delivered a moving eulogy at Morita’s burial.

Pat’s skill set was remembered by Macchio, who recalled how well he performed in front of the camera. Pat also assisted Ralph in improving his acting skills, according to Ralph.

Pat Morita’s memorial service was held in Las Vegas, and it was attended by a group of close friends.

The fact that Ralph Macchio was chosen to deliver the memorable speech by Morita’s family is intriguing.

Ralph was hesitant to accept the job offer at first because he thought Morita’s brother would be a great match.

Ralph agreed to make the speech at the memorial after a lot of consideration. Ultimately, he spoke at two different venues.

Ralph was generally overflowing with emotion while speaking to the actor for the majority of his time.


Morita was diagnosed with tuberculosis when he was two years old and spent the next 11 years in a hospital. The doctor even suggested that he would never be able to walk again after he spent nine years in the hospital.

He had surgery when he was a child and overcame his disability. Pat’s brother was 12 years Pat’s junior.

He used to delight his clients with hilarious jokes after WWII. He and his mother owned the Ariake Chop Suey restaurant in Sacramento, California.

At comic performances, this guy was known for his billing moniker Hip Nip. He met Redd Foxx and began performing stand-up at the start of his career. He was lucky enough to open for a few of the bands.

Redd also recommended him for the part of Ah Chew in Sanford and Son, a well-known comedy. Pat used to drink a lot during the height of his career.

With his prior two wives, he was blessed with three daughters. In 2009, he made his final film appearance in the horror thriller Royal Kill.

SpongeBob Suarepanats, from the episode of Karate Island, was his most recent role. It followed Pat’s death for 6 months. This guy was honored with a performance on the program. Morita was the first Asian individual to be nominated for an Oscar.

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