Wolfgang Van Halen Net Worth, How Rich is He?

Is Wolfgang Van Halen net worth as high as his father, Eddie Van Halen?

Then, how rich is he? Therefore, read this page to get more information about him.


Stage Name Wolfgang Van Halen
Legal Name Wolfgang William Van Halen          
Date of Birth           March 16, 1991
Gender Male
Height 5.8 ft (178 cm)
Wolfgang van Halen Net Worth      $10 million
Profession Musician, Bassist
Nationality United States of America

Who is Wolfgang Van Halen?

wolfgang van halen net worth

Wolfgang is an American rock musician. Also, he was a member of a legendary rock band named Van Halen.

Indeed, the fact that he is the son of Eddie Van Halen, the guitarist of the band, made him more and more popular.

Initially, Wolfgang joined Van Halen in 2006. He became the bassist to replace Michael Anthony.

Besides in 2008, he appeared with his father in a popular Magazine for Guitar enthusiasts. Then, Wolfgang and his band released an album entitled “A Different Kind of Truth” in 2012.

Thus, the career as a bassist for the band is the reason why Wolfgang Van Halen net worth can be high.

After his father died, Wolfgang announced that the Van Halen band is no more. Right now he focuses on his solo project called Mammoth WVH.

  • Legal Name : Wolfgang William Van Halen
  • Stage Name : Wolfgang Van Halen / Wolfie / Wolf
  • Wolfgang Van Halen was born on March 16, 1991.
  • He is a male, 5.8 ft (178 cm)
  • United States of America

Wolfgang was the bassist of the Van Halen band. Also, he becomes the son of the late Eddie Van Halen. Additionally, he released his own albums.

Besides, he played bass for another band called Tremonti in 2012. Wolfgang became the official member of Tremonti in 2013.

Early life of Wolfgang Van Halen


Wolfgang William was born in Santa Monica, California on 16 March 1991. His mother is Valerie Bertinelli, whereas his father is Eddie Van Halen.

Since the very beginning of his life, the father made an instrumental song titled “316” for his son.

Then, those numbers refer to Wolfgang’s birthday. Moreover, there is a guitar series that Eddie named after his beloved son. Its name is “Wolfgang Series”.

Initially, when Wolfgang is still 9 years old, he began to play drums. Besides, his uncle taught him a few lessons.

Then, he moved to guitar and bass for some time.

In 2006, the guitarist Michael Anthony did not join Van Halen for a comeback. Hence, Eddie replaces him with his son, Wolfgang.

Further, he loved to play side by side with his father. Thereupon, that is the beginning of growing Wolfgang Van Halen net worth.

There is no clear information about Wolfgang’s education. For the record, he was still in school years while touring with Van Halen in 2007/2008.

Then, he returned to school after that and eventually graduated in 2010.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s Career


All of Wolfgang’s career is in the world of music. Thus, the works as a musician would be the highest income of Wolfgang Van Halen net worth.

Wolfgang Van Halen with Van Halen

Wolfgang began to perform and participate in Van Halen when he was a teenager.

He also performed as a guest in 2004’s tour of Van Halen several times. In that event, he played the guitar with his father.

In 2006, Eddie Van Halen confirmed that Wolfgang would be joining the band as the bassist for the tour in 2007.

Subsequently, Wolfgang replaced the previous bassist, Michael Anthony.

After that, Wolfgang officially became a member of Van Halen in 2010. They were creating a new album with Wolfgang as the bassist.

Moreover, the band created “A Different Kind of Truth”. Then, this album was recorded in 2011 and released in 2012.

Wolfgang Van Halen was the member until the end of Van Halen in 2020.

While he was still part of Van Halen, Wolfgang also joined an American rock band, Tremonti, from 2012 to 2016.

Wolfgang Van Halen Solo Debut

Initially, in June 2019, it was announced on Twitter that Wolfgang Van Halen would make a solo debut. In addition, his first studio album titled Mammoth WVH was released in 2021.

Indeed, Wolfgang was making the songs in the album since he finished the tour in 2013 with Van Halen.

Further, he completed the album in 2018. Wherefore, some of the Wolfgang Van Halen net worth must be coming from this work.

Wolfgang Van Halen Net Worth


So, what is Wolfgang Van Halen net worth? It is about $10 million.

As we know, he is the son of the late Eddie Van Halen who had $100 million net worth in 2020. Hence, it is very clear that Wolfgang would get some parts of that wealth.

Wolfgang is a musician. Otherwise, he is obviously doing business by making songs and music.

Additionally, physical and digital record sales are his main business. Even so, he is probably making other businesses that people do not know about.

How Much Wolfgang Van Halen Make Per Year?

Nonetheless, the media does not reveal the salary and earning of Wolfgang Van Halen yet. However, it is quite obvious that he has managed to amass a huge fortune from his music career.

Furthermore, according to internet data, Wolfgang earned about $50.000 from record sales of Van Halen’s album in 2012.

Besides, the album itself is certified gold by Music Canada.

He makes money by making songs, performing on stage, appearing as guests on some shows, and releasing albums.

Therefore, the earnings from his work will affect Wolfgang Van Halen net worth.

Is Wolfgang Van Halen Retired?


Wolfgang is still an active musician. As a soloist, he focuses on making new songs, not only rock but also pop.

Still, he is actively working as a musician right now. Lately, he got an award as the 2021’s artist of the year by Loudwire.

Thus, Wolfgang Van Halen net worth will continue to grow.

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