Scott Bakula Net Worth

Scott Bakula Net Worth. Star Trek: Enterprise and Quantum Leap are two of the most well-known programs of the past several decades, with Scott Bakula in them.

Fans may remember him most recently as NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride, the leader of the New Orleans team.

Several viewers have been pining for more information about the actor and his net worth ahead of the latest broadcast of the program.


For his role in Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise, Scott Bakula is best recognized as Sam Beckett and Captain Jonathan Archer.

For his role in Quantum Leap, a science-fiction television series, Scott received four Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award nominations. Although he hasn’t done so since 1977, he continues to work in the film industry as a fictional character.

On October 9, 1954, Scott Bakula was born in St. Louis, Missouri. The United States of America, Louis, Missouri.

Bakula began his own rock band when he was in fourth grade, according to reports. He is the son of a musician.

In addition, he performed with the Saint. Before going to the University of Kansas, Louis was a member of the Illinois Symphony. As a teenager, he began his acting career in regional theater, later specializing in musical comedy as a stage actor.

In 1983, he debuted on Broadway in Marilyn: An American Fable.

Personal life

In 1981, Bakula tied the knot with Krista Neumann. Before divorcing in 1995, they had two children. After a 15-year relationship, he married actress Chelsea Field in 2009. Two children are shared by Bakula and Field.

Bakula claims that for the first four and a half seasons of Quantum Leap, he was “rarely at home,” thus he focused on his family life on subsequent jobs.

By 6 p.m., his Star Trek: Enterprise contract required that filming be finished. So he could have supper with his family every Wednesday. He returned to Los Angeles every weekend to see his wife while shooting NCIS: New Orleans.


Early life

St. Bakula is where Bakula was born. Sally (née Zumwinkel) and Joseph Stewart Bakula (1928–2014), a lawyer, raised Louis in Missouri. His brother and sister are younger than him.

The family surname literally means “stick” (spelled bakuľa) and comes from Czech and Bohemian ancestors.

He went to Jefferson College and then the University of Kansas for a while, but eventually left because he was offered a Godspell tour, which was a national tour. The Louvre, Paris

I went to my parents and said, “I want to do this trip,” and they replied, “Go for it. Maybe it will get it out of your system.” I thought that sounded fantastic. You return to school after a year or two.”

The tour was supposed to begin in August, but it never did, and then the tour fell through because of school, and I was left behind at home. So, after that, I was left with the responsibility of carrying the bag and making a decision.

I was also applying to other schools. I was thinking about going to a Mormon theatrical institution, but the more I researched it, the more I thought about the institution’s side.

I just realized that all I really needed to do was pick up my stuff and go to New York.


Bakula arrived in New York City in 1976 and began performing on Broadway the following year in the musical “Marilyn.”

Joe DiMaggio, baseball legend, is portrayed in the film “An American Fable.” He also had a successful run in the Off-Broadway play “Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down,” which gained him a lot of notice.

He was followed by his wife in “Nightclub Secrets,” which she co-starred in. Bakula and his wife came with the production when it relocated to Los Angeles.

Television and “Quantum Leap”

Bakula appeared in five episodes of “Designing Women” and two episodes of “Matlock” after moving to Los Angeles. In the interim, he starred in a pair of short-lived television comedy ABC’s “Gung Ho” and CBS’s “Eisenhower & Lutz.”

Bakula gained fame in 1989 when he was chosen in the starring part opposite Dean Stockwell on NBC’s science-fiction series “Quantum Leap.”

Dr. was portrayed by this actor. Sam Beckett is a time traveler who utilizes a flaw in his time machine to alter events in the past that have gone awry.

Bakula was nominated for four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for his performance on the program, which aired until 1993. Bakula became a television star across the globe.

Continued Success on TV

Bakula went on to appear in multiple TV series and made-for-television films. He played the role of a Cessna 188 pilot in the television movie “Mercy Mission: the Rescue of Flight 771” in 1993, which was based on actual events.

