Reggie Bush Net Worth

Reggie Bush is an NFL star that has achieved a lot of success both on and off the field. As one of the best running backs in the league, many people have been wondering what his net worth is today.

In this article, we will explore how Reggie Bush has made his money and how much he is currently worth. Reggie Bush has had a long and successful career in the NFL since being drafted by the New Orleans Saints back in 2006.

From big contracts to endorsement deals, he’s managed to amass a sizable fortune over the years. So, just how much is Reggie Bush worth? Read on to find out!

Reggie Bush’s Nfl Career

Reggie Bush, a multi-talented professional American football player, has undoubtedly achieved a great deal in his career. A Heisman Trophy and two Super Bowl wins are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his accomplishments.

Bush started playing football professionally in 2006 after being drafted by the New Orleans Saints. In 2010, he moved to the Miami Dolphins before returning to the Saints in 2011.

His NFL career has seen him rack up more than 11,000 rushing yards and nearly 5,000 receiving yards.

Throughout his time in the NFL, Bush earned an estimated $50 million in salary alone. He also had lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like Pepsi, Adidas and Subway which boosted his wealth considerably.

After 14 seasons in the league, Bush retired with an impressive net worth estimated at around $14 million.

Endorsement Deals

Reggie Bush’s net worth is largely the result of his endorsement deals. The NFL running back’s career on the football field has provided him with plenty of opportunities to secure lucrative contracts with brands, and he has taken advantage of them. Not only does he have a long list of sponsors, but his social media presence has opened up even more endorsement opportunities in recent years.

Bush is currently sponsored by several companies including Nike and Pepsi, as well as smaller brands like Mad Dogg Athletics and Thrive Global. He has also signed deals with companies like BODYARMOR Sports Drink, Dymatize Nutrition, and Athletes Performance Institute (API). Each of these partnerships have added significantly to his net worth:

  • Nike: Bush’s agreement with Nike includes a clothing line, shoes, and an appearance at the company’s annual sneakers convention.

  • Pepsi: Bush was part of Pepsi’s ‘Refresh Everything’ campaign in 2010, which also included appearances at events for the brand.

  • Mad Dogg Athletics: This deal gives Bush access to special discounts on products from the company’s portfolio.

  • Thrive Global: This agreement allows Bush to promote Thrive Global on his social media platforms.

  • BODYARMOR Sport Drink: Alongside this endorsement deal, Bush is also involved in the company’s marketing campaigns.

  • Dymatize Nutrition: This partnership gives Bush access to free samples of Dymatize products for himself and his friends.

  • Athletes Performance Institute (API): Through this agreement, Bush can share API’s message across multiple platforms and receive discounts on its products.

Overall, Reggie Bush’s list of endorsements continues to grow as he takes advantage of social media opportunities to extend his reach beyond the football field. Whether it be through apparel lines or sports drinks, it’s clear that Reggie has been able to capitalize on every opportunity that comes his way; adding significantly to his overall wealth along the way.

Property And Car Collection

Reggie Bush has an impressive portfolio of property and car collection that would make any financial journalist envious.

The NFL star is known to own several luxury homes that span across the United States, ranging from a modern mansion in Los Angeles, to a sprawling estate in San Diego.

His high-end car collection is also something to behold, with models such as the Ferrari F430 Spider and the Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

These prized possessions are part of Reggie Bush’s wealth which continues to grow each year.

By carefully managing his finances, Reggie Bush is well-positioned to enjoy these luxuries for many years to come.

His commitment to being financially savvy shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Investment Portfolio

Reggie Bush is known for his successful investing portfolio, which has made him a multi-millionaire. He’s not afraid to take risks and isn’t afraid to seek the help of financial advisors to make sure he is making sound investments.

His portfolio includes high-value stocks, real estate, and venture capital investments. Bush works with his financial advisors to ensure that he is always ahead of the curve when it comes to finding the best opportunities. His portfolio has seen consistent growth over the years, as his investments have paid off in spades.

Bush understands that money management is an ever-evolving process and makes sure he is up-to-date on all financial trends and news. He trusts his team of professionals to advise him on the best strategies for long-term wealth building.

His investment choices have often been praised by industry professionals who recognize his commitment to achieving success through wise investments. Bush’s success in investing speaks volumes about his ability to trust himself and those around him while still making sound financial decisions.

Philanthropic Efforts

Having amassed a remarkable fortune, Reggie Bush has dedicated much of his wealth to social activism and charitable donations.

In 2007 alone, he donated $100,000 to renovate the playground at St. Bernard Recreation Center in New Orleans, helping to provide a safe place for children in the community.

This is just one example of the many philanthropic efforts that Bush has made over the years.

Bush continues to be an active member in his local communities and donates regularly to causes that are close to his heart.

This includes supporting various organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Covenant House California, and The Royal Family Kids Camps — all of which have seen benefits from his generosity.

Whether it’s providing mentorship opportunities or meals for those in need, Bush’s philanthropic work has had a powerful impact on many lives.

He remains committed to giving back whenever possible and continues to be an inspiration for others looking to make a positive difference in their communities.

Recent Earnings

Reggie Bush has certainly been living the good life in recent years. His net worth is currently estimated to be around $14 million, and he’s accrued this wealth mostly from his career as an athlete.

While playing professional football, Bush earned millions in salary alone. Not to mention, he also had lucrative sponsorship deals with major companies like Nike and PepsiCo that added even more money to his bank account.

Bush’s earning potential didn’t stop when he retired either. In fact, after leaving the field, he signed a broadcasting deal with Fox Sports that reportedly pays him seven figures annually.

Clearly, Bush’s investments into his career have paid off handsomely over the years and will likely continue to do so for years to come. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon and a steady stream of income from both his athlete salaries and sponsorship deals, Reggie Bush looks set for financial success for many years to come.

Estimated Net Worth

Reggie Bush’s estimated net worth is an incredible $25 million. With such a high net worth, Reggie has the ability to enjoy luxury spending and charitable giving.

When it comes to luxury spending, Reggie has been seen in some of the most fashionable places around the world. He also regularly donates his time and money to various charities that are close to his heart.

He has been known to contribute generously to causes like cancer research, poverty alleviation, and education reform.

Reggie’s wealth allows him to make a difference in our world and we should all be grateful for that. His philanthropy is inspiring and we can all learn from his example of generosity and kindness.

From luxury vacations to donations for those in need, Reggie’s wealth gives him the opportunity to do great things with it.


As we have seen, Reggie Bush is one of the most successful and well-known athletes in American history, with an estimated net worth of $35 million. Bush has certainly enjoyed tremendous success in the NFL, but he has also been very active in utilizing his wealth to give back to the community.

His social media accounts are filled with posts about various charitable donations he has made over the years. He has donated money to schools, churches, and even other non-profit organizations.

It’s clear that Bush is passionate about making a difference in the world, and his philanthropic efforts have not gone unnoticed. His generous contributions have earned him recognition from numerous organizations, including being named an ambassador for Special Olympics International in 2018.

This proves that while Reggie Bush may be incredibly wealthy, he still finds ways to use his influence to benefit those around him.


Reggie Bush has certainly made his mark in the NFL. His net worth is estimated to be around $25 million, an impressive figure considering he’s only played in the league for 11 years.

With a successful and well-rounded career, it’s no surprise that Bush has amassed such wealth over the years. His lucrative endorsement deals, property investments and car collection speak to his savvy business sense and acumen as an investor.

Bush’s philanthropic initiatives demonstrate his commitment to giving back to the community, which adds further admiration to his impressive financial success. It’s clear that Reggie Bush is set for continued financial success for many years to come.

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