He later starred with Rosanna Arquette in “Nowhere to Hide” and appeared in 13 episodes of the CBS sitcom “Murphy Brown.”

The Invaders, a alien conspiracy miniseries from the 1990s, and “Mr. & Mrs.,” a short-lived crime series from the 1990s were among other credits in the 90s. “NetForce,” a science-fiction drama, and “Smith” are two examples.

Bakula was cast as captain Jonathan Archer on “Star Trek: Enterprise” in the early 2000s, following a succession of television films such as “In the Name of the People,” “Papa’s Angels,” and “Late Boomers.”

From “The New Adventures of Old Christine” to “Boston Legal,” “Chuck,” and Steven Soderbergh’s “Behind the Candelabra,” the actor went on to appear in a variety of other television projects.

Men of a Certain Age, which starred Ray Romano and Mike Royce and was HBO’s LGBT-themed comedy/drama, was one of his most significant roles later in life.

He had a recurring role on this show. Bakula was cast in the lead role of Special Agent Dwayne Pride on CBS’s successful police drama “NCIS: New Orleans” in 2014.

Film Career

Following “Sibling Rivalry,” Bakula had a major cinema debut in Carl Reiner’s comedy sequel “Major League: Sibling Rivalry.” Other films included “Necessary Roughness,” “A Passion to Kill,” and the comedy sequel “Lord of Illusions.”

He reprised his role as a veteran baseball pitcher in the movie “Back to the Minors.” Bakula had a brief appearance in the Oscar-winning film “American Beauty” with Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening in 1999.

He appeared in the Matt Damon-starring crime comedy “The Informant!” in the 2000s and 2010s, as well as other films.

Elsa & Fred, a comedy/drama starring Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer, and “Basmati Blues,” a romantic comedy musical with Brie Larson, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Donald Sutherland are among the psychological thrillers “Enter the Dangerous Mind.”


Further Stage Roles

Bakula continued to play roles on stage in addition to his film and television appearances.

He was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his role in the original off-Broadway production “Romance/Romance” from 1987 to 1988.

He appeared in the musical “Shenandoah” at Ford’s Theater in Washington, DC in 2006, and it was his debut professional theater performance since 1976.

He then performed on January 18, 2008, to raise money for the refurbishment of Ford’s Theater in a one-night-only performance.

The musical “Dancing in the Dark,” which was staged at The Old Globe in San Diego, California, and the musical drama “No Strings,” composed by Richard Rodgers, are among his other theatrical credits.

Scott Bakula Net Worth

Scott Bakula’s net worth is $16 million. He is an American actor. In the science-fiction TV shows “Quantum Leap” and “Star Trek: Enterprise,” Scott Bakula is most recognized for his performances.

In 2014, he joined the leading special agent on CBS’s “NCIS: New Orleans,” where he also starred on the TNT series “Men of a Certain Age.” He has recurring roles on NBC’s “Chuck” and HBO’s “Looking.”

Salary Highlights

Acting is Scott Bakula’s main source of income. His seventeen films have a combined worldwide box office of $658,318,753.

Here is a list of Scott’s worldwide box office earnings and notable appearances:

Scott Bakula is also one of the highest-paid actors in television series. He has been playing Dwayne Pride in NCIS: New Orleans since 2014, and he’s been paid $120k per episode. Scott has thus far received $2.8 million from the television series in total.

In addition, Scott Bakula received compensation from corporate sponsorships like Chevy Trucks (1983), Folgers Coffee (1985), America’s Vet Dogs (2011), Canada Dry (1984).

Scott Bakula paid $1.4 million for a property in Los Angeles, California, in 1996. That home will sell for a huge price.

Scott Bakula’s yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily income or salary is summarized as follows:

Yearly income: $1.72 million.
Monthly income: $143k.
Weekly income: $33k.
Daily income: $4703.

‘Quantum Leap’: Was That Really Scott Bakula Doing All That Singing?

Quantum Leap was a one-of-a-kind television program. It developed a cult following quickly due to its unique premise, style, and topics. Scott Bakula, the principal actor, would play individuals living in the periods that he “quantum jumped” into, which was one of the things that set Quantum Leap apart.

He would find himself in the body of a musician, including Elvis Presley, every few years or so.

As a result, there were a considerable number of songs in the episodes. Was it Scott Bakula, himself, who was singing? Was Bakula’s performance lip-synced by a performer?

‘Quantum Leap’ is a cult classic science fiction show

You’ve either heard of Quantum Leap or you’ve heard of it. If you’re a science fiction lover,

Sam Beckett, a brilliant quantum physicist who specializes in time travel, was the focus of this show, which starred Scott Bakula.

However, he finds himself in the body of someone else in the past, and he must fix something in their life to be able to leave. Instead of traveling through time in his own body, he finds himself there.

He wants to return to his current body, but Beckett has to assist out someone from the past every time he returns.

Ziggy, Beckett’s artificial intelligence from his computer, joins him on his time-traveling adventures, and Al Calavicci, Beckett’s contemporary-day acquaintance who holographically appears beside him.

From the aftermath of WWII until the start of the AIDS pandemic, the program has covered a variety of periods in twentieth-century history.

Quantum Leap was a hit, and people still remember it fondly today because of its mix of historical fiction and science fiction.

Scott Bakula had the chops to do his own singing

Fans have wondered who sings the songs Beckett sings on Quantum Leap, given the show’s diverse singing styles and the difficulty of singing for many. Yet, Bakula isn’t lip-syncing to a different vocalist.

Bakula did all of his own singing on the show, according to Syfy. As a result, he had to perform a wide range of roles, from gently singing “Imagine” to portraying an ’80s rock star to dramatizing Elvis Presley’s vocals.

Bakula’s ability to sing as well as perform a variety of styles is a testament to both the actor’s skill and dedication.


Scott Bakula Net Worth – FAQ

1. Who is Scott Bakula?

Actor, Television Producer, Voice Actor, and Singer Scott Bakula is well-known. Scott Bakula, who is 68 years old today, was born on October 9, 1954.

2. What is Scott Bakula Net Worth?

Scott Bakula has a net worth of $16 million as an actor, television producer, voice actor, and singer. On October 9, 1954, Scott Bakula was born.

3. What is Scott Bakula’s weight?

Scott Bakula, who is an actor, television producer, and singer, weighs 78 kg. The preceding article provides more information on Scott Bakula.

4. How tall is Scott Bakula?

Scott Bakula, a 1.83 m tall actor and television producer, is also a voice actor and singer.

5. How old is Scott Bakula?

On October 9, 1954, Scott Bakula was born. 68 years old is Scott Bakula’s age.

6. Where Does Scott Bakula Living Now?

In Los Angeles, California, Scott Bakula owns a property. Scott currently resides in his Los Angeles home with his family.

Krista Neumann, his ex-wife, divorced him in 1995. As a result, Scott presently resides in the home with his current wife Chelsea Field.

7. Is Scott Bakula Still Married?

Scott Bakula married Chelsea Field, an actress, in 1999 after his first marriage ended. Scott’s house in Los Angeles is where they call home. There are two children born to this couple. Chelsea Field, on the other hand, has a net worth of $10 million, similar to Scott’s.

8. Is Scott Bakula’s Wife on NCIS: New Orleans?

In the NCIS: New Orleans series, Bakula played agent Dwayne Pride, the team’s leader in solving crimes.

Chelsea Field was also Bakula’s on-screen girlfriend, and she played an attorney with the US Department of Justice. Bakula’s actual-life wife was featured on NCIS: New Orleans, therefore she was there.


He went on to star in a number of other television programs and films after the program was done. When Bakula was working on “Quantum Leap,” he made the choice to put his family before any other projects because he was rarely at home.

In the 1965 American Civil War film Shenandoah, Scott Bakula made his cinematic debut. For his work on the 1992 television program “Quantum Leap,” he received a Golden Globe.

In NCIS: New Orleans, Bakula plays Dwayne Pride, a police procedural television series. His current net worth is $16 million.

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